I am doubling down on Steem, never felt more confident in the future

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When you have skin in the game and put your money where your mouth is, there isn't a better feeling of seeing momentum go in your direction. I wish the Hive community all the best and hopefully everyone can move on. With the hardfork behind us and quite successful, I feel even more confident that this is the lift-off this platform desperately needed. I expect Steem to outperform its pairs in the coming days to weeks and rightly land itself in the TOP25 place on CoinMarketCap where it deserves to be. The concept of "Social Media meets cryptocurrency" has live on the Steem blockchain and I have personally experience it. While there has been a lot of drama over the last couple days to weeks, the attention the blockchain receive could be seen as marketing and exposure. I certainly hope the days of flag wars and reward pool rape by bot farms are a thing of the past, this self-centered approach hampered the potential of the platform. With the current witnesses and Steem team well supported, the days of constant selling pressure from Steemit Inc is now behind the platform.

Steem deserves a spot in the TOP25 on CoinMarketCap, its a concept if executed properly should propel Steem all the way into the TOP15. I certainly don't expect the gap between Steem and Hive to remain for to long, as can be seen, Steem has gain ground and I expect it to surpass it soon and continue to sail on. One of the things I like to see happen on the platform is campaign to engage writers to join the platform, with the likes of J.K. Rowling trolling crypto twitter lately, I think it would be good if Justin Sun can entice her to join the Steemit platform and bring her writers with her as well. Share the idea of Steem with her, and particularly how she can build a community around her work and reward those who engage her work with upvotes. This kind of efforts is exactly what would take Steem to the next level. Justin Sun should also try to get more media house on the platform to share their content.

With regard to content creator, especially digital nomad, I hope the Steem price to get to a level where token price and reward from blogs would be enough to entice these content creators to see Steemit as a legitimate options to replace the likes of Youtube or Spotify. A lot of these depends on getting the token to a price where it makes sense for content creators to put in the work to produce quality content. With all of these engagement, the Steemit brand can market itself to advertisers and the team can see this as a legitimate source of income, I know this part has been controversial in the past, but getting that advertising revenue going, would go a long way in supporting price and ensuring content creators are able earn rewards, they right deserve.

Upward and Onwards to Steem, let this rocket ship blast off. Steem on

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jajajajaajaja lol

With the hardfork behind us and quite successful...

Do you have any idea of what actually happened?


I do but if you want to share your version, you can go right ahead


I do but if you
Want to share your version, you
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