Bidium - a platform for exchanging crypto-currencies, holding auctions and searching for freelancers

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Bidium - a platform for exchanging crypto-currencies, holding auctions and searching for freelancers

The popularity of using online money is growing, both for business and for everyday services. Thus, the growing popularity of exchanges that provide services in this area. Today we will consider a platform that allows not only to participate in trading, exchange crypto-currencies, but also to find freelancers and employers. Let's find out in detail what kind of platform it is. So, get acquainted, Bidium.

What is Bidium?
Problems and solutions
ICO Details


What is Bidium?

Bidium is a decentralized platform for the exchange of crypto-currencies on the blockroom. With its help you can participate in bidding or hire a freelancer to work. This can be done using BIDM (Bidium's own token), Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and other coins. The platform offers a limited time to declare the price for a particular product, which saves time without delaying bidding for a long time.


The main benefit for users is that when you use your own platform coin (BIDM) you will pay only 0.1% of fees, while using another one - 1%. In addition, sellers can get 50% of the profits from promotions, and buyers - 30%. Sellers can sell the same product on different slots.
For secure storage of the BIDM coin, an autonomous wallet will be created.
Every freelancer and employer will have their own rating and according to reviews you will be able to understand whether you should cooperate with this or that user or not.
The platform eliminates centralized intermediaries and enables you to work directly with the seller.
The platform offers not only a currency exchange solution, but also freelancers, a user-friendly interface, efficient and simple trading tools and a 50% sales revenue.

Problems and solutions

The problem with such platforms is that there is no transparency in assessing the skills of the bidder - some participants are approved or rejected without clear reasons. Bidium offers a solution to this problem through a decentralized platform, which will not only clarify this process, but will also make the market more competitive. In addition, it will make conducting transactions and providing information to users much faster.

The platform allows you to work from anywhere in the world, while ensuring minimum costs and all the tools necessary for work. You no longer need to look for customers or sellers eagerly, Bidium provides access to potential consumers or service sellers from around the world, thereby providing revenue and security.

ICO Details

Ticker: BIDM
ICO: 05/25/2018 - 06/15/2018
Cost: 0.02USD
How to pay: BTC and ETH

In the first week of ICO, there is an opportunity to receive a bonus of 10%, on the second - 5%, and if you decide to buy in the third week, you will already be without bonuses.

Using the Bidium token, it is possible to conduct transactions, avoiding intermediaries, participating in trades and interacting with other users. Approximately 50% of the revenue received from trade fees is usually allocated to all BIDM owners. You can exchange coins between platform users absolutely without commissions, and the trade fee is only 0.5%, which can be reduced to 0.01%. You can store the currency in a safe wallet. Bidium tries to stimulate the use of its currency and provide the most favorable conditions.


Bidium is a platform that provides an opportunity to participate in trading, exchange crypto-currencies, find employers or freelancers. The main difference of this platform is the decentralized market structure, consisting of various technical devices. This means that you can use the platform anywhere in the world. The idea of ​​creating such a platform is relevant for today, it is still difficult to say whether it will be possible to successfully implement the project, but you can say for sure that the team is trying for it. You can watch the development of the project on the website of Bidium, there you can see the demo and get acquainted with the road map in more detail.

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