It is better to be a Purple Minnow than a Blue Whale

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Dear Steemians, I will talk about the success on Steemit on this post and I will do it inspired by the book written by the marketing guru Seth Godin, “Purple Cow”.

This advertising concept will be adjusted to Steemit, and we would rather call it “Purple Minnow”.

Original Source edited by me

Once we start posting on Steemit, we are just invisible. We lose ourselves among so much Plankton and when we find a Whale, we get impressed and overwhelmed. We start following it just in case, it can look at us, and we can also learn a bit of what it does; as some may say, “so, something may adhere to me”.

This ecosystem seems to be monochromatic, minnows and whales are blue, some others, better say almost gray. Definitely, we look at the same color tones. We get amazed at the sizes because that is what makes the Steemit population different.

Suddenly, you find a Purple Minnow which is different from others. This minnow has an outstanding shine and it helps you to get rid of the boredom after looking so much blue. You cannot stop looking at it. You follow it and search for its content. It makes your essence be moved; it is unique and even though, it is not as big as the whales, it can stand out more.

When you meet a Purple Minnow you realize, it changed your life, at least in Steemit. You will always upvote it because you will always love its articles. It will always provoke an extreme feeling on you; you will never want to stop reading it.

Why is a Purple Minnow better than a Blue Whale?

There are still a few Whales in Steemit, but day after day, there will be more and most of them are blue. Most of them are satisfied with the position obtained. They do the same since they started. They have barely improved their post quality. They just post and post more of the same. Since they have a certain reputation and a significant power voting; they stayed in their comfort zone. They applied the proverb “Crea fama y acuestate a dormir” (Your reputation follows you.) This doesn’t apply for Steemit because the Blockchain continues moving on. Blocks don’t stop because you become a whale. One day, nobody will care your voting power, and they will compare you as a bot; what people will really care is to look at something shining under the sea.

Once I joined the platform, I checked the Witnesses section and I can verify today that I am writing this post, that the positions on that board have changed. Most of the users which used to be in the first places have gone down. BE CAREFUL! Purple Minnows are coming soon…

Thus being a Purple Minnow will give you an advantage. Not only regarding other minnows but also, when you become a whale, you will have the attitude to keep being purple.

How can I be a Purple Minnow?

First of all, you always have to ask yourself: What makes me different? The key for Seth Godin is differentiation. It is having something which highlights from others; something which makes you unforgettable. Do not conform to following rules, do not conform to writing a post similar to the last one was upvoted; always go further.

You must cause feelings to be a Purple Minnow more than the information you convey. Break down preconception because you are always innovating. You are always challenging yourself. You know that you do it right and you do not stop; you often want to exceed yourself. You know that readers get bored easily, so you think in new ways to amaze them.

What does not a Purple Minnow say?

It would never say:

  • It is unfair; my post is good and the Whole upvoted me for a slight percentage.

  • I don’t have a muse; I won’t post today.

  • I don’t have time, I will post a #colorchallenge or a #mydialypost

  • I better post and I do not waste my time helping others.

  • I don’t receive upvote; they don’t like me.

  • I am doing it right just like I am, let me continue like that.

  • I won’t invest in Steem Power, these are my savings, and if there is a SBD downturn...

  • I am living with what I am doing, why should I want more?

  • Nobody reads my posts

  • I used to have more support

  • People would like me more if I had more VP

Go the extra mile

A strategy used by a lot of sportspeople and it is highly recommended in the coaching field is to go the extra mile. This means that you have to give more than is expected of you. You may translate this to any single aspect of your life, and of course, to Steemit.

The minimum expected from any user is that they do not plagiarize or misuse; do more than that.

It is also expected that you post quality content, interesting which may catch the readers' attention; do more than that.

It is expected that you evolve and you have more followers; do more than that.

Always give more. If you have set a goal, go a step further when you fulfill it. Once you finish a post, read it again until you get amazed and you may charm the audience.

Do not stay in the comfort zone where your followers expect the same of you. Go the mile extra, experiment, discover, make, dream, etc. Even though your posts are successfully now, do not be too confident because they make become boring; if you do not challenge yourself, you do not evolve.

Let me introduce you to a Purple Minnow

There are a lot of purple posts, but you really become a Purple Minnow when you always astonish when you post. Not in 15 minutes of fame.

When you become a Purple Minnow, you should continue because you may change as it happens to the witnesses. It is not a college degree that nobody can take it from you, You should keep on impacting and making the difference. Think on your blog as a product that is in a shelf with million more blogs and you should make that yours stand out from others.

When I joined Steemit, a lot of blogs caught my eye and especially for the amount of money they earned. This is the first thing you look at, as men when look at women’s eyes; however, I met an user who made things quite different from the regular. She left comments which stand out from others, and they cause a great emotion.

I am talking about @marpa who answer comments with drawing made by herself at the moment. She also writes amazing content which make that we transport to a world out of the PC. Congratulations @marpa, you are a Purple Minnow for me.

We can be all Purple Minnows and let’s look for others, so we become in a giant purple mass bigger than any Whale.

I must confess I am not a Purple Minnow, and I write this post not only to advise you but also to make myself do not forget my goals in Steemit.

I recommend you to watch the interview to Seth Godin who is the author of the concept "Purple Cow" which is highly applicable to Steemit.

Thanks for reading my post; until the next one.

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Post original en español: Mejor ser un Pez Púrpura que una Ballena Azul

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Daniel amazing post! I love it all the information


thank you, it's really wonderful this whole concept

Minnows swim together in schools and it is in schools we learn. Learn to appreciate the small things to achieve big things! Nice article & graphics keep it up!


We swim together looking for the way to stand out, thank you

Great content though I must confess that the pace felt slightly rushed. I'm no Shakespeare but I'd recommend building up the story/post in such a way that the reader doesn't feel s/he is rushing to the end.

I hope this was helpful. Great content once again! Cheers!


Thanks for commenting. It is possible what you say, since the post is originally written in Spanish. English may have changed the intonation, greetings

you had me hook line and sinker
love this thank you


jeje Thanks

You are right about this purple minnow thing
To be honest my posts haven't really caught on and for me its just about reading 'how to be successful on steemit' posts and they really dont say to be unique thanks for this write up. Its a very good wake up call


Every formula to succeed can work today and tomorrow can not. The only thing that will always give results is to differentiate yourself from the rest, greetings