Buying Crypto With CashApp: Cryptocurrency For All

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Buying Crypto With CashApp: Cryptocurrency For All

The birth of crypto and it's inception into the foreign exchange market and commercial transactions is to a large extent a relatively new concept to many. Like all new concepts, the use of crypto has been faced with the problem of acceptability and accessibility. A major cause of these challenges remains the fact that not a lot of platforms have made it available for customers and small-scale users who just want to buy small units of crypto. A lot of the platforms that sell Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies do not allow for retail purchases. And when you get hold of those platforms that allow for retail purchases, they charge exorbitant commissions per transaction. Again, the user interface of some of these platforms is so difficult to understand that one may even need a tutorial sometimes to know how to sign up, register an account, and then purchase crypto.

Amidst the seemingly insurmountable challenges, the upside is that the crypto world is drastically evolving. With this shift in trend, many financial platforms are beginning to incorporate the use of crypto; especially Bitcoin in their operations. Resultantly, crypto has become more accessible and usable. Although a huge setback in this innovative drive is the presence of scam sites and fraudulent hackers who use the info of users to steal crypto, there are a few verified trustworthy platforms that come highly recommended and have been tested over time.

An example of a site that has joined the innovation of incepting crypto into their many options is CashApp. CashApp is not just fast and easy to work with. It also makes the flow of cash more convenient. For instance, you can pay directly into your CashApp with a cheque from your bank and then immediately purchase Bitcoin from the CashApp. The amazing about CashApp is that it lets you be the middleman in your own transactions. Thus you're able to get rid of those high commissions charged per transaction on other platforms. The App allows you to work with crypto as you would a with a fiat currency. Many users are starting to switch into CashApp because unlike other applications and websites, CashApp lets you have your bank, your mobile wallet, your Bitcoin, and your crypto wallet all in one App which is accessible on any smartphone device once your password is entered. In addition to its many features, the App is also very secure. It allows for a two-factor authentication protocol. This makes it even harder and practically impossible for a third party to get access to your account unless you give out your password. The icing on the cake is the fact that the CashApp has a user-friendly interface that even a beginner can understand without any guidance. If you can use your bank mobile app or an ATM machine you can use the CashApp. CashApp has done an amazing job of making Bitcoin accessible. Many other applications should do the same.

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Very well explained. I have also noticed the exorbitant charges associated with most of these exchange sites. It sometimes discourages most of us who want to just own a portion of bitcoin or other crypto.

I think this cash app has a lot of good perks as it allows users to link their banks, wallets and is incredibly fast as well. Thank you for this.


Absolutely! The fees are very low and I think it makes it extremely easy for everyday consumers to purchase Bitcoin. Thanks for reading!