Introducing Chops Support - Lets find the good content people!

4년 전


Article written by @slobberchops

I have created a new Steemit account named ‘’; by the time you read this some may have noticed.

I have funded this myself, and added some SP to it. Its’ purpose initially will be mostly passive and I intend to add some accounts to it via @steemvoter. These will be:

  • a) people who have helped me start up, encouraged me to continue or gave me a chance to prove myself

  • b) people I feel who need encouragement, create great content and are unappreciated.

You see I’m quite new to Steemit, but am in a rather fortunate position where I can fund it somewhat. After June that will stop as I have recently lost my contract, but I don’t have any qualms about picking a new one up in August after a short break.

I will continue to seek out people who I think are doing good for Steemit and try to encourage them just like others did for me in March 2018 when I started, especially NEW PEOPLE!

The account is currently plankton sized but will still create a small vote. I intend to grow it over time and maybe one day it will be something substantial.

Any creation or author rewards gained will simply be pumped back into it to create larger votes for others.

Its early days and I’m not quite sure what else I have planned for this account just yet. I hope it inspires and helps some of the good quality content people, if just a little.



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It seems years ago when this was made.

awesome sauce... steem needs a lot more manual curation/encouragement initiatives like this.

Curious to see who'll be on the roster!

What a wonderful idea mate. Good for you :)

Hello - what a great idea! Let me know if I can help 😊


Lets all get bigger and fatter (not by eating more chocolate and cream cakes) and help each other. Thanks for your support by voting this up.


Yes indeed 😎

Right on man! You have my support.

That's a cool initiative. We need to keep encouraging the minnows. Fatten then up to dolphins. Not sure that works biologically


Interesting that you say that as it was @tarazkp's post that got me thinking about this. The middle class theory of his would be great to see. I hope I can help I'm my small way.

Great initiative and a great reminder that we can help people even when we have not been here long.

Keep up the good work. I will be watching this and seeing if I want to do something similiar.


I'm trying my best to help everyone get big and then we can all help each other, that's the plan!

You get my support It is really good initiative my friend

What a great idea. It's sometimes difficult to wade through new posts to find quality content. Hoping to find some new accounts to follow!


Thanks @msvee, I'll need to do a little testing with it, but first I'm trying to the VP back up to close to 100%.

You didn't tell me about your contract ending. At least you're much more likely to be closer to home for the next one.


That's unlikely, but I'll be taking the whole of July off, I need a break.

  ·  4년 전

Great idea. Awesome that you are able to sustain it for the time being. If I am able to grow a little more, I will for sure delegate some SP to the account.


I would rather you wouldn't delegate.
Your one of the ones I'm trying to fatten up.
Talk about speaking in a third person context!

  ·  4년 전

Oh, okay :) Thanks! I want to do my part to give back someday though!

I did saw the account before this posts, but with the name I thought 1 + 1 = 2 :)
Great initiative !!

  ·  4년 전

I was wondering if that account had anything to do with you when I saw a vote on my latest article :) Great idea actually, running steemvoter on your main account really drains your voting power.


Down to $0.01 already, the perils of the 100% vote!

I do run steemvoter on my main account but only for the curation groups, the rest is all manual. I'll still be doing the manual curation, this will just be extra to it.

Pretty cool that you do this! 👍
I hope you'll find some cool new people I can follow for good content.

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@slobberchops I think that is a great idea. It is such an incentive to newbies to keep creating content - especially good quality content! I would love to have a chat to you a bit more about this :)