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Hello steemians,

I am changing my way of posting with a new concept!

When i see a comment on my post that inspire me to write a detailed answer, i will upvote the comment to thank the author and i will answer with a new post to add visibility and share our thought together.

So continue to comments my post to let the talk going! Community talk :)

I will pick some of your subjects for my next posts!

Each day is a suprise and i never know in advance what i will talk about, it's exciting!

I will probably not be able to do it everyday because i am loaded with work but i will try my best.

Here we go:

3 janv.JPG

First thank you for your kind words and your comment musicayfarandula!

The tricky thing about steemit and i think i've never mentionned it here before:

Steemit is a gateway to cryptocurrencies, most new users are probably attracted by the rewards system and the cool concept of winning money simply being active on a social media paltform.

Nowadays most people spend a large amount of hours on social media for FREE.

In fact not totally free, just have a look at the revenue generated by twitter, snapchat, facebook...

Social media is a huge business running on top users that never see a pennies extracted from their data, energy and social activities.

Modern slavery as usual, big company keep making profits from users with no fair distribution whatsoever and everybody thought nothing different could be done before blockchain technology and steemit!

More often than not, i am sure new steemit suscribers don't even know what blockchain or cryptos are.

They come first for the rewards, then they try to cash out some money, oops how does it work?

They have to search for informations, register an account on crypto exchange...

Finally they slowly discover the concept and revolution of cryptocurrencies and i believe they progressively change their mi nd as soon as they understand how it works and what is the purposes.

Slowly they develop close link with others steemians, love to share, take pleasure participiting in this great community and learn more and more about all kind of subject reading good contents everyday.

I am sure more and more knowledge they get more and more they believe it is a revolution and want to be a part of it, buy some steem, post and earn some tokens, hold and power up as much as possible because they see the long term potential of steemit.

The price of steem start to reflect the adoption effect.

Steemit is a troyan horse to boost crypto adoption.

Crypto community often talk about the killing app that will fuel the crypto mania rocket, i think it is steemit!

Thousand of persons suscribe to steemit everyday and discover our crypto world!

Have a great day :)

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Good day sir @damarth. I have discovered that most newbies and unfortunately quite a few "oldbies" mistake steemit for other social media, where people give generic comments without taking a few time to look at the posted content. First and foremost, permit me to appreciate what you are doing; inspiring steemians to appreciate information, contributing their opinions and making those opinions visible. Secondly, thanks for the crypto news you normally share with us from time to time. I enjoy them.

They come first for the rewards, then they try to cash out some money, oops how does it work?

However, the above statement triggers a certain amount of curiosity in me. Well, before I ask my questions, I would like to state my opinion. I believe that steemians who invite new members are partly to be blamed for the ignorance and the "come for the rewards" mentality exhibited by newbies. For I believe if these newbies are well-informed before joining this community, such attitude would diminish drastically. But hell no! People just say "Come join steemit and get paid for whatever do." At the end of the day, when spamming and other means devised to steal the rewards doesn't work out people get discouraged and then 'pack their backpacks' and leave. Hence, leading to dormant accounts.

Consequently, my questions therefore are: What do you tell individuals you invite to steemit? What is your opinion about enlightening newbies? And how should these enlightenment be carried out? Please ignore the bolded fonts, these questions are asked on a light note.

Asa J.


I don't do crypto news anymore because the market goes so fast and there is so many informations that i can only cover a very small part of the reality, have a look at this website to help you to follow what is going on:

  ·  3년 전

Thank you for sharing this link, I'm still on the page in another tab right now. The crytocurrency calendar would really assist me to make a well informed crypto investment decisions. Thanks again Sir.
May we see more momentum to the steem currency :)

I especially say thank you for @damarth.
with the steemit is very much experience that I get, because I can go online with various countries, and also with this steemit can bring us communicate every day even every time.

In this steemit is very much to give us insights from the aspect of culture and also the sciences that we have never got before.
And in this steemit I very much got advice from people who are different cultures with me,
I am very happy to get to know steemit.
this is where my first experience can communicate directly with people between countries and cultures ..

And I strongly believe that in this steemit my future will change very well.

Thanks to your #steemit friends all over the world.
I am very happy to have known steemit.

  ·  3년 전

This is smart @damarth ! I appreciate your way of socializing the community. Steemit community need more solidarity, cooperation and interdependency so that every individual will be satisfied and pleased. We actually need to be more interacted with each other and each individual should be spreaded all around this community which makes everyone to be raised in steemit community that will be resulted by sharing and raising the income. Let's make ourselves happy by making everybody happier :)


Superd comment!

It is an interesting world for sure with Cryptos. I am learning something new everyday about them and Steemit. I remember finally learning about them after the bitcoin craze, but after buying bitcoin I was not that excited about. Really you are speculating that it will keep going up in value. When I found Steemit I quickly forgot about bitcoin. I can contribute to a site, and invest in a smaller, better crytpo at the same time. The more time and money I invest, the greater the rewards. I think the biggest problem with bitcoin is the transaction fees. I think that will slow down its growth. i love the concept of Steemit even if I do not fully understand it yet. Not too mention most the crypto currencies are just an idea right now and not active like Steemit.

Hi @damarth actually your post is 100% right and Im in a feeling of be like the same :)
At first when you say STEEMIT first thing on mind to describe are rewards, comment/post will be paid or cryptocurrencies .
As a new member 7days to be exact - 1st day I have a knowledge only that when you post in the community, put some tags and captions you will get a reward( authors reward). 2nd day - you need to upvote other steemians post and also you will get a reward (curation reward). 3rd day communicate with others, comment what you feel about what they posted and be natural the the reputation will grow and your confidence for verbal skills will be powerful. 4th day learned to read more post and to interact with other steemians even you know you will not get anything, but just to support new steemians by inspiring comments. 5th day just have some ideas about crypto currencies but still on processing and needs to read more articles. 6th day- yes! I realized that why we keep posting, sharing and commenting on the social media we will not gaim anything and only the person behind of it have the rewards ( but still i used the FB to commnicate with my family in Philippines) . And last but not the least - 7day I learned to enjoy evething here in this community ! Having friends, new friends, my talents are revealed (big help that my brain is working now.:) ) , communication skill goes up, I expressed what i want to share and ENJOY everything even in real world. :D ..

PS. reward system is the real thing A BIG HELP for me, now I can give more help to my family :).
Once i get my rewards and to know the ideas of crypto or black chain i will use it and help other new steemians by same as i received from others . Thank you @damarth to noticing one of my post :) because you boosted me up and you make me to feel that giving up is not on my list of option :)



What a journey for the first week, i really appreciate your comment because i learn a lot from others experiences, thank you Cheche!

@damarth. Your new concept of posting is admirable and at the same time an ingenious one because it's going to power up intelligent conversations and bring forward valuable contributions which would be well appreciated by your followers and the steemit community by extension. I agree with you that the major challenge most new subscribers will have especially those new to the concept of cryptocurrency is the complexities involved in exchanging cryptos for fiat money. Another trend I think is worth noting is that a percentage of people prefer watching videos to reading engaging articles. I believe steemit has the potential to overtake other social media platforms out there probably in a few short years,once word goes round the block about it. I recently just found out about it a week ago,even though I am a year and some months late to the party still I am happy I am one of the early adopters. I am excited about the possibilities here, looking forward to learning and earning with steemit this new year.Will appreciate any tips and pointers on the platform. Thank you. Happy new year my fellow Steemians.

I already realized you like to award people who actually read your posts and people who try to have a conversation about it, and not people who just comment: "informational post, keep up the good work". Also, you're right about new users and their ambitions considering this platform. I think everyone who is thinking of joining Steemit has to first get themselves known about crytocurrency, trading etc. This is not a "get rich quick" scheme but a long-term investment where you connect with other people and (hopefully) you earn some money which is definitely a bonus.

Thank you for doing this @damarth as it brings a new level of communication between Steemit users. I love meeting new individuals and allowing myself to see their thoughts and ideas. It makes this place feel more connected :)

I also truly believe that Steemit is the first step forward in gaining new users and changing their mindset of how a social media platform should be run, and the way that it should give back to the end user instead of using the end user. When individuals see that they can have the same fun as they would on Facebook, Instagram, etc while also receiving rewards for their time, it will propel Steemit to new highs and make it a house hold name. Facebook will be a thing of the past.

So exactly what you described. Indeed, initially I came here because there are paid. But now I learn so many new things. I don't want just to get a coin. I want to learn, grow, invest. I want to stay here. I'm becoming more confident and smarter with Steemit. I go along, I develop their best qualities. I confidently look forward and enjoy every day here. I'm not just wasting time on the social network. I invest this time in my development.

Really cool you're doing this @damarth! Love to see this kind of support for the community from some of more reputable(literally) steemians.

Slowly they develop close link with others steemians, love to share, take pleasure participiting in this great community and learn more and more about all kind of subject reading good contents everyday.

Having just joined a few weeks ago, I absolutely agree. Steemit is going to be a huge player in getting people into crypto. It provides value for everyone, even if you don't want to blog all the time you can casually jump on and comment and still be rewarded. In comparison to other social media its a no brainer.

I think people at this point have accepted that social media is gaining money off of them, but we all like to be connected so we put up with it. Now half the posts on facebook I see are ads and I hear about how youtube is skimping on paying out their content creators.

The great thing about steem is that it rewards people based on the value they bring to others. If you are producing quality posts(including comments) you are going to get noticed at some point and rewarded. The instant rewards are a huge draw for people who have tried blogging unsuccessfully. Not to mention the value of this for people who don't have easy access to high paying work in their countries.

Overall I don't see anything getting in the way of success for steem, anyone can share their passion. I even got my dad on to start posting about these custom figurines he makes. He's the social media king, loves facebook, and I can see him doing very well in the future by just talking about what he loves.

Good day sir @damarth. I have discovered that most newbies and unfortunately quite a few "oldbies" mistake steemit for other social media, where people give generic comments without taking a few time to look at the posted content. First and foremost, permit me to appreciate what you are doing; inspiring steemians to appreciate information, contributing their opinions and making those opinions visible. Secondly, thanks for the crypto news you normally share with us from time to time. I enjoy them.

steemit will be more enlightening. may also deprive the culture of begging despicably in the real world as it happens in my place, generally Indonesia. I keep thinking, if the real money is no longer valid in this world, then beggars will not be able to get a looser set. everyone will hold the gadget. whether we will give alms by way of trasnfer ?. or a beggar will use this platform so we can charity by giving upvote? But, what about a blind beggar? how do they use gadgets? this continues to be a question for me. sometimes I laugh with her. how do you think?

Thanks for making the platform better

Hey man, thanks for investing in the website, you are equally important to the creators, in order to make this site the best it can be :) Can i ask, as an investor, what type of content are you looking for? I would like to gain more visibility on my blog, as i wish to share my ideas and thoughts, but so far, it has been very hit and miss. I still haven't quite found the correct formula. Some posts does quite well, while a lot goes completely unnoticed. And the time spent writing does not seem to correlate with the final value of the post. Do you, as an investor have something to share here?

Future plans

In the future, i hope to be able to reward new users with an upvote that is worth something, but that, i am still working on :) So many people goes completely unseen, even though they spent hours on a single post, while a few whales makes hundreds with something that takes them minutes to write.

I hope you have had an awesome new year, and a great Christmas. Have a nice day man :)


Don't hesitate to innovate, try new concept adapted to steemit platform.

In fact it is possible to handle it as under the crypt money. In order to be able to obtain mining by mining, ie mining, we are exposing this currency by mining.We are trying to discover this mining as a steemit family very beautifully.. :)) Thanks for sharing ! @damarth

Excellent post friend ... @damarth

This will be a great event. And you're right about everything you're talking about. Sometimes people do not care about time at all. And they spend much less than their value. Many thanks for sharing. I will wait for more. And I will continue to comment constantly .. @damarth


And I'm sure the whole world will recognize the importance of steemite. Here we have a lot more information to share than other social media. I'm 15 luck here. And I got a lot of information.

Steemit is a gateway to cryptocurrencies, most new users are probably attracted by the rewards system and the cool concept of winning money simply being active on a social media paltform

Hi there, the thing is people hardly find out steemit by themselves and that is because of the enormous scams on the internet, most people on steemit are brought by either people they know or their friends and in other to convince them to join they use monetary reward to goad them, and that is why we have a whole lot of misinformed new users


Yes i hope steemit team will start a proper maketing campaign soon.

I do not know what to say about your post this time. because I have read no one word is wrong or entitled in the comments. For me your post or your current information is perfect. But there's one of me. suppose you put a lot of photos so that readers prefer to read while enjoying the picture. and one more .. you it is a big fish. You must have an image directly below on your behalf. or can be called with your signature. like this.


Thank you for your comment, could you explain me or share a link to let me know how i could create and add this kind of images?


it is very easy.and even I can make it on your behalf. tomorrow I will make it and I make a post. that is later you take in my post tomorrow


ok i will have a look thank you.


I will write your name in my post

What is the future for writers on steemit and how can authors hemp steemit grow..

When i first registered on steemit few months back, i had never knew anything about crypto and blockchain. But been a steemit user have really opened my eyes to make me to research into what i never believed in such as blockchain and co..
@damarth i am so glad to be one of your followers and i hope to read more of your writeups..

Yeah right as you write. I made it in the form of food, wild insect life and over time I started investing. Steemit is truly the entrance to success in the future. I also found friends and started hanging out with them despite different countries. It's been proven, a few days ago my friend @bigpanda made a post about me. I feel very happy because he did something very fantastic. He really appreciates my hard work. I also often get knowledge of every post from you. I would like to say thank you @damarth.

very nice posting friend and thanks for posting @dmarth

the above fixed above. and the ones below remain below

being a newbie here, its really hard to know how crypto and bitcoins work, or should i say how steemit work. but thanks to those person like you who is willing to communicate and reach out to us. :)

thank you for the information that has been given, it is very useful for me to surf in steemit to work better, steemit has made new room for us new user in steemit, thanks @damarth

Well Steemit is on a roll right now at over $8.00, I would think it will at some moment stall and then revert it's trend, I am hoping it will settle somewhere around $5.00 which I think is a good price.
But yes, you have to look at Steem as more than a place to make money, on this platform you can make money, you can make friends you can promote some cause you like or may other things, of course the audience is not yet huge but with crypto currencies attracting more people every day I guess Steem will get it's share of newcomers daily and will just continue growing, making it more attractive for everyone.

good information friends, with there steemit, we can recognize various tribes and cultures, and will more easily communicate with big people like you and we can work in steemit and hopefully steemit actively always and wish you success always greetings from me @humaidi

  ·  3년 전

Thank you @damarth. I really appreciate your insight here and also the encouraging spirit for a new steemian like me. I really wish to understand the modus operandi of cryptos which i believe is not just for the now. I once had a bitcoin wallet but lost it though. I had never gotten an appreciable understanding of the workings. Also getting to know that there are various cryptos fuels my curiosity. I would appreciate any further help from you to aid me grasp the tenets of cryptos. Thank you.

Thanks for the post and your ideas. Steemit is a great gateway for minnows to the crypto world as mentioned in your post since it is rich in posting of crypto ideas. It begins in this way and it will continue to be so for most posts in steemit. Regardless whether they are writing about nature, traveling or even food, everyone gets excited when steem price rises and they get to learn more about other crypto. Continue to share great posts!

nice post,good ideea.

Great news for people which have time to comment in your posta.
I am a person who always upvoted año answer every of comment in my post because it mean that person view your post.
Beso regard @galberto

This post is so true @damarth and it just gives me the feeling that everyone experiences the same thing on steemit. At first when I was told about steemit some weeks back I was majorly concerned about the rewards and really didn't care about giving to the community but after spending some few days and seeing what other steemians are doing for the community it just thrills me and it has changed my whole ideology about steemit. I am now more concerned about sharing what will affect people positively and not just posting for the rewards. Although the reward will also be a driving force it won't be the driving force when you begin to have the steemit experience properly. Also I'll like if you can talk about the major factors that leads to rise and fall in value of cryptos especially the steem and steem dollars

first of all i appriciate your work in steemit sir.. i ask you some thing that you are an expert in crypto and therefor i ask only from you first time and i sure you give me proper answer on it...i see in steemit every user love crypto and see the postivity of crypto and everyone make posts every day and appriciate crypto even i m also a lover of crypto but i dont see any post which explain negativity of crypto and i ask you to some side effects of crypto, mean whats fears from crypto to world or also us and what happened with crypto in future.
what sides effects of crypto
,,what will happend with crypto
,,what will happend with world. will crypto effect on world?
i want to a proper answer about crypto negativity @damarth sir
a post in which you tell us whole benefits and good effects of crypto to the world and the bad effects of crypto to the world


It is a very interesting question, i never really thought deeply about it, i think the most dangerous aspecst is the effect of speculation. Unfortunatly some people will loose huge amount of money not looking at fundamentals and jumping from Pump and Dump to scams.

First of all very grateful for your mention in your post, just to include me in your post is something great, I love the cooperation that can be achieved on this platform.

Reading a bit your post in depth I have noticed something very true, as I speak to you in your previous post in Latin America, people only think about producing money and now.

Regarding social networks like Facebook, YouTube, Snapchat, a certain group of people wins. On the other hand, in Steemit, I think that very soon it will supplant FaceBook.

YouTube will be supplanted by Viuly since like steemit has its own cryptocurrency. Viuly is like Steemit but of videos.

Now I say, imagine if Facebook or Youtube take out their cryptocurrencies like that cryptocurrency market would be.

Finishing there are many people who have entered the Steemit platform without knowing cryptocurrencies just for thinking that it is something that will give you money and already. But no, as I commented in your previous post should have an investor's mind that they know that cryptocurrencies is the future of money and the present money for countries with inflation in their large economies. Again, I thank you for your mention in your post.


Thank you again musicayfarandula :)

Wow ! Its a mind blowing idea and a beautiful initiation my friend !
A lots of wishes for you !

Happy New year 2018 !

Hi @damrth I really admire your innovative way of engaging your audience in this community. You will surely be awarded the steemian of the year(if there is

When i see a comment on my post that inspire me to write a detailed answer, i will upvote the comment to thank the author and i will answer with a new post to add visibility and share our thought together.

Your statement above is definitely a right move in the right direction. Buttressing more on the comment(s) of the audience on your post will surely go a long way to gear up the level confidence in them and it will also give them a sense belonging. Getting the attention of people of your personality will go a long way in encouraging them to keep on steeming.
Thank you for your selfless love to steemit community.


This is how you say my dear brother @damarth, but little has been spreading the Steemit community and the benefits for its users; since Justice is done, because there is an equitable distribution of the product of the work carried out and this results in greater satisfaction and motivation to continue contributing contributing with its grain of sand so that Steemit keeps growing every day.

But as Steemit emerged other similar social networks and this creates a healthy competition that contributes to each social network do better every day.

just see your post iam very impressed from your upvoting method.. because i done alote of cmnts on different post.. but you way of motivation towards the replaying in comnts also upvoting him is superb..because many people ignor the cmnts but you i can never see person like you thank you @damarth for that regard ... really I appreciate your way of socializing the community.
Steemit community want greater harmony, cooperation and interdependency in order that every man or woman will be satisfied and pleased

Hello, @damarth! Very well written! You commented on my first post, so I found your blog. I am new to steemit community and come on steemit by suggestion. I read this "Come for the rewards. Stay for the community." on seetmit and thinking the same as you describe but I am trying to create valuable content at the same time. Can you please share content on crypto exchange for newbies, If you have some time in future? Thank you!

That's a very good form of communication with other Steemians that you are starting!

I like that there are a lot of conscious people among us and they understand what they should do on Steemit. We are a very big family and we should take care about each other, cos only together we can build a very strong and powerful community! Isn't it??


I agree 100%!

They are talking about Cryptokitties bringing Mass Crypto adoption, forgetting that Steemit has already been doing it successfully.

And when it comes to Social Media, People are now aware that they themselves are the product platforms like FB, Twitter and Insta are selling.

Slowly, most users will shift to platforms like Steemit, and that is already happening and we can see that in Steemit's rapidly increasing Alexa Rank.