A New Section in the Crypto Empire Community:

3년 전

Hello there Crypto Empire Community.

Today I just noticed a new section on the Empire that is all about Generous Comment Rewarders.

This was a genious move on the part of our Tax Collector @eonwarped.

Everyone wants to make sure their voting power and commenting time is spent on people that actively give back by rewarding high value comments what they deserve, and we frown upon people who just reward all of the comments with 1% votes without even looking at the differences between them...

...so it was a really clever move to make sure people have a place to share blogs of those who curate the comments and are generous with their votes.

Everyone wins!

Here's Why It Matters For Readers and Curators:

Well, the readers and curators are the ones who are going to use this section the most.

If you're doing your commenting rounds and you find that your comment consistently gets high rewards, drop the blog's link on the channel for it down in the Crypto Empire discord so it can join the others.

Readers and curators can then access that channel to visit the blogs who reward comments, so they can spend their efforts writing those hugely valuable comments on blogs that value them rather than wasting them on a blog from someone who doesn't even read them.

Remember, if you use the Empire's sources, you should contribute as well... we all work together and cooperate, and we all get the benefits!

Here's Why It Matters For Bloggers:

Now, this is also a good initiative for bloggers, but why?

Well, the Empire has hundreds of members, and those bloggers who actively reward good comments can have a lot of new viewership, readers and interaction thanks to this section.

By having a blog featured on our page, you'll be getting lots of visitors that are used to leaving engaging, enthralling and highly valuable comments, so you can enjoy the added activity on your blog post and even get more votes for it since the commenters will vote it.

It's a win-win relationship.

Just wanted to let everyone know about this, I think it's genious.

Let Me Know:

If you think you reward your commenters generously, let us know and we'll review your blog.

You may get a link on our channel.


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yes it is good idea. a stand behind this idea


If you want to see the list, just contact me in Discord I'll add you to permissions.

you are right, this is a great idea that will be interesting to both readers and bloggers. You create the ground for a mutually beneficial exchange. Commentators are guaranteed that their comments will be evaluated, and bloggers receive an audience. Everyone gets what they are looking for. Brilliantly!


I agree! If you ever want to take a look at the list let me know in Discord

This is a really awesome idea! I've been trying to reward good comments on my posts for a while and it really helps to promote engagement. Like you said it is a win-win. It also increases spam comments fishing for an upvote though, but that is what it is and I just upvote the good comments above them.

Where can we see the list of comment rewarders you guys have put together?


We have put it together on the Crypto Empire Discord... are you not in it yet?

Plus, if you are, Ill add you to the permitted users... I thought having everyone go there can result in unnecessary low quality spam for the people as you said, so we are white listing people.