Why Successful Bloggers Don't Watch The Clock When They Work On Steemit

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The time of information and global change changes our future. We are in the time of quick ideas, we have raised the level of knowledge to a higher level.Today, at the time of internet business, people work when they have inspiration. It does not matter how many hours you work, but what's important is what you did, what's your score? Sometimes it's important that everything is done on time. I do not say that discipline is not important for success, but that today's quality and originality is more important than anything else. Steemit is a great inspiration, we have a very large number of unique themes and great bloggers.

We are in a trance, we run to all sides and do a lot of work - is it really necessary to become successful? When you see a person who does everything in due time, which has a schedule for the whole month. You know it's a small chance that this person is creative. Of course there are exceptions, but they are very small percentages. On the other hand, there should be an accurate plan of work, goals and a specific working time for routine tasks. But that does not mean that we keep our schedule until death. being responsible in life is crucial. If you are not responsible to your family, wife and child, then you are not a serious person. Responsibility is important at work, especially today.

Time organization is a great thing, without discipline there is no success. But I want to say that administration kills creativity, the most paid people in the world are those who have creative ideas, they do not look at the clock. When I say that only a fool knows the exact time, it refers to people who are barely waiting to pass the day. Time for success, for creativity and doing great things is always, now and here. The right time is always when you are inspired to do magnificent things. If you wake up in the middle of the night with the idea of ​​writing a viral blog, then do it. Do not wait for tomorrow because you can lose the inspiration for writing. The most successful leaders always did it when they were inspired. I would not say that they were disciplined, but they were simply dedicated to their goal. Creative power launches novelties, gives new horizons for new generations of coming people.

Find your talents, write about things you love, enthusiasm moves things to a higher level of energy.Those who are devoted to their talents will never remain in the shadow of the average. When you write from the heart, people feel the energy of love and your posts get wings. The desire for success is enhanced when you have goals that you are achieving.
Set fewer goals to start, because with small victories a lot of success comes. It is important to raise the level of energy and faith in success. Of course, you should set the main goal, each step is important on the road to success. The most advanced are those users who communicate most with other bloggers. 85% of success depends on interpersonal communication. Everyone likes to talk about themselves, because a person is an emotional being that is based on the ego.

We make a brand from ourselves, people buy us as a product. Our communication brings us results, so it's important to be open and professional with other users. We all came to Steemit because we saw the vision of business and good stuff. Many of us have invested big capital because we believe in the project and Steem. It is therefore important that we understand big investors as well as new users. Our voting power depends on the number of activities on Steemit, so new users are an important part of our business. At Steemit, most users come from developed countries - USA - 35.9%, South Korea - 11%, United Kingdom 5%, Germany 3.7 %... We have a great chance to expand Steemit to all the other countries of the world. Can you imagine how much your voting power will be worth of 20 million users on Steemit. We do not need to be selfish, we need to help developing countries, for them $ 10 means a lot, here I see a great mission Steemit.

Believe in yourself @dobartim

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Time for success, for creativity and doing great things is always, now and here.

Amen brother!


Thank you for support my friend

Wow, this is great and inspiring @dobartim, I could not get my eyes off the screen until I finished reading this great stuff. Inspiration is the hallmark of success in this present time, we should not be regimented but be flexible, build on your talent and set goals starting with small and increase it as you achieved it... And so, the post is just loaded. Thanks for this piece , it's very much helpful. Well-done


Thank you for exellent comment

Yes, what youve outlined is the truth . Im looking up to you, I'd definitely be successful on steemit. I believe in myself


Go ahead

Yes that's true we should manage our time and live our life not just follow money and forget our life

thank for this motivation post i'm waiting your next posts


Thanks for kind words

Quality and originality is needed the most to achieve online success including creativity


Real point

Thank you. Nice post. I love to learn from your article. It's very useful.


Thank you very much

thank you @dobartim
your posts are good and useful i love to learn

Yes. Yes and YES. You have no idea how much this motivated me today. I completely agree with you! It is totally fine to be creative on your own watch. Thanks for sharing this. Keep it coming!

I want to make bloggers

Good information

Quality is much more important than quantity.. Quality blogs standout from every blogs. Dont rush it this isn't a contest on how fast you can blog but how informative and helpful your blog is. Tnx :)

True talk


I totally get the point of view.

Nice post thanks


Great content if we optimized our life more for recovery, the life we put into our time would be 10x, we allowing far more time to rest and live...


This is true point

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How do you think how can we promote expand Steemit to all the countries especially the less developed?


With advertisement on fb and other social networks.

  ·  4년 전

Right! So.. each one of us where in steemit have a job to do ;)
Have a nice day

We have a great chance to expand Steemit to all the other countries of the world.

I am in full support of this, especially in underdeveloped countried like yousaid.


We must to work on that


That's a really reply from you, on a scale of 1 - 100%, how many hours do you spend online during the day because i'm suprised...

Really this post is

is the blogger picture copyrighted? (not snitching just wondering if I could use it)

Great article, congrats :)


And he keeps blessing me with motivating posts @dobartim even if my voting worth(voting power) is an insult to his post...... Motivation uprated

It's a joy to have you write this interesting piece. Thanks for taking out the time to do so

Steemit is amazing platform that will help, and it is already helping a lot of people. Freat post btw


Thanks buddy

Oragionality is the most important in steemit .

You so right ,i had a topic on my head last night and was inspired but i pend it till today thou because no light ,am a nigeria n ,so dont be surprised ,have been trying to write it now for hours ,still not done ,i always gain from you


Go ahead

It is not the quantity but the quality of knowledge which determines the mind's dignity. it's the main factor every blogger follow right ?@dobartim

It's not Steemit alone which can help developing countries but I think the whole crypto world could help people there.

There are so many which suffer from corrupt governments, maybe not even able to make a bank account or struggeling to make a living. Here crypto can help a lot, and Steemit can provide a daily income for those people. I saw some stories here on Steem from people, coming from developed and also developing countries which total changed their lifes as they finally got the chance to get some income to help themself, and that is something really amazing and nice to see.

what percentage of steemit usage in asia.

I am in the country of indonesia, the province of aceh, enthusiast to the extraordinary steemit. even I who have not understood about sbd and invite other people join them enthusiastically

nice post thanks..


thanks buddy

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very helpful post, i think this post helps every steem user. thanks for share such a nice post with us.

great post and while working not only on steemit in every work of life u should not look to the watch u should do more and more!

Great words to understand and work with. I have so much to learn. Thanks for sharing and have a great day!

Haha yes..

If you wake up in the middle of the night with the idea of ​​writing a viral blog, then do it. Do not wait for tomorrow because you can lose the inspiration for writing.

I have lost my fair share of ideas by putting it off.

I so agree with many things you said in this article its like when we are writing articles we are in a universe that has no time, we are just focused on work and we can often close the door to the world. Great article @dobartim. I also wanted you to know that a couple of days ago I curated your poetry work and featured you in an ongoing post. You can check it out here. https://steemit.com/poetry/@rensoul17/winter-s-poetic-messenger-s-day-3


Morning freind steemit
My Lov post @dobartim

And he keeps blessing me...... Motivation uprated