Steemit In A Lull Period?

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So within the past week I've noticed a trend, and I don't know if this is that eventhough total users is going up, the number of active users is going down (at least on my channel).... That, or people aren't liking material I put out as much, which is indeed possible, but there are posts I regularly put out that are getting less likes and views.

The second reason could be that everyone is using a tactic that I use is to follow for a follow and are just following everyone. If that is a case, they may have thousands of followers and my posts just never show up.

To the Steemit community & my followers, have you noticed a trend like this? Let me know below as I'm really curious.

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I think you are the first one (with a huge amount of followers) to post this sort of thing. I have noticed it too, but I decided to continue on being a kind Steemit user- I figure if I am not
getting the payouts or views as much anymore, eventually it will come. So I continue to post blogs i want to write (not $ motivatedl), I upvote all the replies on my blogs people give me, and I continue to try to upvote and comment posts I find interesting from my fellow minnows! P.S you have an incredible amount of followers in 3 months, how did you do it?!

I am personally upvoting everything I found intersting, I don't care to manage my voting power, probably because It doesn't cost anything to me upvoting someone, I have found less interesting posts lately, just because everyone is posting something to get money of it)) by the way I think is a nice place to meet new people and read different things....sometimes they boring but sometimes they are nice blogs... I usually just post my pictures with a little comment because my english is not that rich and if I write in italian not so many people is going to red me)) Have a good day!))


Thats right i suport u, @cryptowallet is complaning but he is not upvoting at all, people are following u and u should show some respect ,expechaly if It doesn't cost anything to upvote


I am personally upvoting less as I am learning how to manage my voting after HF19. I'm also seeing less and less content I want to read. Some of this is probably brought on by new suers who do not realize that it takes time and work to develop a following on Steemit and see rewards.


What is HF19? I'm trying to understand the lingo here.


Hard Fork 19, it is what redistributed the voting power into a linear progression. It was supposed to re-empower the new members.


Oh right, I see. Thanks for replying.


I think there are communities within the steemit community and they don't tend to venture outside of those circles much.

I find that I am upvoting more. I upvote what I like and do not count my upvotes.

The folks that upload 20 pictures with a one word sentence absolutely bury good content. I tend to only put out one or two posts a day and they cant get be seen from the sea of mediocrity it has to swim in.


I like the way you think brother.

People are following to get a follow then they unfollow, it is a lame move and we can see this. People are upvoting at only 1%, we can also see this, what do they think this communicates to the poster with a 1% upvote, pretty lame. We see people "whale baiting" with obvious pandering and recycled articles... It is natural to want to earn more, but why be so stingy, it is not costing you anything and steem will be replenished. I think people dont understand the purpose of steemit is to upgrade blogging and social media with better work. I think good content will continue to be rewarded and steemit will get better, with more discernment and generosity.

I am currently upvoting less because as I have small amounts of steem power & H19, of course, stopped me from being able to just upvote whatever I want when I want. It's rather annoying and it stops you from being able to make money but I guess that's just the way the blockchain works.

I think everyone is seeing it. Votes are worth WAY more in HF19, and people are abusing it. I've seen tons of people upvoting their own posts and comments, which leaves no voting power for anyone else. HF20 needs to prevent people from voting on their own content. I believe this would fix a large part of it.

Until a few hours ago I didn't have the opportunity to engage with Steemit - which I regret (if that helps).
I love Steemit. It's a great platform, getting better.

I've seen almost all your post as like you said there are so many others I get.
I don't feel the need to stop following anyone as long as they put out something interesting to me.
I look at it like this, sure they post things that I may not be inteeested in, but they also post things I am very interested in, as far as the steem power goes, I really don't know how to tell how much I have left in a day or week, maybe you can tell me, as you can see I upvote everything I like and everyone's comments.
I figure share everything, not too worried right now how much I make, I'm to small of a fish!
I'm may be a minnow but I'm no young guppy! So it's taking me some time to get this stuff down.
Keep up the posts, have a Great weekend.

Well according to the stats, you have 548 dead followers, so that might have something to do with it?


Oh wait it loaded slowly, 1096 are dead

Yeah, it's a common trend on steemit and social platforms. Sometimes you have a lot of posts but the amount of likes and comments aren't even reaching quarter of your followers. They are more like ghost followers.

It's definitely just follow for follow

yup you are right.
i felt same.

I haven't noticed anything..maybe because am relatively new and trying to build a following. However am upvoting any interesting post I find. Thanks for sharing

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more & more are slowly realizing the affect of the hard fork on their voting and as a result are being more selective when voting...unfortunately many are only upvoting their own content and posts now. Also lots of people below 500SP are now using the ESteem app to adjust their voting percentage to something minimal. Hopefully this trend turns around soon @cryptowallet!

I am trying to use steemit more as it was designed to be used. I believe that means following the people and information you find most beneficial to yourself. I started out doing the follow for a follow and now I am removing some of my follows. It is to cumbersome to try to sort through them all. Good luck and keep on steemin! Always remember that we are still in beta and things will not be perfect.

The Last Sage

Hey @cryptowallet, from what I've read today l I think people are too busy spamming and upvoting their comments to read anything 😂

All joking aside, I've noticed that I'm not really getting all that many views but haven't been here long enough to notice any particular trend.

Hope it picks up for you soon.

this is why I quit asking people to follow me..I want to gain followers that genuinely likes my contents....

There has been a spike in people posting comments and asking people to give a - follow for a follow. I personally dont like that. I would much rather prefer a genuine following than someone whos just doing it out of obligation.

So as a noob to the platform, I am trying to follow people who are interested in similar content. That said, at some point, I will probably have to trim down the list of people I am following. Long-term, I will always continue to follow people who post quality over quantity and will continue to up vote content I find value in regardless of the topic.

Well, this had to happen, one way or another. Now Steemit is in news everywhere and in youtube videos, people are rushing towards the 'free money'. Everyone is posting, even some are copy and pasting, irrelevant content which is not worth a second to read leave upvoting.
I am also seeing decrease in my earnings, although my followers are increasing greatly but not my earnings. Apart from that, steem is at it's low in the market which also affects steemit rewards programme.
I just hope it should be resolved soon enough, otherwise sttemit would also be turned out to be another redddit. @cryptowallet

Follow for follow aint great, social proof on steemit is votes not followers. Im here about 3 weeks and only follow abot 25 people (cryptowallet you are one of them) in fact i even released a video on why u should not follow for the sake of it...but that just got lost cos most of my followers probably followed me for no reasons

My posts were never getting that much traction anyway. The dont seem to fit with the crypto community.

But as the platform attracts more non crypto techies i know my posts will do well.

Dont be disheartned. Keep up the good posts

I think many people are following for the sake of a return follow. Yesterday i was very happy as i reached 100 followers at last, so put out a post. Guess how many views and upvotes i got? 4 views and 3 upvotes of which 1 was from myself, 1 from someone who's not my follower, and 1 from steemit board of honour as i just achieved an award. So thats zero response from my followers. 😥


I don't do this "return follow" thing as it dirties up my feed. I do follow but only things I'm interested in. I'm here for knowledge and community. When I go to my feed I want to learn about things I'm interested in to begin with not scroll through a bunch of crap.

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For sure, I have only around 40 followers but have only been here a couple of weeks. It doesn't seem to be an exchange of ideas here, judt people trying to increase earnings. I'm not sure I will be posting much more here.

I stopped using the F4F after my first week as it didn't seem like the best for active results. It can easily lead to posts being buried in the other users feed and vice versa. Another reason maybe the steem power thing after HF19. I took a short break from excessive liking due to dropping around 10-15%. It takes days to build back up.

Hope this was insightful for you!

@cryptowallet What a mixed bucket this is, to be brief their are many here to make money and others for other reasons...
But the great hurdle is to be seen by anyone, including your followers!
Ha-ha even the followers can't find all the posts of who they follow - I mean the resteem clutters up most profile pages.
I can't even find my own posts in that clutter without determined effort.

But I try to find my followers posts, if just to say hi and let them know I appreciate them. 😃

I think People Make Posts and wait for upvotes on their posts but they do not watch others posts on their timeline. they don't bother to watch post on their timeline. 90 % people are here to make money. They will get some reward If they appreciate others stuff others will also do.

I like this paper but I do not know complete

From a Red Fish point of view:
I've noticed several negative trends since landing here 2 weeks ago. And noticed a lot which I do not understand.
For me upvoting self originally made a lot of sense, since I set a goal to earn here so I can get a new desktop PC to create better quality content (gifs, memes, videos, etc.) that my current laptop just can't produce well. Yet as the experience continued I realized self voting, for us little fish, is really shooting ourselves and the community in the foot.
Not understanding what a Power Up (100%) post is, I am shying away from upvoting them until I have a better understanding of it. For all I know it's more of a benefit for us Red Fish, I just don't know enough about it and am already eyeballs deep in umpteen other research projects (and content creation).
And I think a lot of newcomers like me believe chasing Whales, upvoting only high dollar content while contributing little to no original content, all for the sake of profit over people, will lead them to riches beyond their wildest dreams.
I can speculate all day, yet it boils down to (in relation to your question), in my belief, these few things:

  1. Misunderstanding the system, over-posting and over-upvoting quickly diminishes the value of both our posts and voting power. And not knowing the benefit or shortcoming differences between Power Up Posts & 50/50 posts & Payout Refusal posts (for example, @ned had a $2,500 post well worth an upvote yet it was set to Payout Refusal... not knowing if that means upvoting would weaken my voting power while gaining nothing in return, I did not give it the upvote).
  2. Greed, too many here who only care to cash out every chance they get - wanting it all by giving away nothing.
  3. Red Fish not sticking together.... I see so many of us resteeming content of Whales and Bots while seemingly ignoring our fellow Red Fish/Minnows. I personally look at a few of my followers (by looking at their feed, not waiting for me to spot them in mine) on a daily basis and do what I can to support them before paying any attention to the bigger fish in my feed.
    Excellent post. Wish I could do more for it than just comment. Yet my noobie "upvote everything like crazy... oops, now I have no voting power" needs a serious recharge.

I comb the "new" and "hot" lists to look for interesting things to read and comment on and I can barely find anything. So now I'm looking for older posts that I have to find in a different way. A lot of people do the same thing, like take pictures of sunsets. While all of them are beautiful, there's too many, and there's not many unique ideas.

When I first saw Steemit, I knew that it would be a problem in the future. At the speed which it grows, quality posts will get lower and lower - ultimately leading to congestion in the sections. It does not allow the new users to settle in and start posting quality. It takes time for you to change your strategy. The primary problem is the follow for follow attitude. Following for what? So they could just send you piece of shit articles? Then all your thousand follow for follow followers starts posting-twice every hour. Trying to find shortcuts to this system is just plain ridiculous.

Turn it to a ratio and you would have to scroll 60 minutes non stop just to get to 1 single good content. I only joined 4 days ago. This wasn't how I saw Steemit in the beginning.

Whatever problem we are facing now was caused by the people trying to find the easy way to do it. Things won't get better unless the developers decide to do something about it.