⚡ Monthly Steemit Top 200 POWER UP List: August 2018🔌

6개월 전

These are the top 200 accounts that powered up in the month of August 2018.

1. @tradetoken152894.962
2. @drslump112222.34
3. @witness.svk100842.665
4. @skan98000.0
5. @z8teyb289qav9z93627.16799999999
6. @virus70780639.382
7. @photoman75443.91500000001
8. @cryptopassion59662.059
9. @pdq45763.961
10. @nathanmars44045.59800000001
11. @glitterfart41063.644
12. @enki40000.0
13. @delso39491.081
14. @firepower38700.450000000004
15. @dimimp38000.0
16. @blodit36441.581000000006
17. @ppomppu35000.0
18. @vingroup34000.0
19. @jrcornel33855.0
20. @sirvotesalot30296.86200000001
21. @modernpastor30029.833
22. @ponzipanda28022.296000000002
23. @artonsteem28000.0
24. @pierreyoon27842.798
25. @francium25942.751999999997
26. @jsquare25519.762000000002
27. @beachinist25152.762
28. @lippmann24851.516
29. @ngc22677.663000000004
30. @perepilichnyy21819.175000000003
31. @clayford20000.0
32. @smallpusher19809.517
33. @inceptionally19459.009000000002
34. @richman16608.096
35. @devrim16543.739999999998
36. @riverhead16468.512000000002
37. @done16040.0
38. @sandisk15967.049
39. @kalvas15000.0
40. @happyro1914723.048999999999
41. @uss14563.316
42. @tommyhansen14393.5
43. @spinbunny13825.0
44. @eeks13733.555999999999
45. @cryptoprowler12562.678
46. @bengdui12074.017
47. @rhanna10km11838.775
48. @suonghuynh11122.172
49. @onceuponatime11103.406000000003
50. @onis10999.942999999997
51. @animesocialclub10988.441000000004
52. @ipromote10791.454
53. @slowwalker10697.459
54. @self-power.com10524.487
55. @roncoejr10509.008
56. @bumshak10478.214
57. @sauravrungta10337.783
58. @wisdomandjustice10120.725
59. @compo10000.0
60. @cryptomancer10000.0
61. @cannonwar9795.964
62. @urso9590.927000000003
63. @sostrin9471.027
64. @dennishlewis9447.962999999998
65. @monsteroiids9437.673999999999
66. @bleujay9410.0
67. @drorion9343.111
68. @thejohalfiles9251.226
69. @mukulbdnn9093.511
70. @ethnow8955.206999999999
71. @infovore8952.0
72. @smartsteem8694.352
73. @velourex8638.138000000003
74. @tosch8500.0
75. @agawolf8289.475
76. @lebin8242.0
77. @paws1t1veev8205.891
78. @partiko-promoter8000.0
79. @vact8000.0
80. @redpalestino7869.245999999999
81. @bitcointravel7863.713
82. @steemitpresident7786.600999999998
83. @kasho7659.64
84. @kaylinart7095.5
85. @mac128k7069.501
86. @stayingthecourse7026.088
87. @azircon6942.988
88. @fur2002ks6934.536000000001
89. @trafalgar6920.9039999999995
90. @bobsrepair6825.339
91. @aguia6703.92
92. @ramta6574.405
93. @bigram136504.099
94. @prepstothepros6503.26
95. @jeffski16500.0
96. @milkcrate6456.339999999999
97. @predict-crypto6430.0
98. @silkroadgo6315.1
99. @d8aco6034.146
100. @dinver5952.318
101. @fedoradog5876.215
102. @broncnutz5808.741000000001
103. @votingbot5704.999
104. @olorin5697.204
105. @zahir525551.570000000001
106. @thetruth365541.5560000000005
107. @sexyboy5524.495
108. @mewnicorn5293.866999999999
109. @writesbackwards5186.115000000001
110. @fractalnode5153.386
111. @ees5074.716
112. @uche-nna5000.0
113. @thecryptodrive5000.0
114. @blacks4999.5
115. @thewave4889.486
116. @ai014616.8279999999995
117. @boscorp4594.98
118. @mariuszkarowski4482.144
119. @twinpapa4410.313
120. @kryptonia4394.064
121. @xpilar4390.178999999999
122. @topping4263.191
123. @notouch4205.186000000001
124. @khaiyoui4193.951
125. @shinhancard4145.197999999999
126. @pinphotos4103.0779999999995
127. @joeparys4036.293
128. @mshahabi4023.752
129. @curie4000.0
130. @trentrichards3961.621
131. @superpromoter3877.916
132. @babsboard3800.0
133. @itstime3752.653
134. @kuri123730.942
135. @sidneychildsh3729.9669999999996
136. @glory73718.723
137. @fusednova3699.98
138. @a-53587.96
139. @raised2b3576.738
140. @danihwang3548.93
141. @hadean3545.617
142. @steem.services3533.318
143. @mawit073522.599
144. @bigbot3514.5
145. @abdulrafay123505.233
146. @bart23053477.246
147. @lifewordmission3455.8
148. @xaero13423.359
149. @ozphil3377.309
150. @steamsteem3339.907
151. @allsale3335.217
152. @solominer3333.333
153. @rok-sivante3333.0
154. @luckystrikes3319.115
155. @contentjunkie3283.8970000000004
156. @steemaction3238.614
157. @joeuhw3188.749
158. @lisalobotomy3109.527
159. @zoom3101.6
160. @xemurai3100.0
161. @corn1133090.4770000000003
162. @evanrvoss3076.4510000000005
163. @cryptographix3071.622
164. @phlatattak3068.6839999999993
165. @anotherjoe3064.529
166. @treyball3057.115999999999
167. @weee3019.787
168. @hedge-x3017.144
169. @burntbilly3015.942
170. @flamingirl3012.715
171. @selfvotejustice3009.749
172. @surfyogi3000.0
173. @victorfigol2952.754
174. @larryphang2934.717
175. @wartrapa2918.9939999999997
176. @dkid142897.153
177. @steemswede2868.482
178. @jungleonion2836.9379999999996
179. @investing2809.0
180. @hjk962798.4210000000007
181. @ifcata2755.812
182. @gghite2752.748
183. @lager682719.488
184. @raiseup2709.035
185. @mes2673.9570000000003
186. @koinbot2662.8680000000004
187. @newhigh2641.764
188. @kenny-crane2623.7859999999996
189. @r2cornell2500.0
190. @doikao2481.752
191. @luckyolddaddy2441.3970000000004
192. @whatsup2440.0
193. @cryptotr8dr2432.341
194. @herverisson2419.238
195. @lays2400.0
196. @inb42391.84
197. @staticinstance2374.436
198. @neworleans2344.586
199. @hodolbak2343.283
200. @limesoda2341.562

Congratulations to everyone that made the list!

Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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The best comes last ;) #200


I powered up 0.132 Steem - wonder what ranking I am? :D


Rankname: #SugarFix ;-)


Where do I write that :P I'm guessing I'll be around rank 203.


At least 202 ;)


Thanks :) Its already all over facebook in austria :)


Yeaaaah nipping at your heels :D

Looks like many are building large positions

Thanks Bro I wish your post grow trending no. 1 and again thanks brother for aware us.

I support and also done work follow you and every post of you on Steemit my friend.

Steem power is like a snowball relesed from a large cliff the more you have it the more rewards you recive as a passive income no matter if the market is bearish.
If the market turns bullish then it is a win win situation :)

Come on Powerfull army .upvote me and change the thought of other steemians...👼

Congratulations to all of you ... do use of your power and upvote me too ... which will make you more better person for me


@contentjunkie thanks bro ur great 👍

Amazing information

bunch of b1tches it always da same guys who win

u bunch of attention wh0res n liars

The nuts and bolts of straightforward you profit by posting and voting on great substance. As you get snared on the immense articles and moneymaking potential, you Need to see how it truly functions. Steemit and the Steem economy are an intricate framework with heaps of moving parts.

I think that's will be Very Great For these Steemins also this is very Benificial

I didn't get.
Are you saying that you help them to power up?

Very good information. upvoted and followed,

it's really great post for inspiration of all steemit user.

Congratulation to all the winners

Made entirely of computers,
In practice it is not.

congratulations .. these power is creating confidence to achieve more for you and us also.

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This is great for people who are powered up and now have high steem power , automatically this is good for entire platform let’s work together to make success on steemit platform , I missed this opportunity , bro pls keep me update in future

Ohh superb

Posted using Partiko Android

Waw congratulations to all. Waw great work

excellent, I have been considering investing in STEEM myself, I like that I wouldn't make this list.

WOW congratulations to all of you.....
I wish I had my name there too but no worries I will work hard with honesty and succeed........
I wish all of you the best of luck for your future posts!!

Ur work shows some courage and motivation towards them.nice post

Hmm Interesting how did they do it ?

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What a power....

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Steemjet is a very noble and educative motion, they make us that the community turns into larger and the sharing some of the participants is more. further, all the team of workers or the ones who've had the opportunity to engage via their articles had been very type and very interesting humans. I can hold to observe all your information carefully!

Congratulation, And thank you for sharing their profile, It will really help plankton like us. Lets hope somebody from this list upvotes me and i earn dollars so i can buy my dream Car .,.........................(just A WISH which wont come true)

Wow.... how to get this power up?

That's cool..i will be glad to do same one day on this platform. kudos

Feels great to be on the list.

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What a power....

This post has received a 56.51 % upvote from @boomerang.

that a lot of point there dude!!!

How to participate

Congratulations to all the winners. Use this power and make your account more valuable. Nice initiative @contentjunkie

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omg, can we also come on this list?
Can anyone tell me how we can be succeed over steemit.


wow!! that's awesome . From where do you get these information

Congratulations to all who had made great efforts and are on the way to their goals...
Wish me and also Upvote me as I also want to be in the list of those.... Thanks

Not only to be in them its start of my journey and through this way I will do somethings that could benefits other... As it's reality of world
Do good have good...

I'm just behind the leaders with a 0.132 power-up :D

Congratulations @contentjunkie!
Your post was mentioned in the Steemit Hit Parade in the following category:

  • Pending payout - Ranked 2 with $ 373,74

Great work from @contentjunkie. Planning to power up as well. But an advise may be necessary on how to get it right!!

I'm on the top 10 :)

I remember August 2018 in the future years to come !!!

You got a 21.82% upvote from @postpromoter courtesy of @contentjunkie!

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Really great list. I wonder how much this would change if Steemit had a mobile app.

Awesome! I like to pay attention that the entirety this still going as deliberate and people are nonetheless working difficult behind the curtain even though the marketplace is down! it is reassuring that the humans in the back of this merchandise are continuing to enhance the platform to help grow the community!

Thanks for making this list to let us up to date

good work bro..nice information..one like from my side 👍🏻


hey bro..why u send me a downvote?