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Translation for the title in the Yoruba, Hausa & Igbo language: (OJO KAN, RANA DAYA, OTU UBOCHI)

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One day, you will lock your door but you will not be the one to open it.
One day, you will wash that best clothe of yours and you will not be able to wear it.
One day, your favourite food will be prepared and you will not be there to eat it anymore.
One day, you will eat and drink what you will never excrete.
One day, your curriculum vitae and all your years of experience will not matter to anyone anymore.
One day, the person that seems to love you most will never dare to move closer to you.
One day, you will think of what you can never accomplish.
One day, you will be regarded as “a corpse”.
One day, you will be isolated in a place called “grave”
One day, those things and people you love most will come your way but you will not be able to give any attention to it/them.
One day, you will release your breath and never be able to draw it.
One day, you will become a defendant before The Chief Judge.(God)
One day, housefly/ termites will come your way and you will be unable to chase them.
One day, you will receive a call that you can never decline.
One day, your name will be called, but no one will answer.
One day, the assets you cherished most will be taken by another person.
One day, your deed on earth will be presented to you like a movie in a cinema.
One day, a title will be added to your name “Late”
One day, The Great Al locator will allocate you to an appropriate place.
One day that your beautiful skin will turn to its original nature-sand
One day, your entire body will cease operation.
One day, you will be given an eternal apartment, either Paradise or hell.
One day, you will not be able to hold nor type anything on any social media platform anymore.
In Summary, take life easy, do good, and run from evil. Be at peace with everyone, love your neighbour as yourself and remember that “that ONE DAY will surely come when this write-up shall be fulfilled in your Life.”

Please continue to remind people about that 'ONE DAY.'

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live your life like the world is ending tomorrow but plan your life life u got hundred more years...peace

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