Scam alert

3년 전

I just got scammed! Yes, and his steemit user name is @uniquepita.
Unfortunately, i was not the only one. He scammed 3 other people and got about $15.000 in total and transferred it to @blocktrade.

Checking his blog here, i guess he just opened it because he has posted nothing on it !
This post is to alert everyone especially minnows to be careful who they sell their SBD to. Sell only to trusted buyers to avoid stories that touch.
Please be aware!!!.





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What a pity, these niggas shouldn't come and ruin steemit good name biko Kwa...🙄
So sorry dear


Thanks dear... God is seeing him wherever he is!

This guy scammed me of 5 SBD after you. After staying up researching like 10 posts with each one giving me 0.5 SBD rewards and this guy just packed everything. To make matters worse, he's still duping other people.


My dear, accept my sympathy. The guy is cursed from people's sweat!


Thanks. You too dear

this guy most be prosecuted


am just thinking if steemit can have a number like the 911 which can be used to track and reports this scammers. They always have their way out. You get them flag they dumped the account and open another one. It can only be reduced but can not be eradicated

These guys have started robbing people


Yes.. he's still collecting from other people .


ad at yesterday he still rob another person of 15sbd. that is the picture below


Hmmm... this guy is a serios criminal!

I feel this post should be resteemed so that other people can see it... its obvious he is still robbing people. Another person close to you could be his next victim! Sorry dear... now u know better.

Thanks for announcing.But your mission does not end still have flag his posts 100% .And we all will do the same
He will have a terrible time here


My dear.. the guy's blog is empty.. so there's nothing to flag. I wish there was a way to report the account.

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