You can't seem to give away money on Steemit

3년 전

A few days back I ran a contest giving away 5 Steem Basic Income Shares - you can find the link here, and yes the contest is still open for a couple more days. What surprised me was that so far the contest has only had 3 entries! Thats pretty poor if you ask me - especially when I hear so many people moan about not being able to make a few dollars on here. There are loads of ways to make a few dollars on here and get your account started - such as entering contests.


An easy way to earn upvotes for life

For this contest all I asked for people to enter was to create an original post about an initiative on Steemit that they like and would like to share with their followers (I also offered 1 share to a random person who resteemed the post). What I noticed is that loads of people have resteemed but not many have put the effort in to write an original post - this says to me people want to take the easy route, rather than put any effort in. This is the 3rd contest of these I have run - all have been run at a loss - I have used bidbots to promote them and also some resteem bots to gain further exposure.

So if you want to earn free upvotes for life, then I suggest giving this contest a go - at the moment your chances of winning are pretty high!

Other Steemians contests

Apart from the contest I run there are so many Steemians running awesome and fun contests every day - below are just some I have entered and really enjoy, but there are so many more if you browse through the 'contest' tag.

  • @anjkara - 6 word story contest - all you need to do is find a picture related to the theme and make a story in 6 words - it only takes a minute or two for this one! (I somehow missed last weeks contest).
  • @calisay - Album covers contest - If your into music then this contests for you. To enter you need to try and guess the album covers.
  • @czechglobalhosts - Probably some of the biggest giveaways on Steemit - photography related where you can submit your travel photos for a chance to win.
  • @fibra59 - Host of the highly entertaining Memechallenge and PhotobombChallenge!
  • @o07 - Faily GIF contests - all you need to do to enter this one is to reply to the theme of the day with a GIF and your in the draw - easy!

If your on the lookout for more contests I also suggest following @newbiegames and @steembasicincome who resteem loads of different and fun contests.


Although this was meant as a bit of a rant, it also shows that there is no need to moan about not being able to make some extra money on here. As you can see above there are plenty of fun competitions to join in with - and these are just the ones I enjoy - I'm sure there are loads more fun ones about!

Thanks for reading and I hope to see a few more entries for my contest - and also the awesome Steemians contests I have shared here today.

Also if you are after the best Discord group then click the image below to join the awesome crew at Smart Media Group!


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Some people are too busy complaining to look for opportunities.

It drives me crazy!


Yeah its so true @whatsup - I dont really go looking for new competitions these days but people resteem so I sometimes see new ones and give them a go - they are a bit of fun!

Glad im not the only one who hates the complaining!

I would normally enter myself, but I've been a bit distracted the past couple of weeks. I'll get caught up this week, almost worked my way through the massive list of artists! My first Beautiful Girls CD came through the post last week, thought of you when it landed in my porch!

I've given the contest a resteem, although don't include me in the raffle for a SBI share. Hope you're well dude


Hey @johngreenfield no problems mate. Awesome I hope you enjoy it!

Hope you are well too!

I did see your competition and wanted to enter but .. I already wrote multiple post in the last few weeks detailing exactly what your contest wants for an entry.

Its a good contest .. I am surprised it hasn't got at least 5 participants yet.


If you want to enter feel free to repost an older article and update it or just leave a link to it in the comments ☺


Ok .. I will toss an entry in using a post I created for another contest that contains what you ask for plus some other stuff. I will also mention your contest in a post I will be creating in a couple hours to see if I can help get participants.


Awesome thanks so much @rentmoney - looking forward to reading your entry!

I like the idea of SBI, but hate the looks of advertisements under my posts.

If I learn to accept it, I might enter. As it is, I wouldn't take a penny if it means I have to accept what looks like spam.

I know I'm a bit nutty about this, but that's why I'm telling you. Most nutters wouldn't take the time.


What advertisements @nwtdarren? All you get is upvotesfrom and SBI account.....

Fair enough its up to you everyone has there own opinion on here :)


@conradt remember my saying I was 'nutty'? If I get a reply to a blog post, which has an advertisement for someone's 'cause', I consider it an unwanted advertisement (spam). Like if I placed a link to my training group in here.

I love the idea of SBI, and would really like to see it take off. (if it takes off as I dream it could, it would displace governments :) ) What I wouldn't like is to have a link to it placed in a reply to my blog post.

That and free money from a bot-upvote seems to be counter to my idea of quality content (though I do understand they are separate issues)

Thanks for taking the time to ask.

How many Steemonians participated in the contest from the week before?


More than this week but still not as many as I would have hoped for


For me it's quite simple. I only have limited time and I earn much more with my daily job. So you won't hear me complaining that one can't earn anything on Steemit.
I do however think that the Steemit economy is broken. Since some people get rewarded way to high, there are bid bots and probably many more issues and scams.

I don't know if more Steemonians have to cope with the time issue? I just participate in contests for fun. Actually my whole Steemit presence is for fun.

Hey wow I'm surprised not more entered too. I had done initiatives for the previous week (Ginabot and Dustsweeper) for my newbie advice post :( Could I post a contests list for this one like you have done? Or will that be something you ask for later on down the road?


You can do that if you like @antimetica - contests are kind of like initiatives :)

Thanks for mentioning the contest, @conradt.

Yeah, it seems that some people will always want something for nothing. Hopefully your reminder will inspire them to get their writing pants on. I'm a bit pushed for time at the mo so I'll sit this one out but I'll resteem to help it catch more eyes.


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really wanted to participate unfortunately did not give me time = /, I hope you do one more with the same theme I have a great tool to talk about =)!

  ·  3년 전

I have joined tons of contests in the past, but find myself overwhelmed at the moment with several creative writing projects that have been inspired by all the writing I've been doing on steemit!

I also am a bit unsure as to what initiative I'd write about, if I was feeling focused in reality enough to write!


Yeah it can get a bit like that - I actually thought about this abit more and it seems that Steemit might be overloaded with contests and as you said people cant seem to keep up. Was more of a rant that not many people entered my contest!