More than 800,000 Steemit accounts / Mehr als 800.000 Steemit-Konten

4년 전

Since mid-February it looked as if the rapid growth was over for the time being. There were fewer new registrations from day to day. But since yesterday it's going uphill again. Within one day about 20000 new accounts were created.

Seit Mitte Februar sah es so aus, als sei das rasante Wachstum vorerst vorbei. Von Tag zu Tag gab es weniger Neuanmeldungen. Doch seit gestern geht es wieder steil bergauf. Innerhalb von einem Tag wurden ca. 20000 neue Accounts angelegt.

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8000002018-03-03 02:30:54gregogm
7000002018-01-30 18:06:24zoraidalrg
6000002018-01-11 13:55:24buhl2
5000002017-12-15 20:37:33bestdronevideos
4000002017-10-06 21:11:12btitrex
3000002017-08-05 13:22:21yanickite
2000002017-06-16 13:16:54spaarzha
1000002016-10-01 04:44:39shasoezseche

active accounts

active in ...number of active accounts
last 24 hours70341
last 7 days119268
last 30 days224414
last 365 days690139

I use these values to determine the activity:

  • last_post
  • last_root_post
  • last_vote_time
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Now I understand , why my wife's account, which was created 1 day ago, become followed by you, even she has not made even one single post yet.

Good work, interesting statistics.



I agree it's a excellent platform 👍 here's a 100% upvote and a follow @powerupsteem



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This is great to see and exciting for what’s to come in 2018 and beyond! Looking forward to hitting the 1 mil mark this year! Thanks for the post!

  ·  4년 전

As you said new registrations on Steemit were halted for some time and it boomed again since previous day. I noticed this also when I visited Why steemit has this highly fluctuating rate of registrations while it also works as a social media platform for which growing number of registrations are benchmark of its popularity? I think registration process needs to be quicker while discouraging multiple registration.

  ·  4년 전

I agree, just got my account confirmed. Took like 2 weeks. Not what people expect when using platforms on the internet. But it sure is important to try and keep the number of bots and altaccounts low.

  ·  4년 전

Yes, it is important to keep the number of bots and creation of many accounts low but it is a big challenge as people can use different email ids and different phone number to create accounts on steemit. We don't know how far steemit will be able to check multiple accounts as steemit do not discourage creation of multiple accounts created with the help of third party services.

STEEM market cap $0.9bn
Less than 1/500 of Facebook. This is going to be a great ride. Glad I am here early



You are so much right, Sir


To the Moon!!!!! $

Da werden wir wohl bald auf der politischen Landkarte erscheinen. Wird spannend. Viele Politiker und auf Content Provider kennen ja nur das "alte Neuland".

Danke für die gute Aufbearbeitung. Bei steemit ist die Plattform für Provider und Nutzer transparent. Bei FAcebook, Youtube und Twitter ist dies nicht der Fall.

its nice to see the growth. be sweet to see some of that 15 dollar sbd again

  1. How many of those 800K accounts are retained as daily, weekly active users?
  2. How many of them turn into investors?

The Steem price tells another story. It should be up with more users, but investors know that most of those users come for the rewards, won’t invest into Steem, won’t contribute much to the platform, and probably majority of them won’t remain as active users.

active in ...number of active accounts
last 24 hours70341
last 7 days119268
last 30 days224414
last 365 days690139

I use these values to determine the activity:

  • last_post
  • last_root_post
  • last_vote_time

Thank you for these numbers. They are important. You can eventually add the “last comment” figure, if that’s available.

To me, the only two meaningful numbers on that table is daily and weekly, but the rest is also interesting, because it shows how low the retention rate is.

These numbers also contain people who have just signed up. This can be filtered out by restricting the query to accounts older than 30 days. You can calculate a retention ratio by calculating the following ratio: (accounts older than 30 days and active in the last seven days) / accounts older than 30 days.

Do these numbers also include automated accounts, i.e. bots? If so, I don’t know how to filter them. And actual human numbers might be lower.


Just added the table with the number of active users to my post.


Thank you for the numbers, @cryptoriddler. I wrote a post about this issue and used a screenshot of the table in your comment with proper links to this post and to your profile. I hope this is fine for you. If not, let me know, and I'm going to remove it.

Find ich gut, denke es wird sicher weitergehen mit Neuanmeldungen. Wirklich was vergleichbares gibt es nicht am Markt und die Möglichkeiten hier bei steemit sind ja wahrlich grandios, wenn man erst mal durchblickt.
LG aus Kärnten und ich wünsche Allen weiterhin viel Spass hier auf steemit 😊

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I’m one of the new kids on the block. I’m still adjusting to the platform but so far I’m loving it!


Any idea to why there's such a spike for new users?


Maybe just because more influencers on other social media want to switch to the steam network entirely or partially.


Dunno if you haven't been paying attention to this week's Big Tech purge of anyone against The Narrative (mostly conservatives) getting kicked off YouTube, Facebook, Twitter etc. The refugees are looking for new homes online. I've been busy greeting hundreds of bewildered MAGApedes, veterans, grandmas, Q-Anon/InfoWars types on Gab for the past few days. No one's gonna be able to call Gab "just an alt-right echo chamber" anymore. I suspect I'll become more active here and on dtube as we settle into the new reality of heavy-handed mainstream censorship. You guys keep working overtime in the steem mines--we're gonna need it!

steemit becomes better.

That is brilliant ... Now I know why this manually account activation takes so long... but it is really worth it.
Apart from this, the Steem Cryptocurrency looks like to grow by them self. Obviously, it will face some regulation but it will grows and grows.
Let's kick out the other social media and be the Future of the internet communications.
#steem #steemit #newsocialmedia #FBsuccesor #cryptocurrency

How do you have so much activity 170 votes 33 comments and only $1.50 earned?


The more Steempower one has the more influence it does on voting, hence the more the content creator can earn.

Steemite is spreading fast because of it a genuine community with persons that are ready to give right information and be educated.There is a great increase.

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I'm a newbie, you are my first follower.

yep I'm one of the new users and so far finding this so interesting and want to learn so much about Steemit and how to improve myself and get better.

This is exciting!!!!

Thank you for coming first and following me. I'll follow you!Thank you very much!~

Im a new user and learning the system. Still a bit confused how you gain steem and so on but eventually I'm sure I'll learn

its really a awesome platform for bright future

I am one of the new members on steemit, a member of my family who invited me to join it, I think it’s the best social network.

I keep saying it, "the growth level of steem marvels me, their market capitalization perplexes me and keep on seducing me to steemit loins... I can't help but romantically fell in love each day"

I'm new to Steemit. More and more people are woke to how the current market leaders among social networks are running their platforms, and hopefully Steemit's growth is only gaining traction.

The question is: Who will buy all tokens? No buyer no value.


If you don't earn tokens on the site, you have to buy them to power up so that your vote counts. When you have more steem power and vests (what you get when you power up), your votes count more and you get more rewards. Outside investors can also buy Steem on trading exchanges.

DLive made a social media campaign. It will be x3 or x5 in next week :)

Thank you for that <3

Lots of newbies like myself have come to the platform seeking more privacy and less censorship, yet we haven't quite acquired the hang of it nor are we practiced in creating content. It's going to be a learning curve.

Thumbs up. Let's do as much as possible to make sure Steemit will grow to a level that it will be a threat to other source of wealth in the internet and also a means of reducing the increasing rate of poverty all over world

Especially with the censorship of Internet 1.0, I like to refer to it as.. FB, Youtube, etc. Steemit going to MOON!

Schön zu sehen dass wir immer mehr werden. Ich bin begeistert von dem System mit Steem Power. So gesehen kann jeder seinen Account leveln und seinen Einfluss auf die Community erweitern.

The future of the money. F...the banks

Hopefully with the increase, the poverty rate all over the world and improve the standard of living, and also reduce the dependent rate on government

Nice one.. Steemians numbers are increasing

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I’m one of the new steemian. Don’t know what else to comment...

This is great. Wow the amount of people joining is improving spontaneously. @cryptoriddler thanks for sharing this information.

2월 중순 이후 가입자가 주춤했다기보단 스팀측에서 가입승인을 안해줘서 주춤해보이는거 같습니다 제가 2월초에 가입했다가 이틀전 승인받았어요. 2월말 가입한 지인도요. 아마 스팀측이 바로바로 가입즉시 가입승인을 해주는게 아니라 일정한 기간을 두고 몰아서 가입승인을 해주는 면이 있는 거 같습니다^^

This is great, I foresee steemit to be an household items in soon (smiles). An analysis predict that an sbd will be about 100$ before the end of the year. The value of steem will increase as it gains recognition and popularity.


What analysis? Sources.


you have to remember that there is difference between steem (STEEM) and steem dollars (sbd)

but I think the user is less than 800.00 because 1 person may have 3-4 accounts

It took me a month to finally get approved. Happy to be here!

Are you a data scientist? I started to learn Python for my research and I think people who know how to get data and make something useful out of it are really cool!

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Steemit is gradually becoming a global brand and in the next few years, we would be amazed at the extent that the platform has reached.
steemit is the next best thing on the internet!

Interesting statistics...thx for sharing!

The Steem price tells another story. It should be up with more users? would y its not up.could be the crypto market is coming back slower then sia would like after the big crash of 2018

Thanks for the interesting data! From where did you collect it?
Welche Internetseite ist die Datenquelle?

levent hoca sayesindedir :D

Danke für die Info! Sehr gut wenn eine Plattform wächst. Ich bin auch erst seit einem Monat hier und finde es sehr interssant hier.

Extremes Wachstum sehr gut für die Community.
Fehlen bloß nur noch die großen Schwünge der Deutschen Community.

Thank you for the information. I am new to steemit . I am still exploring. So far like what i am seeing. It is a great platform, it keep our brain active, ann open our mind to different perspectives. I am still leaning and lookibg forward to become an investor.

The huge growth rate! Goodjob.

I'm a new Steemy. The reason I think that your seeing an increase in sign-ups is due to the fact that popular youtubers are "mentioning" it as an alternative for their current videos. I will also add that the sign up time for a new account is lengthy. It took me nearly 2 weeks to get my account approved. I had forgotten about the sign up until I received my email notification to complete my registration. I would say given our society today, that this is unacceptable, but the technology has merit, hopefully Steemit can fix the time frame for approving accounts.

i wonder how many of them are abandoned by now...

That's great news for everyone of us!

its amazing ,how are people coming to steemit and this community is getting bigger .Hoping it will grow more & more

Let's hope that the verification of those wishing to create an account can be sped up a little. Lots of people complaining that it takes almost a week to get on and actually start posting on steemit

as a professional musician who has to maintain many social media accounts, i've decided to focus solely on Steemit. i'm on board with this platform and think it truly is the future for content creators of all breeds. FULL STEEM AHEAD!

Schön zu sehen!

We're also glad to arrive here, soon we will write an introductory post to tell what @have-vision really means

WOW lets keep it up!

The fact of we have the pleasure in writing and win a little notoriety and money in this platform is very nice. Congratulations to the guys that are responsible by the success!

Happy to be here and accounted for. My account was approved just yesterday. Great info you share here for those interested in learning all about this great platform. Thanks so much!

i cant believe it
its awasome, its very high

That very fast growing ! I am New on Steemit. Still learning how to write on this platform. Its kind a frustrating for a first time. Thank you for follow me.
#introduceyourself #first

Thanks for the sharing

Test run

I just checked and in the states its in the top 1000. No where near #3 facebook but we will catch up to it eventually!

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Wachse oder weiche, das ist das Gesetz des Kapitalismus. Wer verdient hier wieviel?

good ^^

Young Jamie mentioned it on the Joe Rogan Experience. I hadnt gotten around to making an account but when I heard that I knew I had to beat the flood.

I hope we're gonna teach new users how to use Steemit or we're gonna be in big problems. VP will fall down with new users who don't know how to make good content... This needs to change immediately. Hope that Whales will continue to help minnows and hope that more and more people will join this beautiful platform...

Have a great day. Cheers, Luka

thanks... useful information

Gut Ding braucht Weile, wenn man die 2,1 Milliarden Facebook Accounts hernimmt, haben wir noch einen weiten Weg, aber ich bin zuversichtlich das wir diese Marke in den nächsten Jahren knacken werden, mich wundert es eigentlich das diese Plattform nicht viel regeren Zuwachs erhält. Aber das wird schon noch kommen wenn die Leute das Potenzial verstehen dahinter.

That's really sounds great , the platform is booming like anything . Hope all the other social media users turn up here one day .

How does the number of active users affect the value of steem? I'm still quite new and not sure what drives the market.


Still figuring this out too.

From what I understand, more users will mean more content chasing the same STEEM, so it should increase the value of STEEM. Assuming user growth is faster than the annual rate of new STEEM being created.

Check the STEEM faq section. There's more information there

Happy to be part of this growth... decided not to wait and paid $46 cdn equivalent in LTE... so far, happy with that choice.

My wife signed up but while waiting the two week period to be approved she forgot her username. When the approval email arrived it didnt disclose the username but whatever it is she got the password for it through the link in the email. That account will now never be used unless I'm missing something like a process to retrieve it?

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very good post

Ya right friend.

Seemit is a great system and actually helps its community. 1 billion people platform.

Great analysis, thanks for taking time to create and share this with the community.

It's good to see the number of users increasing. Hopefully that will mean more "normal" people and less spam

I'm guessing we're gonna hit over 2-3 Million when 2019 rolls around... I just wonder how many of the accounts are unique users and not bots / duplicate accounts.

Thanks for sharing

I been having Steemit on my radar for a very long time, I just started out as Facebook is getting very restricted when it comes to Bitcoin, Blockchain and Crypto Assets.

I think there is many more like me that will convert from Facebook to Steemit and take their communities with them.

Bin auch dabei, 02.03.18 :D ist ne gute Platform, vll sogar das neue Facebook!

Iam member since 02.03.18 :D good platform, perhaps it will be the new Facebook!

Wow.. Steemit is really growing and growing fast

Na da Knacken wir sicherlich noch diesen Monat die 1Million Userrate.

I am amazed about your followers, I also work hard on steemit and I have about 4000 followers, but 88000 is just crazy number, I wish you all the best, I am sure that you work hard also to get that, thanks also for following a lot of people, it's very good to follow more people, I will take the example from you !

I would certainly hope this continues. I want to see these networks (Steemit or D - tube) grow to the point of beating at least one of major social networks: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Youtube. The community guidelines and enforcement on Youtube, Twitter and Facebook are absolutely atrocious. Youtube in particular with their updated monetization policies and demonetization of content which isn't toxic or degrading, let alone a violating of their TOS.

that's a good information :) , great post :)

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