For all you late night eye-strained Steemrollers..

5년 전

If you stay up late in the night on your laptop, phone, or tablet, you probably notice significant eye-strain in the later hours, and perhaps even have trouble falling asleep. Put simply, this is related to that eerie blue glow you see shining out of windows at night, lighting up bedrooms around the world. The hue of this light tricks your brain into thinking it is still daylight and you need to be wide awake and staring hard.

I have found a couple of resources to help alleviate a lot of the strain and pressure I find comes with staring at different screens all day and night long.

The first is called f.lux and is for Windows platforms. f.lux gradually reduces the blue as the day winds down, replacing it with a red tint that keeps your circadian rhythm intact.

Next, for Android platforms, Twilight does the trick. Easily adjustable for your personal comfort, as well as a bed reading setting that drops the brightness to near nothing and cranks the red to full.

I was skeptical at first that these apps would have any effect on my eye-strain, or my sleeping habits. I was also wary that I would never get used to the red tint on everything. However, I was used to the red tint within a few days, and I have been sleeping like a rock for weeks, and at the proper times. My Visine use has greatly diminished, as well as late night headaches.

The glare of the various screens at night also no longer bother my wife, as our room is not lit up like a Christmas tree at all hours.

Hope this helps you as you Steem into the night.

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