Steemit Curation Reward Strategy for Max Profit

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In This Video I Will Review This Guide In Detail

Curation General Reward Payout Information Guide:

  1. Curation rewards are always 25% the value of a post
  1. Upvoting a post earlier than 15 minutes gives you 0% curation rewards
  1. Upvoting rewards begin at 15 minutes but start of 50/50% of any rewards you receive go back to the author
  1. After 15 minutes vote rewards increase incrementally from 50% to 100% paid to the curator
  1. Upvote rewards stop after 30 minutes and are 100% paid to the curator
  1. Most ideal strategy would be to vote a post at 30 minutes @ 100% voting power & strength and the post goes to $60,000! (not practical at all, but that's the idea)
  1. Vote 11 times per day max

The Ultimate Curation Strategy

Maximize Your Reward Potential & Payout!

  1. Use Steem Now or Beempy to check your current voting power
  1. Find other great content creators who make frequent post with high payouts then create a Stream here to automate your upvotes
  1. Automate a decent portion of your voting strength yourself for max rewards

  2. Use Steem Bot to find people promoting large amounts to their posts not yet Upvoted

  3. Use this Curation Calculator to see how much you will earn on your potential upvote before you manual vote

  1. Follow your Curation rewards and how tweaks in your strategy support max growth using Steem Now

Bonus Tip for Content Creators

Reverse this idea by:

  1. Use spam bots like @bdvoter @raise-me-up to Upvote your promoted posts early to increase # of Upvote Penalties
  1. Use Steem Bot to Promote your Posts with High Payouts at minimum 30 minutes after your post - Using Bot Voters with Large amounts Early will increase the Curation Reward to the Curators

I Hope You Enjoyed Watching My Video On Curation Rewards!

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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Awesome @cryptoknight12. Very useful guide. Strategizing is of utmost importance & it also applies to everything else in life.

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Strategy applies to everything for sure! I'm always trying to figure out how to be most efficient at everything in life!

Glad you enjoyed!

Thanks bro. It was very helpful.

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Glad you enjoyed my friend. 34 minutes now, hope you made the cut off!

Such an informative post I really learned so much from it. I have been trying to understand this stuff for months now. One question though -

  1. Use spam bots like @bdvoter @raise-me-up to Upvote your promoted posts early to increase # of Upvote Penalties
    What does “increase # of upvote penalties” mean. Don’t quite understand this bit 🙏

If you get upvotes for your posts in the first 15 minutes of posting, all curation rewards go to you. To maximize this I know of two ways:

  1. Use the bots mentioned so they vote in the first 15 minutes of your post because they vote as soon as you pay them. So then 100% of those votes curation rewards will go to the author

  2. Time posting your votes so high paying promotion bots will vote earlier than 15 minutes from when you post. This way you can get $20+ votes as a penalty

Also a tip is to vote on your own post after 15 minutes but before 30 minutes

I'm going to need to remember this to increase my rewards.

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You and me both! We'll see how it goes!

Thanks a lot dude! You are very helpful.


Glad you thought so! I notice Steem doesn't make things very easy to understand. With everyone posting new articles, it's hard to catch the ones that explain it well sometimes!