I Want It To Work, But It Doesn't

2년 전

I have jumped in and out of Steemit for a few years now. Honestly, I loved it when it launched and was sooo excited by what it could be.

I don't see it has become anything and I don't get it. I have spent time trying to look at the trending tags and it really doesn't matter which tag I select< i just see steemit promoting steemit.

I don't know, I want to go on for awhile but as it nears the 4 year mark... I just don't want to. I keep trying though Steemit... I will com back and peek in another while I am sure.

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hey ! just wondering what isnt working about it? what would you like it to do for you/be different? im looking at your page and youve made a decent earning from some posts, dollars not pennies. whatsup?