OMG!!!!!!!!!!! I think i just won $555,555.

5년 전

Ok so on 02 August 2016 I posted that there is a new ICO coin competition where you stand a chance to win 1,000,000 Peepcoins.

It was like this, you register on the site and then you need to write a story/give reason why you need this 1 mil coins. The reason for this is because the coins is for the people that need it, hence "Peepcoins".

The idea was to give the free coins to those who really need it and not the rich.

Anyhow, my reason goes like this.

When i was 11 years old, my mother had a very bad stroke. She was in a coma for 12 days and the stroke completely changed our lives. Her whole right side is paralised and her speech for affected to such an extend that she no longer could have a normal conversation with anyone. My mom was looking after me as my dad was not always around. She worked at the South African Police Services at the time. So there goes our income.

My dad then stepped in but yet there were times when he was gone for about 6 months to a year on different occasions. It was up to me to help my mom at some points. I went shopping, helped my mother bath, get dressed and make sure she gets her medication and be sorted for the day while i go to school. Luckily at that time we lived at a place where there were some other people that could help out during the day when i was not around.

So time went by, my mom received some physio therapy and that helped a lot to get her to such a point where she could walk again with the help of a four-footed crutch. She had to swing her right leg though but hey, we are getting somewhere.

My dad also came around more to help out and take the lead. The only problem was that my dad could not really have a full time job as my mother needed more hands on attention due to epilepsy.

About 5 years ago both my mother's legs were amputated just above the knee because she got cangerine from the feet swinging and dragging all the years. Now she stays in bed full time with only the left arm that she can use to do certain things around her.

So now here we are, 20 years later. My dad just turned 62 and my mom 54 years old. I myself now have my own family to take care of. I am the only child so I need to step up and try help out with whatever I can. My dad at this time still works as they do not get any help from the government except my mother who gets a advisability grant.

So for me, if i could get this "money" will be able to assist my mom and dad financially, hire a nurse or someone to assist my dad to help out with my mother's needs.

My eldest son also needs to start his schooling career next year. I am the only one working in my household and unfortunately my salary can not cover all my expenses.

So when i logged in this morning into my Peepcoin account, My Peepcoin balance stood at 555555 coins. Peepcoins can now be purchased on the site for $1 each and the sell option will only be available by 15 August. I really hope this is legit.

This will for sure give me a boost of a lifetime and be a life changer.

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Invest in Steemit a part of those coins and you can be sure you will be well from now on. Congrats!


I most definitely will. Thanx man.

congrats on the new found wealth! don't spend it all on hookers and blow! :D


hahaha... My wife might spend it before i can...
i just hope this is legit. Will have to wait until the 15th