Steemit Should Be About Posting Original Content, And Creating Communities

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Bots are artificial, and non organic

Today I stumbled upon a post talking about how they were being scammed by a bot account. The post included which bots could still be used safely. I proceeded to read the comments and there were people thanking this person, but also confirming that those bots were legit to use.

The votes received by these bots, are just that.. meaningless votes. When I create original content and put time into my posts, I want to see votes and receive gratification from people who actually read, enjoyed, and upvoted my post for what it is.

I want organic upvotes from people who truly appreciate my content.

To all the new people

I totally get why you would want to use bots. Starting out on Steemit can be tough.

It can be hard to get eyes on your content, and even harder to get curated... But I promise, you will earn more, and have more satisfaction posting original content and earning organic upvotes. The alternative is paying for votes that you may or may not even receive.

You have to remember good things take time. Put in the time and effort and you will be rewarded.

Building Something Great

By earning upvotes this way, and engaging people reading your content, you will build a community that will come back to you post after post. Building a community around you can be one of the most rewarding things you can do - both financially and from the support they will give.

Some tips on building a community:

  • If someone comments, write back a genuine reply
  • Write genuine comments on posts you like and upvote
  • Follow people you like, and then tell them how much you like their content
  • Post quality content everyday

You can see a trend here, you must always be engaging people!


Steemit is a platform unlike any other. There is something different going on here, and it really is beautiful. I never expected this platform to be so likeable.

I found inspiration for this post from @surpassinggoogle , the way he supports and gives back to the community is unreal.

Let's build a community together.
If you like this content make sure to upvote, resteem, and follow me!

Have a great day, and Steem on.

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I have used bots and don't think they are unethical. It is a means to getting more views on your work and possibly earn more Steem in the process. It is nice that you haven't needed them. It does take a lot of work and determination to continue creating good content and building a community while getting very little compensation. Those that are able to do it will enjoy a more fullfilling experience here on Steemit.


I agree that bots could be used to put more eyes on your content, but I feel sometimes people go into it relying on these bots, and forfeit attempting to build relationships and form a community. I'm not anti-bot really, just pointing out that the platforms main focus should be on content and building relationships - which in turn would be very beneficial down the road as a content creator if you stick with it.

While lots of followers and money would be great! My purpose here is to post my thoughts on a wide array of things to preserve a record for my self and anyone’s else that might want to go back and look.

If followers and money come, great, but this is a tool that helps me work out my thoughts and put them somewhere other than a word document that no one will ever see on my hard drive ...


I think that for mainstream adoption that is the best approach. If people come to this platform thinking of riches the vast majority are going to be sorely disappointed and leave it. But if they come like they do Facebook just to post and be a part of their community, the rewards they get will be a nice little bonus.

Plus their personal data is not sold.


I think that is a great purpose, and this platform is perfect for that! Great way to go about it. I think it will keep your content more genuine.

Morning @chasegapo

I have been thinking a lot about this topic. I agree that bots change the flavour of this platform. People want to interact with people. Bot votes are in many ways meaningless and I think will act against main stream adoption.

Having said that, this is how the game rules are set up. I've laboured over it and part of me thinks that whether I like it or not I have to play the game.

I haven't used a bot yet as I'm still working through the ethical and functional aspects of it.


I completely understand your take on the subject. Lot's of people have the same opinion actually. Indeed it is how the game is set up, and people think to stay ahead they need to use bots. This may or may not be the case. I have never used a bot either. It seems once you get a community started, and people truly supporting - you won't have to worry and will naturally grow without trying. It's getting to that point that is tough.

Thanks for the topic as i was considering myself to actually use bots or not

I feel like I should just enjoy curating content myself and actually enjoy the journey of it instead of looking to get something out of it

it was a good read and i'm glad i've found you through the giveaway post for the best advices!

Following and upvote :)


Hey! Thanks for following, it's much appreciated. While I don't know the ins and outs of bots myself, i'm sure they could be used as a tool to get eyes on your content. However Enjoying yourself should always be top priority :)

heyyyy.... original content...?

you stole my evil Steembot picture from here!

ha ha.

(its ok. I'm guilty of having done the same more than once. 🙂)


You made that!? Noo way!

I pretty much get all my images from google images for my blog. I totally didn't mean to steal it, let alone know it was from you! I feel bad! I can remove it not problem if you would like, or I can to give recognition to you!

I've learned something today.. and it is that I need to start citing my image sources! .. Or at least check to see if it came from another steemit blog! Haha I would have never used it if I know it came from your blog :) So sorry about that!


lol. yeah, interesting that I ended up clicking on your profile from the comment you'd left and ended up finding that.

same here - either Google Images or Pinterest. every once and a while, I might give credit if it's a particularly outstanding work of art, though I'm guilty of being pretty lazy when it comes to sources. and I've definitely used some different Steemit logos without credit given - so I guess this is just my karma. ha ha.

all good. no problem at all. was kind of fun to see it pop back up like that. :-)


Thanks for being so nice and understanding. Makes me feel better! Also, I would like to add that the robot picture is pretty rad. When I saw it, I immediately knew that I wanted to use it haha.


Oh wow, I can't even edit the post anymore since its been 7 days.. nooooooo
I think I may have to do another post and shout you out and tag you or something(if you don't mind of course!).

Agreed! I'm working on a A/V production setup which is taking time, however in the meantime I uploaded a couple of old music tracks to dSound, and seeing a bot comment on my upload kinda pissed me off! But I know regularly creating original content and engaging with the community will make the ratio of these bots to humans too small to care.

Attempting to create a following inorganically to me is pointless, shows a lack of patience and is completely missing the point. There are countless easier options in the world to make money using AI tools!

But it's their choice and I figure that's what makes platforms like this great, as opposed to GestapoBook which just takes your data and rapes you with it. :)

I saw a post about 2 different bots, looked into both of them and honestly I wasn't really happy with the notion of either of the bots in question. I do enjoy automation to a degree which is why I use IFTTT to curate my content across different social media platforms, but to use a bot solely to upvote and follow and whatnot isn't really my forte. I'd rather do that myself because let's face it, not everything written (or uploaded in's case) is content that I'm particularly interested in and I'd rather let my votes show the kind of content that I appreciate and engage with rather than a blind vote for the sake of having a vote given out to someone. In the meantime, have an interesting dog leash.