Power up or power down ? You know something I don’t ?


Right now it’s interesting to see the reactions on Steem, who’s powering up and who’s powering down. It’s a bit scary to be honest, seeing high profile Steemians powering down all of a sudden with the news that TRON has bought steemit INC.
So the people powering down do they know something we don’t ? That is the question I ask myself.


I’m thinking there might be a lot of reasons why people are powering down. Firstly the announcement was as shock, and chocks usually have that affect, people get scared when you don’t know exactly what is happening. The instinct is to prepare for the worst. Hence powering down.

We don’t know a lot of about Justin Son, just that he is the founder of TRON and that he is the CEO of BitTorrent. Also you might remember that Sun placed the record-breaking $4.5 million bid to have a private lunch with Berkshire Hathaway CEO Warren Buffett in June 2019, before cancelling it to widespread surprise. The unknowns of Justin’s motifs here and the lack of knowledge of who he is certainly causes a bit of anxiety.

In the end this is where I stand; do you buy a company to run it into the ground ? I don’t think so. You usually buy a company to expand it to create synergy, this is what I think is the reason for Justin buying Steemit INC. I’m actually optimistic, Steem has needed recognition, and it has come. It was the perfect timing to buy Steemit INC and let’s face it some new blood is needed for Steem to get moving to the next step.

Let’s hope I am right. Because for the moment I am not powering down, I am however closely monitoring the situation. How about you, what do you feel and think about these changes ?

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Well, we're getting used to big surprise on the plattform at least.... Comunication politics aren't the best and we already know it. Let's see what happens. I'm monitoring too... Are you ok anyway? A greeting from Switzerland


Definitely a lot of surprises here for sure! I’m doing good thanks. Was out in the forest a bit in the morning cutting down some trees, but the weather ain’t too much fun these days. Mostly rain, no real winter.

How about you how is everything going ? Are you working on some fun projects at the moment ?


Cool, is that wood for your own?
This year was hot here too, we are already seeing flowers and butterflies... definetly sooner than usual!

I'm working on graphics for a friend wedding at the moment :) What about you?


Actually it is funny you asked. The wood is for me and it is not for me. I’m cutting it down to sell hehe. I am making a little business, making craft item of wood. I will try to make a post about it soon.

Nice working on your friends wedding there ! Must be fun!

Yea it’s been a very mild winter for sure. I don’t know what is going on these days. And here it just raining and raining constantly


Ok I thought it was for burning :)! My dad with my brothers and I used to get wood for our fireplace... I'll wait for some updates about this then!

Here it has been very dry instead, like it's not raining since weeks... But seeing stats all around it's nothing surprising, I don't know what you think but global warming it's really something affecting our daily activities to me.

Yes you are right. Nobody buys a biz coy to run it aground. Keeping my fingers crossed.

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Of course the could be looking at just the dapps and the technology, but the big value here also lies in the community, so hopefully that will be the main focus so that both networks can florist

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