Is Asking Users to Follow you Healthy for the Steemit Community?

4년 전

I'm new to Steemit and something has stuck out to me. There are a lot of people who shamelessly request upvotes, comments, and follows on their posts and in their comments. But is this healthy for the community?

I believe that the quality of a post should speak for itself, without the author needing requesting validation. When someone asks for likes or a follow it seems kinda tacky and takes away from the actual "meat" of the post.

On the other hand, this is common in other online communities (youtube comes to mind), and seems to be widely accepted here. Am I missing out if I don't ask for people to follow me? Do people actually need the reminder that they can follow me if they enjoy my content?

So should I start casually (or not so casually) requesting follows or just try to publish quality content and leave the rest to fate? Thanks for your input.

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See what I did there?

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I find it to be an obnoxious way of networking on this site, maybe we could add some humour to it, like say follow me and follow it up by a joke at your own expense to ease the tension

Thnx @cosmoose for putting this info all together.


You're welcome, robot friend.

I don't see anything wrong with asking the reader if they like your work to upvote and/or follow you. It's your post, if you put an ask at the end, it's marketing.

It is spammy and tacky to post in someone's comments that you upvoted, resteemed and/or followed and that you want a reciprocal response.


Yeah, good point about marketing. But I guess that brings us to the question: is marketing healthy for a community?


if you bring value to the community then marketing is necessary to get the message out to the community of your presence. We all market ourselves in some way, every day. Well not when I'm chilling at home doing nada.


Hmmm, true. I guess maybe I should start marketing myself more!