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Hello Steemians! I know if you are like me you want to be a good contributor to the community. I am really a newbie but buying little bits of Steem every couple days. This morning I wondered to myself how much Steem I needed to earn and or purchase to make my vote valuable. Let's face it the more valuable our upvote is the more followers we will get. I am all about having fun and rewarding others. I also am a businessman and want to make the most of my time online. I am a full fledged believer in this platform. I truly believe 100 dollar Steem is coming. Anyway below is the neat little calculator I found on I hope that it helps you try to decide how much Steem to buy and how valuable you want your vote to be. Without further ado here it is.

Click on the link and enter your Steempower and it gives you a tool to set goals with. I am at 30 Steempower right now and my upvote is only worth .01 for example. Time for me to buy 30 more Steem to double my upvote value. I hope this calculator helps the community. Have a great Steemian day! TGIF.


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Thanks for sharing. Useful tool!


Hope it helps snaptgen. I just try to find things that I search out and answer my own questions. I got a feeling many of the newbies like myself ask ourself the same questions. Thanks for the reply.