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Happy Afternoon, Good vibes steemians, I do not know if you have asked that the Octopuses are special, because today I bring you a good information full of illustration, what I like to do most, the so-called octopuses are mollusks, Like the squids, which are the cephalopods, it means "head with feet", the feet (arms) are attached to the head is an incredible kind true.The pulpits are solitary creatures they depend on their eyes to subsist In nature. They are not able to hear, nor are they capable of producing any kind of sound.

It's an extraordinary animal

Their anatomy is very different from that of other animals that makes them unique, they have 3 hearts. 2 blood pump through each of the 2 gills, while the third pumps blood through the body that seems. they are able to enter recondite places, where we least expect it and this because it will be because they do not have a skeleton?
Wow they change color, that's another thing that makes them phenomenal, the use of pigment bags that can change color to express different emotions.
Today we will make a nice label of Pulpisteemit, an animal full of skills, which is able to help people because of the tentacles that it has, this octopus resembles healers, who help and they benefit the community in some way.




Here we begin to draw lines, start by the head until you reach the tentacles, try to vectorize with a unified color so that your pieces are not lost, this will then facilitate the painting of your character.


N ° 2

Followed by this, we take the dropper and if we have a specific pantone we clone the color if we do not look for it, and we begin to apply color throughout the body.



N ° 3

The contour, the contour will always make our design or illustration look more alive that's why we put black outline on the body of our pulpisteemit


N° 4

Every illustration must have a support a background a structure, something that highlights the elements, we make a purple circle and we apply the mesh tool, give light from the inside out.


N ° 5

We applied another circle and color contrast, yellow to finish vectorize the logo of steemit and put them in the tentacles of our pulpisteemit amguito.



And to refresh the mind I give you an account of the whole process of illustration of the Head with feet


I hope you liked it, always innovating and learning, that's what it's about, thanks for reading, if you like, you can vote and comment and follow me, I'll be following you

Happy Afternoon


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