Monday is Game Day: What to Expect?

2년 전

Hello there,

Are you enjoying your daily rewards?

If so, then bear in mind those are just the 95% of profits because the bot still hasn't received any rewards to distribute so it will only go up.

Not only that you'll be able to earn even more in-game, and as you know the game starts Monday.

We've been noticing people are excited, and you should be, but what are you going to face when you arrive on the new world?

What will you face once you get off the Emperor's boats?

If that is something that interests you, read below...

For those who delegated less than 50 SP:

So, for those who delegated less than 50 SP, life won't be easy.

You don't have enough resources available to hire your first worker, so your colony is a one man show!

Monday, you'll have to choose what should YOU do, from a set of different choices.

You'll also have to decide if you want to embark on this weeks quest for extra SBD and STEEM or if you'll take the time to get your colony started instead by taking yet another set of choices.

The first one may bring you more profit, but it may bring you nothing, and do you want to be alone in the new world for another week?


For Those Who Delegated Above 50 SP but Below 1000 SP:

You'll get off the boat and see the Emperor's camp on the new world.

It's time to shop around... you will be able to spend your resources on workers, supplies and materials to get started.

If you have enough for a worker (50 SP), you'll get someone to work for you, so maybe you're free to embark on a quest?

Or... shall you take the time to build up your colony with all the manpower at your disposal including yours?

You never know if you'll have to defend... or plunder!

The choice will be yours.

For Those Who Delegated 1000 SP or More:

Time to shop as well.

But there's something else.

You can get a specialized worker for 1000 SP... so maybe you'll go with that.

The goods he produces will be invaluable. Maybe you'll even undercut the imperial marketplace and sell supplies to other players at a lower price, netting you profit?

Perhaps you'll get some normal workers instead to get them to work on setting up the colony and leave the specialized worker acquisition for later?

The quest is available, so there's that too.

What to do?

Lumberjack and Blacksmith?

So, I saw people were reading our last post as if lumberjack and blacksmith were the only choices.

As you see, they aren't, we used them as an example. A lumberjack is a 50 SP worker, and a blacksmith a 1000 SP one. So that is why those examples were given.

However, you're free to hire any worker available, build any building available and do whatever the options are... just keep in mind most options are locked in the beggining.

After all, you need the basics first:

  • Food;
  • Shelter;
  • Defense

...and so on.

In Conclusion:

This new world awaits you.

Monday is the day to start.

Are you ready?

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Is it possible to Proxy control of your "in game resources" to another player? I'm just over 153 SP and that is not a lot in this world, but is still near the top of the heap last I checked. I'd like to at least keep it active for the in-game rewards and allied with an active player. IYKWIM ;)


I would love that :)
While I would love to play the game, I am in school....
Plus it would help create a micro ecomony in the game :)


You can declare another player to be your colony's lord, so he can take management decisions.


Cool! Could there be a declare a lord page in the game so it can be easier to let him/her manage/ find people to manage my colony. Also if I let him manage my colony do i still earn from the game still. Would be cool if the "earnings" could be auto shared between the two accounts. Food for thought :)


The game is right here on the blockchain, neatly organized. You'll have no trouble arranging that, however the automatic division of earnings would require us to program that extra, and we want to avoid having to do that.

Would be better to just share it with the guy after you collect. Yes you still earn.


So it like crypto kites but a rpg on steem?


Nothing with an external platform, it's text based, via posts... but you'll see.

Wooo! Sounds like fun :)

Will i get a woodcutter if i delegate 50 steempower 6 days from now? Currently only delegating 4 i think.


When you pass 50 SP you'll be able to hire one the following week :)


Do you have a link to the game? I remember reading about it but I don't know which post. Maybe link it at the bottom of this post as well!

Freaking cool... I do hope some of you answer the question. How have your rewards been? And have you been having fun? I've got to get my brother on this.


This is all there is, I think:

I suppose there will be more soon. Check @cryptoempire's profile, there's only 3 posts so far.


Sharon is indeed right!

So many decisions. I love the idea of embarking on a quick quest, while someone else sets up stuff, and be the first to find whatever awesome stuff that's out there, but maybe there are also dangerous things.
Maybe getting set up first and building the best kingdom is smarter


Decisions Decisions...

I have great confidence in the uncertainty ahead!

I am eager to begin.


I'm gonna post a Zappl tiny preview of something soon...

Hmm.. I just want to farm in the mountains and be left in peace.


My decision would be "buy a woodcutter > cut wood > sell wood o.o"


Indeed, Sharon is right...



I wanna buy weapons and pillage :P


OMG I love this! Haven't played this type of game for over 20 years like but I'm deffo looking forward to it.

I've got nearly 300SP coming back to me this Friday or Saturday. Might buy me a few workers :P


Great idea BTW
Anj xx

Can we delegate and join the game at any point in time or only on mondays?


Delegate at any time, but if you delegate too close to monday you may only enter the next week due to things getting organized a bit earlier.


So if I delegate today can I join today?


Yeap, you'll probably arrive by boat Monday :)