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Litecoin has announced that Litepay will be released on February 26. I think this could be a game changer and should see some LTC gains at least in the short term. I am not one to cheer any one coin as I am a investor. A investor invests in projects that have good future earning potential. I did think though this litepay release news should be of interest to my followers and the community at large. If you are a speculator then I would look for some big gains in LTC today. I m long in LTC and have been. Do not take anything I say as investment advice though. I amlogosteem.png just putting this post up for my friends and fellow STEEMIANS that may be interested. You all have a great day. Hopefully

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Aha that’s the news behind the sudden Lite coin gains, I bet people will buy in then there will be a big sell off as the loyalty to lite coin won’t be there, just my opinion upvote for info!


Yes I think that could be it. Lets hope Lite gets a nice gain, and get back to where it should be. Thanks for your reply. I am not a pumper type or over react but I thought this news was big enough to post. If some of the folks here make some short term money even better. Thats what I believe this community is about. Helping each other.i-upvoted-this.jpg