VOLT - platform for delivery on the blockroom

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VOLT - platform for delivery on the blockroom

Every day we order some goods and look forward to your purchase. The number of companies that are engaged in delivery is growing, but still their conditions do not always solve the existing problems: long waiting time for delivery, high cost, lack of guarantees and inconvenient use. VOLT is a platform, the creators of which tried to solve these problems. Let's find out what exactly VOLT offers us.

What is VOLT
How does the platform work?
ICO Details


What is VOLT

VOLT is a platform designed to provide direct delivery of P2P. Due to the fact that the intermediary disappears between the participants, the commission (less than 5%), and hence the cost of delivery, is reduced. Most of these platforms work using centralized models of Hub & Spoke. But this model of work has a certain limit, for example, on delivery on the same day. To improve this technology and solve existing problems, the developers of the platform used to work blocking and smart contracts.

How it works

Work in the platform as simple as possible: you buy coins VOLT, to pay for delivery. After the delivery is paid, the application is sent to the courier. After sending your parcel by courier, it receives 95% of the cost, 5% - the company's commission.


The VOLT platform is decentralized, which means that there is no middleman. We get lower commissions, lower delivery costs for the client in general and maximum income for the seller of the service. A secure payment system allows all participants to conduct transactions without worrying about their means. In comparison with a centralized system, the platform provides better security for users, all transactions

and participants undergo a block-chain check, they can not be faked. Customers can leave feedback, give feedback. So you can be sure who is sending you the goods. VOLT eliminates technical limitations and provides a convenient interface, so that everyone can use the system.

The platform reduces the delivery time from 1-3 days to 1-5 hours. For example, if a parcel is sent from one street to another, it can first go to the collection point (which can even be in another village), where it is identified and sent to the addressee. Naturally, it takes more time. VOLT offers this option: a courier that is close to the place of departure collects all the necessary data and sends it to its destination. Hence we get such minimum terms.

ICO Details

Token: VOLT
Platform: Ethereum;
Cost: 50,000 ACDC = 1ETH;
ICO: 10/05/18 - 05/31/2018
Total number of tokens: 1 200 000 000

How to pay: ETH
The proceeds from the sale of tokens will be directed to:
60% - further development of the platform;
10% - operating costs;
10% - marketing companies;
10% bonus program;
5% - security and audit;
5% - compliance with all legal norms.

Tokens are used for interaction of platform participants, payment for services, without them you can not order the delivery of goods. Earned tokens, which are collected as a commission, the company sells on the exchange.


The VOLT platform is created to directly connect the seller of services and the consumer with the help of convenient service with smart contracts and individual algorithms. The cost is determined by the classical method, depending on the distance and weight of the goods. Couriers, delivery companies, customers benefit from the use of VOLT services. It's safe, inexpensive and reliable. This is really an interesting idea, the embodiment of which we so lack in everyday life. How the project develops, as ICO is taking place, look at the official website. There you can get acquainted with the team and learn more about further plans.


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