@ccommons.art #CryptoArt @workshops with the @globalschool at the 9th Viennese Steemit Meetup

2년 전

Busy months, busy days, busy and sunny week end. How to spend it better than with the sunlight smiles of our steemians friends and familly?


Today, @ccommons.art was joining the @globalschool with @jnmarteau at the 9th monthly Austrian Meetup held in Vienna organized by @nicoletta and supported by the local community.


Embbeding creative activities within your meetups! Why?

1. Creativity binds together

2. It is a language accessible to everyone

3. To co-create mindful and memorable presents

You have no idea how proud I feel right now, more than ever!
I remember our first meet up with just a few people and look at this growth! Wow!
What an amazing group of beautiful, creative and lovley people! -@mammasitta

This article has been produced by the cooperation of @globalschool contributors, adapted from an original article "Enjoying "#CryptoArt - Lazy @workshops Sunday" at the 9. Wiener Steemit-Stammtisch – So. 08.04.2018" and pictures by @jnmarteau.

This cover has been produced by @covermaker using the pictures from @jnmarteau from the serie "non-anonymous faces of steemit-meetups" to help increase trust and community empowerment.

Join the com-lab

Curious to explore how to organize creative steemit @meetup, @hackathons & @workshops? Or to get to know how to develop self-sustained rewards systems to empower creative communities? Join the "com-lab" #steemit community laboratory powered by @ccommons.art & @globalschool from the 9th up to 28th of April, online via https://discord.gg/YhUTT2

Together we can make a change.jpg

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I think we all really enjoyed this activity! Thanks for inspiring us to do it! <3

I am amazed. You have done really good work.

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