Steemit, SMTs announcement what happen?!

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Hello Steemians,

Are you confused about the exitement surrounding Smart Media Tokens (SMTs)?

Do you struggle to understand the fundamentals of steemit platform, are you lost in an ocean of explanations and informations?

I will try my best to explain you the basics, take your time to digest the informations.

                 Why steem Blockchain is revolutionary?

. Very smart ecosystem where users and holders are rewarded.

. 10% annual inflation rate , each day steem tokens are created and distributed to contents creators and active users. Compared to steemit users adoption rate over 200% in 2017 price have only one way to go.

.Each steemit user is a shareholder of the platform as soon as he participate in the social networks or simply buy steem token on the market, hold and vote.

.Holding steem give you the power to rewards great content by voting and helping the adoption rate. voting reward you with curration rewards egal to 4 to 15% annual interest.

.Steemit platform is the crypto killing app boosting crypto adoption rate with thousands of new users per day pouring into crypto space. New users don't even have to understand how it work to start enjoying the benefit of the technology === Real use case.

.All hard data are available, investors can track adoption rate and invest accordingly compared to others crypto tokens where speculation is high and real use case low. classed top 2000 world website in Alexa rankings in the first year of beta version.

.Top 3 crypto community.

.100 000 transactions per seconds versus 6tps for Ethereum and 3tps for Bitcoin . No scalability problem for us.

.Low transactions fees cost permit basic actions : voting , posting, micro payement...

.Fast transactions permit responsivness of apps, steem and steem$ can be use as digital money not only store of valu.

.More and more steem interfaces and apps use case with Dsound, Dtube, Steemir...

             What happen with Smart Media Tokens (SMTs)?

Steem blockchain enter into a new dimension and the SMTs announcement drastically improove Steem valu.

.SMT's will permit to tokenize and monetize human social activities on internet expanding the powerful steemit ecosystem to digital contents via ICO fund raising.

.Democratize the benefit and access to tokens powered by Steem blochckain technology giving the possibility to every website or content library on Internet to create a tokens via SMT ico integrated into its interface.

.Give simple acces to Steemconnect to handle wallet and transfert capabilities, break down technical barrier to embrace blockchain technology.

.Leverage steemit blockchain technology and use the power of steemit ecosytem for all digital contents that would like to create a SMTs .

.Proof of Brain concept : emphasize the human action and participation required to distribute tokens to community participants.

.SMT's directly incencitive users to participate in networks and applications meanwhile entrepreneurs are directly funded by users , public or private investors. users rewards ecosystem encourage community members to add valu and help adoption as shareholders.

.With SMTs token entrepreneur have the flexibility to create the ecosystem they need ( inflation rates, algorithm model for token distribution...)

.Use the steem voting system to distribute direct valu to active community users.

.Bring crypto assets to the mainstream. SMT's will trade against STEEM accross the Decentralized exchange with 0 trading fees.

.Decentralized token markets, automated liquidity providers, large ecosystem tools

                 What does it change for steem price?

.Steem is the gateway token for assets issued on steem blockchain via ICO, acting as trading pair for all Steem's SMTs
= Demand increase for Steem.

.Steem supply is locked into liquidity Pools by automated Market makers. Each SMT's rise the demand for steem to be locked in liquidity pools wich represents a decrease in available supply whereas demand increase to achieve the bandwidth allowance needed to perform at their highest possible rate of return in SMT ecosystems.
= Supply and liquid steem available decrease.

.Steem demand increases with proliferations of SMT ICOs net effect > 0 because of the new attention given to steem by investors and the fact once ICO issued using Steem as payment, Some of STEEM token raised are held by ICO issuers.

.Steemit network act as advertising network for all futurs SMT's and ICO, it is a real use case demonstration of security and content beeing digitally monetized by token.


By law of supply and demand , steem price will increase more and more Ico's and SMT's will be issued on steem blockchain.

The SMT's annoucement is simply a game changer for the use and future valu of steem.

It's hard to valu the impact of such change, i estimate Steem marketcap to be in the 1 to 2 billions territory next 6 months.
I advice to buy steem and hold strong because steem demand from ICO's will add up with Steemit hold friendly ecosystem.
In fast demand increase scenario a good part of steem supply simply can't hit the market because it take 13 weeks to fully power down , price can skyrocket fast, and steem users have great reasons to hold anyway.

Thanks to steem blockchain ecosystem!

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Great post. I couldn't agree more. Only one direct from here, as long as you smooth out the daily blips :)

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Could you tell me what do i need to explain you?

Let me know what you don't understand about steemit.


How to make a good article, is there one day devoted articles such as the story today, tomorrow must be art, the day after tomorrow should be phography, is that the way, please explain to me, because I do not know about this steemit right.

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Good explanation @damarth, but what I don't understand about the SMT's is won't they just dilute the whole system if anyone can create them and give them out, do we really want a lot of new coins/tokens watering down the system? maybe I am still a bit confused.



FTA: Steem supply is locked into liquidity Pools by automated Market makers. Each SMT's rise the demand for steem to be locked in liquidity pools wich represents a decrease in available supply whereas demand increase to achieve the bandwidth allowance needed to perform at their highest possible rate of return in SMT ecosystems.
= Supply and liquid steem available decrease.

Awesome post @damarth. Thanks for explaining a number of key concepts. I personally feel very excited about Steem and about Steemit. The strong demand for Steem is almost certain to push the price significantly higher in the future. Now is a great time to invest.

Spread the word, get more people onto Steemit.

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Thanks for explaining it in more simple and nice way step by step i think now there is less confusion for me pheww !! thanks again :D

Every article I read like this, the more understanding I have.


Thank information

Very good post @damarth . . Thankyou for sharing. . Do you want to see in my post!??

You are right, the Steem Blockchain is Revolutionary and there is quite nothing out there like it. The SMTs will make it possible for the internet to experience and operate in a decentralized footing.

Thankyou for sharing @damarth . . 👍

Great post @damarth, Im very enthused for Smart Media Tokens as well.

What is your 1-2B market cap predicition within 6 months based on?

It seems wishful thinking to me, believe me I wish the same, but maybe you have more background information on this?

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I am looking forward to SMT. Technology will change the world. The block chain technology used so far is great. I think steem it is the greatest among them. Now, SMT will expand the block chain technology. Thank you.

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good post friend @damarth I'm voted and followed you. Thanks for the interesting information. I learned a lot from you so I will try to be the best and useful for the reader. I am grateful, my friends everyone is steemit, which is the most important thing for better development in the future.

Excellent post and I totally agree this would be a good thing for Steem holders. So exciting to be part of this grand experiment. Steem on!

Really a interesting and helpful post because before two days ago i just hear about SMTs. I'm little bit of confused but now you help me..

Really helpful to understand the things ! Thanks for your effort on it my friend @damarth !

Great post, again,! Thank you for what you're doing. Upvoted @ 100% my friend. Keep up the good work.go ahead.we are with you all of luck

Hello good post my name is Yudexis Jaume and I am from venezuela can you give a vote to my last post? @damarth

SMT's are going to be a big benefit to those holding Steem and crypto will see more users coming into the space. All good news.

I also think it will help websites monetize without the usual advertising popups giving their visitors a better user experience.

Loved your very informative post. Oh, and thanks for your upvote on my post today. I appreciate that.

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Thank you Luzcypher,

Theses days Steem price is awesome to buy for news users and comers to crypto, really good for adoption. SMT's will be huge deal, we just have to wait few months to see the benefit of it.
Steem price is mainly based on fundamental, users adoption (1.5k / day new users per day and other data) in contrary with other crypto project where speculation represent the vast majority of the marketcap valuation.

Steem is a very solid investment with great expectation.

nice post bro thanks for the information

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Ahhh, thanks for this, I'd heard talk about "SMT" and just thought it was something to do with SBD or STEEM! There are so many abbreviations. You break this down really well, thanks for the write up! Let's keep onnn Steemin'!

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Great post @damarth! Thanks for the insight, hoping that Steem really can make a difference in the grand scheme of things!

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