Turning REP Up to (11) Take that @Dantheman

5년 전


Aaaanndddd Immediately normalized after first post

So I know everyone read @dantheman post about Reputation, and it was great yes, (even linked here!) but not as great as I have Transcended to be. I have risen above the charts, taken flight, and now I sit at the top looking down at the (9)s with disgust.

I'm just a silly Gaijin, doing silly Gaijin things.
In the words of my good friend Drake, "We started from the bottom now we here"

I am not sure what I did to deserve this, but thank you Steemian Gods of Rep and Coin. I will wield this power well and punish those who need to be punished, and praise the young and blossoming Steemian Civilization we are all building together. Turn it up

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But it goes to 11. And 11 is bigger than 10.

I didn't even know (11) existed, are you sure you didn't add a 1 there? ;)


He clearly did! BTW, I don't understand how rep is actually built do you have any idea?

i never seen 9 and you are talking about 11.