Bags for the heat

3년 전

This weekend...

Yesterday was the monthly gathering of all sorts of creative souls here in Las Vegas that we call "Soul Sessions"!

With the luxury of extra daylight that comes with the summer months (pros and cons 😂) I was disappointed that my Mavic wasn't with me and I was short one battery between 2 cameras, so I was in real conservation mode! To top things off, it was 105°+

Btw, I ended up making a bag with the Rex! 😂😂😂

Lastly... The finds!

While looking for what I though we're 2x 1tb drives to add storage to my PC, BUT I found this: Yeah, It's for a NAS, but who gives a fuck 😂😂😂 I have backups on backups on backups!

Please check out DEVOLEB.COM

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