Australia -still the best


Amazing news to hear that Bittrex and Binance, are shutting down options for American citizens to trade many Alt coins. It is bizarre to us here in OZ where we have much less trouble with regulations to do with Crypto. Of course things could be better, but when I here of how things are going for my friends in the USA, I am grateful as always to be an Aussie.

Further there is news today that BTC is at a new high above $9150 USD, and heading quickly towards 10k. I am delighted that I sold out most of my diversifications and now hold 85% in BTC. Litecoin is looking brilliant this week, and I still have 9 of them, I wish I had a hundred of them, anyway they look like they will continue to grow in price as the halvening approaches.

All this makes me thing that BTC will surpass old highs as its halvening approaches towards year end.

Steemit is looking decidedly weak, and no one reads anything I post anymore, I wrote as a diary now.

The news of EOS opening a social network has been underwhelming as well, and so far I haven't been able to sign up.

Looking forward to hearing that my rep here is going to earn me something one day, at the moment I have sold out most of my SP and SBD and am just holding on by my fingernails here. steemit image.png

How are you all doing? I would love to exchange some intelligent conversations here, but lets face it, no one is really here for anything but self enrichment here.

Love you all -rock on

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