How to increase STEEM POWER... newbie to newbie tip

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Increasing our influence on is the name of the game. When we vote for high QUALITY posts, and when we post good high QUALITY post will result in daily income. By upvoting quality post and by making high quality post we manage our time better spent on the site.

It is also possible to buy STEEM and SBD from exchanges such as Poloniex, and Bittrex then send the Steem to your account here at to power up.

Lastly I find that I look for subjects that interest me. There is something for everyone here on Great posts on all things Steemit to fishing, photography, and anything else you can think of.

![minnow booster.jpg]
() is also a good affordable way to boost STEEM POWER. I know there are many bots but so far in the first 8 days that is the only one I have used. You can transfer as little as 0.001 SBD to minnowbooster and put the URL for the post you want to promote in the memo section of the transfer. I was intimidated first few days trying to use minnowbooster and while I put a lease power order in that went unfilled I find the minnowbooster upvote works well. Depending on the amount of power they have available you should get 35 percent plus profit on the upvote. I ve only used the service once thus far but intend to use it again as my experience was good. These are just a few tips that I figured out the past 8 days from searching here. This is a great place to meet some good people and the community has been very helpful to me so far. Fellow STEEMIANS the main thing is have fun, and post quality and upvote quality. It takes awhile to build STEEMPOWER but thats the name of the game. Try to make profitable use of your time here. I appreciate all those whom have followed me so far and I appreciate every single reply and votes I have received so far. Hopefully my writing will improve over time and I can contribute more to this community.

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Thanks for your advice. I will probably try out minnowbooster as soon as I got some SBD. Appreciate your help!


Thanks for your reply snaptgen. It will start to happen for you. Just stay focused on the time you spend here and have some fun. I didn't put in my post but another tip I try to reply everyone who takes time to read my posts. Thank you.


Thanks. I‘m really, really new, so I‘m thankful for any advice and any tip.