Following substeems instead of people

4년 전

I am still relatively new here. If this substeems idea was decided or ditched somehow you can tell me the results..

We are talking about how @steem can be killer social media platform.

We have to start with the near future. The voting mechanism puts @steemit directly in competition with Reddit. Twitter and Facebook can follow later.

The most differentiating feature are subreddits.

I am interested in a few topics, and I want to follow everything going on around those topics. The upvoting mechanism makes it great to dodge spam and unimportant info. Hence I can do this catching up with my interests easily on reddit.

On @steemit I can follow people. Which is great. But what if they are talking about something else.
Or me for example, do I have to talk about the same things every time. A few guys followed me and do I need to feel worried that they will unfollow if I change topic?
Twitter is also terrible at this. A person that I follow because of technical knowledge, talks about politics, which I probably hate or I might not be in the mood for politics at that particular day or time..

Nobody has infinite time. We have to optimize. And time is the most precious thing.. Optimizing it could be the biggest investments of our lives..

For those reasons, I am strongly in favor of "substeems" i.e. following topics instead of people.

I think it is the most beneficial feature for this platform at this time. It doesn't have to have separate coin.

This was also talked about before by @inertia @mughat @ned @stellabelle ..

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Hopefully this will be implemented when they create communities. So you can follow the communitues you want to.