What Deserves To Be On Trending? What Is Trash and What Is Not?

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This post is a reply to @berniesanders Post:
Time to start flagging the "trending" trash...

I've to admit, like most people in Steemit I'm here to make some income. If you say that you are here because you love this platform you are full of shit my friend. Everyone's here to make some money be it small amounts or big. Don't believe me ask @yallapapi
Introducing #SharkSchool - How To Take Over The Trending Page By Being A Bloodthirsty Savage

This was my reply to @berniesanders

@ausbitbank Downvote one of my post and yes it deserved to be downvote because it was a promo post. The other post that he says isn't better is thist one:
The ABYSS | Next Generation Digital Distribution Platform

I use to think that Steemit was a platform in which we were able to share and talk about the things that we like and have interest on with the possibility to earn some income in the form of Steem/SBD/SP, but it seems that in reality we are only able to get to Trending things approved by whales like berniesanders and @ausbitbank ?

I responded to @ausbitbank with some facts to which he didn't reply because he knows that I'm right. @rightscomet suggest me to make a post about it and get it to Trending so I will do just that.

I delete my comment on Bernies's post and will share it here to see if we can get berniesanders and @ausbitbank to answer, I doubt it thought because Whales don't like to be confront, they don't like to be attack in public because then their image of nice guys go to shit.

"Dear @ausbitbank, steem is another shitcoin (As everything besides Bitcoin is a shitcoin, right?), and yet here we are. You are just a hypocrite. Calling something a shitcoin just because you are an ignorant fuck doesnt make it a shitcoin. It seems that whales just want all the benefit for themselves. You see whales accounts like @berniesanders and @grumpycat downvoting the small guys using bidbots and yet whales accounts and their whales friends get a fucking free pass?

This is a list of trash on the trending page and explanation of why it is fucking trash:
1 Hots or Shots Episode 4 with guest @richardcrill

Trash because I couldnt care anyless about two guys doing shots.

2 How to create a bounty

Trash because that is an app that nobody ask for.

3 @smartsteem - the smartest bid-bot available

Trash because they just want to promote their service, that is clear, isn't it?, If I make a bid bot and get on trending to promote it will it be fine for you oh great steemit police?, What is the different of a bid bot promoting their service and someone promoting an ICO that they like?, What is the fucking different you stupid hypocrite?

4 Pretty girls and fast cars in Melbourne's Formula 1

Trash because I don't like formula 1 and not enough "pretty girls" on the post, so misleading title.

5 Steem Witness Forum: @andrarchy, @roelandp, @clayop, @aggroed, @klye, @lukestokes, @drakos

Trash because why the fuck does that deserve to be on trending?, Do you see? Are you going to tell me that those 5 posts deserve to be on Trending? Why haven't you downvote them? Because they are your little friends that give you benefits? because you are a hypocrite asshole playing a nice guy when in fact you are just another greedy fuck that don't want others to benefit from this stupid platform?

Don't play almighty when in fact you are just another greedy piece of shit"

What is trash for a person, might be trash for another and that is why 1 person shouldn't be to decide what is trash and what is not trash.

That should be enough to get either of them to answer. berniesanders and @ausbitbank might/will downvote this post, their whales friend will downvote this post, but that is OK. My income don't depend on Steemit. For Steemit to get better things need to change, and @compleatgamester has some good ideas on how it should be

Comment's Link

Don't say that everything is fine with Steemit when in fact only big accounts/Whales are able to benefit from the platform and able to do whatever the fuck they want to do. The last thing I want is going to war against people that I know I wont be able to fight. @berniesanders is able to threat and destroy people easily because he has many accounts full of Steem Power. All these are some of his accounts:

  1. https://steemit.com/@thecyclist/transfers
  2. https://steemit.com/@nextgencrypto/transfers
  3. https://steemit.com/@thedelegator/transfers
  4. https://steemit.com/@engagement/transfers
  5. https://steemit.com/@yougotflagged/transfers
  6. https://steemit.com/@steemservices
  7. https://steemit.com/@ngc/transfers
  8. https://steemit.com/@thebotkiller/transfers
  9. https://steemit.com/@danknugs/transfers
  10. https://steemit.com/@theyeti/transfers

I know this because everything downvote by @berniesanders get downvote by those accounts

So, berniesanders and @ausbitbank is this Post Trash too? Is this a Shitpost?, If yes, why?, Because you don't like it? We will be waiting for your almighty answers 😘

Update March 31, 2018 12:38AM EST Time
Our friend @ausbitbank didnt want to join our discussion, so sad

That is one of the many funny things about Steemit Whales, when you confront them in public they say that you are doing a tantrum or ranting but the reality is that they won't answer when they are on the wrong. Because I call our dear friend @ausbitbank on his almighty police bullshit he is not brave enough to answer. He said that he doesn't benefit from downvoting but as soon as I get this post on Trending, and believe me I will, he will come and flag so that he gets rewards from it.

And to be honest this might be the last post that I will use bidbots for, it just isn't worth it. Hopefully in the future Steemit developers @ned @dan or whoever is in charge of this shit show will do an update that benefit the whole community and now only the Top Dogs accounts. If you believe that you will be able to earn money in Steemit without investing money you are wrong. Whales run this place since day one and that is how it will be unless they make major updates that change how things work on this place.

Update March 31, 2018 3:18AM EST Time

Market is a bit boring now days and I can't sleep. Naturally I came to read comments on this post, upvote people, and them when to look good stuff to read on Trending, hehe. Jokes aside I found this post by my future friend @berniesanders (we are not friend yet, but we will be, he doesn't know it yet.)

I was not surprised, but happy to see the confirmation that @ausbitbank is just a useless greedy fuck!

I knew the guy was full of bullshit the moment he called me a son of bitch!, just kidding I knew way before that. When I confront him on discord and he told me that he can only down vote so many people, fucking liar cunt! Hope he lost his witness status and get lost from this place poor fuck.

In other words,

There is not enough SP for flagging all my whales friends posting shit and getting it on trending, so I only flag people that I dont know like you Francis. I don't flags my friends, only small fishes like you, understand?

Wow this post is getting better and better by the hour! This is pure quality content 100% original and full of truth! This post will make me Steemit famous! I bet the @walden will love this post, right bro?, Come and join the party and leave your honest opinion on this matter

After reading @berniesanders posts I'm liking him more and more, so I will keep on stalking him and hopefully get to talk to him man to man.

Update March 31, 2018 1:07PM EST Time

I waited 21 hours before using bidbots on this post; Share on Youtube, Twitter, Facebook. Over 1,000 organic views, and yet only $7+ worth of votes and that is including mine. Only a hand full of people is willing to vote your content, even if they agreed with you. Only a hand full of people is willing to re steem something, and that is why without bid bots and Whales friends, earning decent money in Steemit current state is impossible.

Getting on Trending without using Bidbots and without Whales friends is impossible. If it isn't prove me wrong and I will give you 100 SBD, I just don't care about money. It's just a tool to have a better life and be able to help others, hence me upvoting everyone in this post 100% until my Steem Power runs out. Have a wonderful Saturday, this might be last update, maybe.

Update March 31, 2018 9:13PM EST Time
Ok guys I empty my Voting Power upvoting people replies on this Post. Thanks to everyone that participate and left their honest opinion on this matters. I won't be upvoting any more comments. If you comment don't expect Upvotes. With that say, you are free to say what ever you want if you want to call me a dickhead, idiot, savior, etc go ahead as I do not get affect by people's opinions of me

Sorry if anyone got offended by this post, not my fault that you are a weak minded fuck that get offended so easily. Grow up and don't be such a cry baby for fuck's sake! To people downvoting just because

Image Source

Image Source

Image Source

That is how much I care about you and your downvotes

This was the last Post of mine in which I use bid bots, so no need to cry about seeing me on Trending ever again, blah blah

Image Source

Ps: I will be upvoting every comment on this post with 100% vote until I run out of voting power because I just dont care. Im not a greedy fuck like @ausbitbank and the rest of his whale friends, I like to give back, that is me. But there is a catch, I will only upvote honest comments, stating your honest opinion on this matter. You do not have to agreed with me, just your honest comment well explained. Saying Thank you, nice post, etc Don't count!



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Glad I read this before those arseholes downvote it to censorship, keep doing what you like and fuck them.

Its great to see peoples opinions it means people give a shit we need to propel this to make a better platform not a school playground.


Thanks @dineroconopcion my second biggest upvote ever =}


And it got me too 41 rep

I support you full. a lot of the pope is wrong to use power and Nonsense from this money-hungry whale needs to be stopped. Someone must enter , you best @dineroconopcionn

your words are very wise, your health is getting better. This is better than others @dineroconopcion
We must stop manipulation. We can not allow unscrupulous groups to use us to get what they want.
see many whales abusing their power, because they have a lot of steem power feel that they can put their misuse rules to put red flags if you disagree with their rules they have nothing to do with Gums that tend to reach that level only they who have money can promote themselves and be able to catch fish and only among whales who agree with their rule is an untouchable red flag. back to the path of goodness and freedom
Thanks you so much @dineroconopcion

i agree with you.... whale's need to be stopped this bullshit

Here's a beautifully written trending post that's actually giving away 100 SBD!!! That's awesome!

Hey! Checkout blog post on eSteem! esteem://contest/@heart-to-heart/eat-like-a-superstar-usd100-sbd-in-prizes

It's hard to say what's "trash" and what's not. It's all subjective, and that's how it should be. I think flats are simply a way of saying what you like and don't like.

However, I believe the mechanics distribution of power of Steem needs some serious restructuring. I have some thoughts on this, and I know @Dan does as well.

Possibly Steems witnesses and whales will get together and craft a solution before a competing platdorm solves it.

It would be terrible for Steem to go the way Myspace did with Facebook (opposed to Facebook with Twitter).