Celebrating 1 year on Steemit | Introducing STEEM pool Contest | Bounty worth 5 STEEM

2년 전

Good Morning Everybody!!


Today I´m celebrating my 1st year on Steemit. On December 17 (2017), I started my first ever activity on Steemit.

Fun fact, my account was created on December 15, so it already is 1 year and 2 days old.

I´am super grateful for everything the community has given me, so I've decided to create my own contest, so I can share with others, especially with people who is just starting their journey here.

A lot has changed since I've joined, but the fundamentals are the same. And if you are reading this on this tough times, then you are already on the right path.

STEEM pool Contest

I want interaction and dedication, so this contest will run through the entire week.


What does this mean?

It means you should join this contest every day to save your points to win the reward pool. The result of the winners will be publish every Monday.

How to participate

This is a reward pool contest that you can join every day (I´ll be deciding the time frames later). All you have to do is make your predictions on the games I present to you. I´ll use a variety of markets, sports and different championships so you don´t get bored.


I´m aiming to guarantee Rewards worth at least 3 STEEM per week. If anyone is interested in sponsoring feel free to contact me, I´m sure the community would appreciate it.


All you need to do is post your predictions in the comments of the respective post. (Officially Starting next Monday)

Finally, it is important to mention that this contest is inspired by @sambatt, which has a similar contest running for the Scorum community.

To be able to win the STEEM Bounty just tell me if you will be participating in the contest and ReSteem this post!

Thanks for your time!

If you appreciate the work I´m doing:
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Dear @diegosantos, happy anniversary of your presence in Steemit, as member of steem-bounty family!


Thank you very much, it is actually my first time hosting a bounty on one of my posts... but I love how well their system works and how they allow new people to get in touch with each other.

Btw, its "Diogo" with an "o", not an "e"!! :D (I understand the mistake)


I am sorry my friend Diogo, i will never mistake again...:)


No problem!!! :D
It´s a legit mistake for people who are used to speak english... my name has that small particularity.

Happy steem birthday! And I hope we have many more.


Hopefully we will :D

Congrats on your 1st year on steemit, the first 12 months are always the hardest once I got over that 1st year and got used to everything things went a whole lot better. Didn't worry about the prices so much and just enjoyed using the site. hopefully you continue to stick around, bring more people into it and help us build the hype and community


Thank you!
I had some problems during the year, but nothing that couldn't be surpassed. I really think that will be the case, now that I know how to move and take the best out of me to the community, I will avoid some mistakes (and also learn from new ones).


I might participate. It sounds quite interesting! I am not much of a sporty guy but k I will give it a try!!!
Scorum which you mentioned is similar to steemit but is only for sporty guys.


That's great to hear!
You don´t need to understand much, to be honest you can just choose randomly if you want, and who knows, you might get lucky...

Indeed, Scorum was created to sports fans. But, for example, there are some articles evaluating other blockchains. (related to betting and stuff like that)

It's almost over when I saw it but I'll participate if there is any contest left.


You can participate everyday, it's a weekly contest.
Here is the post referent to Tuesday predictions: https://steemit.com/contest/@diogosantos/steem-pool-contest-2-tuesday-december-25-or-win-steem

Happy Anniversary ! my buddy

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Thanks you!!

Happy one year celebration. I beleve you've learnt a lot. No it's your turn to teach and inspire the new ones.


Thank you!
Exactly, I only hope I can inspire them on the right way.


You can do it if you make up your mind.

Congratulations on your one year anniversary, mine was on HardFork20 day. I would love to play in your game starting next Monday, Christmas Eve. 🎄⛄🎅🤶


What a day it was to celebrate such an important mark. :D

I´m glad to hear that, I´ll wait to see you there!

Well it is hard to say at the moment if I will participate or not because the rules aren't clear yet!
Just like I am not sure what to think about contest where a resteem or upvote is part of the rules.
Also the problem for me is that during the weekend I do loose track of all the things that are happening on the Steem blockchain, because the family is absorbing all free time, like they should!

Good luck with the contest!


Thank you for that, I'm going to specify the rules then...

The Resteem is only for the Bounty, trying to share the contest the most as possible. I know probably not many will do it, but that´s the idea, those who ReSteem will get the money :D

I can´t relate with your problem, and I don´t think I can do much, other than speed up the release time of the posts to the weekend, because not having contest on the weekend would be killing the best games...

Congratulations! It's nice to see people do long and well on STEEM blockchain. Resteemed the post for visibility. Best of luck with everything!

PS: Please don't sell your STEEM at these low prices. Things will get massively better in the future :-)


Thank you very much! Indeed, it warms my heart to see people celebrating marks like this all around the platform. Once again, thanks :D

Oh I wont be selling my STEEM, worst case scenario I wont be buying more... But I have plans to buy very soon, especially if the price gets even lower.

Wish you the best,

Congrats man.
Hope to continuing seeing on the platform for more years


Me too, I hope I will be here to celebrate many more years.

yeppeee congratulations on your years anniversary on steem, and you are not to far away from becoming a minnow, keep it up. Nice contest by the way :-)


hehe Thank you so much!!
I´m expecting to achieve it before the end of the year, even without receiving the STEEM that I want to buy (currently converting FIAT into BTC).

Now it's my time to help the newcomers...

Goodevening Diogo congrats on you steemit birthday I am Almost There to two weeks to go.
I do t know what to do in the game but When I know I Will enter . Celebrate it toninght with a beer you deserved it


Two weeks pass by very fast, especially this 2 weeks full of parties and happiness.

To participate all you need to do is choose an outcome to the games I present to you every day. This means, for example, Chelsea vs Leicester Under 2.5 or Over 2.5... You just need to choose one of the options.


OMG I am not good in football I Will get the help from the 4 men in the house, let me know When the first assignment is up it wasnt yet in the blog😉


Everything is planned to start next Monday. It won't be always football, but the majority will.

Btw what sport would you like to see in the contest?


no i will do the sports bets, i will be fun

1 year congratulation!
I' will participate!!


Thank you! :D

I´ve seen that you have joined less than 2 months ago. And you are just starting. I don´t know if you ever heard about @steem-bounty, but it is actually very easy to get some STEEM to your account using their services. So if you are interested to get part of the 5 STEEM please ReSteem this post.

Congrats! Mine is next month!


Thank you!
Nice, almost there!!

Congratulations on your first anniversary in Steemit. So, about the contest, I am already excited about it!


Thank you!
Hope to see you there participating as much as possible!


Thank you @maarnio!
You were definitely one of the most impactful throughout in this year.

Congratulations you already 1 year on Steemit.
I would join your contest and ReSteem this post!
Thanks for your idea!
I appreciate the work you are doing, it would is good contest.


Thank you very much for your words!
Glad you enjoyed the idea. Hope to see you next Monday making your prediction when the contest starts.

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I might participate. It sounds quite interesting! I am not much of a sporty guy but k I will give it a try!!!
Scorum which you mentioned is similar to steemit but is only for sporty guys.

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Congratulations you already 1 year on Steemit.

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