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Mr and Mrs Smith

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"Damn. That's how you feel?" he asked. She sat in silent running her fingers around the rim of her wine glass. "That's fucked up man." Still, she said nothing.

“Say something!” Dandar demanded
“What do you want me to say?” She replied, “I'm tired of it.”
“So, you don't just give up because of an accident” he explained.
She chugged backed the rest of her liquor. "Oh, it's an accident now."
Dandar walked to the window and gazed over the horizon “what do you want me to say?”
Safari firmly grasped the throat of the whiskey bottle and poured another glass.

“Well?” he responded,
“You need a doctor ”she stated,
“For what? I’m not cra-.”
Safari cut him off “You're sick.”

Dandar quickly turned and approached the marble island where his wife was holding a half-full mason jar.
“How dare you? What gives you the right to judge me?” She consumed the rest of the liquor slammed it down on the table.
“Carrying on like it’s nothing, emotionless, I don’t even know who you are anymore!”
Waving the jar around “You weren't even going to tell me either you slob.”
He moved around to where safari was sitting and whispered into her ear.
“Ok watch yourself I'm not going to tell you again.”

“Dandar what do you even get from this?”
“I don't really know sometimes things just feel good and you can’t explain it.”
“You're a sick bastard.” (part of me wants to leave him but part of me loves him)
“You're the one who married this sick bastard.”
“Starting to regret that decision.”

“If you were going to leave, me you would have already done it.”
Again she waved her glass at him “and I'm the one with a problem” he said filling her glass.
She gobbled up her liquor “Oh please.”
“Is that water your tossing back?”
“Stop trying to make this about me. Are you at least clean when you do it?”

“What the hell do you mean sometimes what if it backfires on you.”
Dandar sat beside her and pulled her in close and gave her a kiss on the forehead.
“Relax I know what I'm doing”
“Yeah okay.” Safari looked at the jar and rested her head on her hands.
“I know what you're doing, I hope you get caught one day.”

“There you go being negative” Dandar replied
“I hate you.”
“You love me.”
“I hope you kick the bed rail when you get up to use the bathroom in the middle of the night.”
“That's tough.”

“Do you even think about what you could be doing to these families and it's a different person every time?”
“Of course it's impossible to do it to the same person more than once.”
“And it's not like its for nothing. I am making money off it!”
“That doesn't make it right ”
“Yeah, but it does justify that wedding ring.”
“You can't use this ring as a tool to control me”
“Marriage doesn't work like that you're not leaving me and your talking about me but won't even acknowledge your own problem.”
“Oh yeah, and what is that?”

“Well, for starters you don't even admit that you have problems. You always think you're right”
“I am your wife, even when I'm wrong I'm right. It's just how it works.”
“Oh, that's total bullshit.”
“No, it's my shit. Now, what else?”
“You have to consume liquor with every meal.”
“I just like to have a little fun that's all." She waved her glass at him and he refilled it.
He stood up and grabbed a fresh bottle of whiskey. “Yeah well there is a time and place”
“Well it helps me deal with the pain, I miss you, we are not like we used to be.”
“Excuses excuses.”

“Okay! Okay just drop it.”
“Oh now you want to drop it but you were just all on my back about my” he held up four fingers and formed a sign of air quotes “Problem.”
“Your lack of honesty, sneaking around, coming in at all times of the night!
“Wait we both have our demons.”
“Yeah, your right.”
“Excuse me?”
“I said your right okay.”

She sighs.

“We both have our own demons and that's why we are perfect for each other” Dandar said.
“Let’s fix our demons.”
“No I say we awaken them” he insisted.
“I'm not following you.”

He stood up and reached for a glass in the rack hanging above their heads “We can be like the Joker and Harley Quinn”

“I love it a murderer and his drunken wife causing mayhem and running the streets” “Pour me a glass.”

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“Do you even think about what you could be doing to these families and it's a different person every time?”

That threw me off the trail of trying to figure out what he is doing, I actually had to read the part from there down again before I clicked the final lines haha. Great dialogue between the two of them and the ending just took something so real and made it awesome.

Hope to see some more stories from you, I enjoyed this.

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