Daily report: a corporation of good content! Are you already on the list?

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When your works are not evaluated enough, you want to drop your hands! Every day I will find good (in my opinion) content and write a report. I do it voluntarily and call on everyone to support each other! I call on the great whales to pay attention to the selected posts. May the great mercy of the whales descend upon us.


What posts I do not chooseWhat posts do I choose
spam, plagiarism, phishing, calls for violence, international conflicts, child pornography, photography without descriptionI do not put any restrictions. Draw, write poems or stories, do handicrafts, travel, photograph. The main thing is, do not steal other people's content and I'll find you.

I will check all your posts in manual mode. If you want me to find you faster, then you can use the tag #corporation .Let's be friends and help each other. I have little opportunities so far, but I will do my best to help you. Now I represent the first ten of my findings.

1.@jaybirdMusic for Dance - Guitar & Drums - [Guitar Tendu]
2.@doktormuslemVisit at Night Time: Petronas Twin Towers KL
3.@nyaktiPermainan Warna Ceria Pastry Lebaran, Cerminan Pemiliknya
4.@celestalConfessions Of An Unknown Worker #1
5.@barrerapaoolaMy life is a song
6.@julietisraelGratitude Day 36: Celebrating A Rare Gem JoshuaEtim
7.@nidhisrecipesMicrowave Chocolate Cake
8.@camomileNano farm: An exciting economic game for adults and children! Cabbage Baskervilles or carrots Evil?
9.@jhoevheeBEACH WEDNESDAY: Sabang Beach Palawan Philippines
10.@gavinseimI Crashed into her on the Water Slide!
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