Steem Billboard in Seattle, Wa Update: Artwork has changed, SteepShot/Instagram is now the main focus!

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1. New Wording, New Focus, Same Design.. why?

While getting the billboard design ready and working on the details I was faced with a decision to make regarding not being able to place on this board per @Ned's request to avoid any liability, I realized that if I wanted an optimal way to advertise the Steem blockchain to the outside world, I would have to get clever... so after asking around and getting a no from @Zappl, I approached @Steepshot who is still in alpha, but is willing to let me advertise their product in September  on a billboard in Seattle, Washington as long as it has some features finished and polished, if not I will have to go to option #5 which is to utilize a domain such as which I have already purchased. 

So with that being said; we are still focusing on onboarding users into the ecosystem, but are too early to the game for anyone to be massively interested in a free billboard advertising the services and/or products... thus we are pivoting to focus on something more interesting such as SteepShot, so we can hopefully peak the interest of the power users willing go to do the extra work needed to sign up for Steem and SteepShot.

2. Will SteepShot even be ready by then? 

That is the main question, I have been speaking to the devs and while they want me to hold off as long as we can, a billboard design must be submitted at some point as the contract has been signed and is moving forward regardless. If Steepshot is not deemed ready for this by September I will simply do a last minute design change and throw together a basic landing page for and use that instead; but the concept is always the same; educate people about these products, whether they are 'ready' for prime time or not. One way or another I will get more Washingtonians on Steem, because that is the goal!

3. Alternatively we can run a campaign via if #SteepShot ends up not feeling 'ready' for this sort of advertising... 

As mentioned above, I have been slowly preparing for the scenario where @Zappl, @Steepshot and @Ned all declined this offer, and will be spinning up an educational website about all the new Steem blockchain applications so that I can grow my local Steem community, as in the end thats the goal of this project! Just being a #steembassador to the best of my abilities! And besides, the more #steempowered marketing we have going on the better in my opinion...

Will provide another update in a few weeks as the deadline for artwork submissions come closer.

Thanks for the support everyone!

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Sounds good. Why not!


Thanks for the support @vitality! And all the time you've spent chatting with me about this lol.

I've heard about steepshot but I forgot to check it out :D sounds like there's big hopes for steepshot so I have to get my hands on the alpha.


Im very stoked for it to go into and come out of beta eventually. But yea you can download and use it as is right now.

That will be pretty cool.

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awesome!!! i'm excited for @zappl and @steepshot to be propperly functional, want to start using them everyday too!
New billboard looks great!

Congrats @decentralizd! @Steepshot guys, congratulations for for the serious involvement and persistence. Would be nice if you are ready by September. Outdoor advertising is pretty underestimated way for outreaching and actually it will be more or less free.

Or you could use which already points to the Steem blog with sports content. :)

Do It!