STEEM Based Social Media sites - GET PAID TO CONTRIBUTE!

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There's more than just STEEMit!

I've found multiple sites that work on the STEEM blockchain that are structured the same as other sites you've probably heard of!

  • Dtube - Youtube
  • Dmania - 9Gag
  • Dsounds- Soundcloud
  • Dlive - Twitch
  • Zappl - Twitter
  • SteepShot - Instagram

Dtube - Youtube!/trendingvideos

Dmania - 9Gag

Dsound - Soundcloud

Dlive - Twitch

(not currently available)

Zappl - Twitter!/Home

SteepShot - Instagram

All sites only require that you have a Steemit account to log in!

The future will be monetized!

UP, RESTEEM, U5dt42G4xW1EyBKDCHWEBSZLxMxDnZk.gif @corganmusic for more!

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Yes this is the future of social media. A censorship free decentralized platform


I don't think we've seen the last of censorship, but YESSS! People who contribute things of value will be compensated - song, video, picture, story or otherwise!!


In a way I agree but it will be a lot less in the foreseeable future.