Where does the famous American fist come from, which is better known by popular culture than by its origin?

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Good friends today I proposed to write about the iron fist, because it has been exploited commercially within popular culture (especially by movements of counterculture or sub urban culture,), such as skinhead, punk, rude boys and among other small movements that emerged in the 60,70.80

But now this has gone beyond, became part of body art, all kinds of accessories, clothing and any mercantilist, fetishist exploitation.

But what is the American fist?
Is it an object, a white weapon, better known as a mitten, and how does urban culture relate to this object? the skinhead and punk used it for confrontations and street fights, or just to brag and pretend rudeness, they are also radical and Protestant underground rock bands, with ideologies of ultra right and left.

But now where does the magnificent and "unknown" manufacture of this weapon come from?
This weapon emerged as a technological revolution of the First World War (1914, 1918) as this great war was characterized by its attrition, inhuman and miserable life in the swampy trenches.

a precarious trench

The trenches: they are only small spaces undermined in the ground to protect themselves and to avoid the advance enemy in the battlefield, this type of weapon was the most suitable for the fight of melee, since it was smaller, lighter and effective to kill and hunt an enemy in a small space, if the weapon was big and heavy, you had less chance of getting out alive.

German trench, they were always better conditioned

Trench Knives in the American Army
The mitten knife was designed and improved by the US Army, It was Mar I who offered the improved version M1918

original photo of the mitten knife

Some of the reason why I dared to write this post is because I have known and seen many people who use it in drawings, tattoos, flannels, implants and symbols and stop counting, without knowing the origin, hence the name is born American fist, well I hope you liked it my post , intention is to culture!

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