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Per Variety magaine.Youtube is making its creator revenue-sharing program more restrictive and will start manually reviewing all videos in its Google Preferred premium advertising program — steps designed to assure advertisers that their messages won’t show up in disturbing or inappropriate videos.

Starting Tuesday, new creators applying to the YouTube Partner Program will need to have accumulated 4,000 hours of video watch-time for their videos within the past 12 months and have 1,000 subscribers to be eligible to earn advertising revenue from their channels.

Previously, the minimum threshold to participate in the revenue-sharing program was 10,000 views. But according to YouTube that didn’t provide enough information to weed out “bad actors” like spammers and impersonators.

In addition, YouTube said all videos in Google Preferred — representing the top 5% most-viewed channels — will be reviewed by human moderators before they’re monetized. YouTube also is rolling out a three-tiered “suitability system” for advertisers to select their level of comfort with content they’re buying ads against."

The above is the basic jist of a Variety magazine article. I am just a old country boy, but it looks like Youtubes team have made some newer rules that should boost even more. They are going to manual censorship on the top content and restricting content that providers will get paid on. I am not a internet marketing Guru but it seems to me that the new Youtube rules shoud be tailor made to help all of us good people here on Steem. One of my favorite thing about the platform here is its on the blockchain and no censorship. Here at Steemit the minnow has the same earning potential over time as the whale. Dtube does not restrict who gets paid by some snarky algorithm. This community is all inclusive and regardless of experience or followers we get paid. We don't need 1000 followers or 4000 hours of watch time for Steemit or Dtube to pay us and reward us. Small niche players can do well here. All I can say is GoodBye Youtube and hello STEEM.

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This is an informative and well written article @democratsonly and STEEMIT all the way! I am following you.


Thanks senseicat. Glad to meet you here in Steemit world. Upvote from me. Thanks for following.