How to be done with success on Steemit.

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Tips. Here is an answer to an inappropriately placed comment. You already know not to upvote your own posts, not to post links in comments, and now you know not to ask for money making tips in the comments section. This post is not meant to encourage unrelated comments, but rather to help others so they do not have to ask.

Which fish would you choose to vote on? I choose the one that stands out the most.

My Perspective

I am not sure that I am the one to answer this question for you. I have been here for almost two years, curating for the first year and a half. I made a lot of money by voting alone. No posting. To protect my investment I look for, even search for, qualified posts to vote on. I vote on content that makes Steemit more valuable to the world, in turn making my investment more likely to pay off by doubling or tripling in value. I am holding SP for the future.

Several months ago, I dropped voting for some popular users whose work I love. I started supporting people who had nothing to eat. Their posts were not perfect, but they made an effort. The cause is important to me. I am talking about like those from Venezuelan who work eight hours a day by standing in line for food that would not be enough for one, but meant to feed a family. The paper currency is worthless, It costs many trillions for one bitcoin. I need posts to vote for, but there are frauds out there that I try to avoid. Opening every post would be cumbersome. Lately you have all met Little John whom I mentor as he learns. My curation income has not changed since I stopped voting on the popular content.

It is a waste to have 100% voting power, sitting there stagnant and unproductive. As long as I keep voting, I make good money and enjoy doing it.

I broke my silence four months ago when I hit 3000 followers. I am not an expert on making money on Steemit, but here is my take for those not willing to invest money. Invest time and earn!


Each comment is a mini-post that can earn money and reputation like any post. They can be transactional, annoying, or real as seen below:

People who vote on my post make short comments of no conversational value.
. they get a small vote-for-vote transaction (not my preference)

People who do not vote for my post and make a comment that is short and inconsequential.
. they get no vote or muted if they keep doing that.

People who make incredible comments, which prove that they had read the post.
. they get a vote even if they had not voted for my post, a larger vote if they did vote for me.

Which one are you?

Which kind will be more successful long term?

Posts and Success

A comment must be related to the post above it. A post, on the other hand, must be related to the tags you choose to use. Sounds easier. It is, but what will you choose and how well can you make an original post on that subject? What will make your post stand out? Are you willing to be attentive to incoming votes and comments after you have posted it?

To be successful without investing, you must post two to seven times per week, always spend a lot of time and effort to produce something that bleeds passion, radiates talent, or calls for the attention of the reader. Then it satisfies the reader, making it impossible for them not to vote on it.

If you are successful at the above, you must answer comments while it is running (seven days) - returning vote for vote, responding to comments and voting on the ones that are transactional or real.

It is a good idea to do the above while also reading posts from the people who support you and making comments that relate to them.

Then keep it up no matter how many of your posts make only pennies.

When you find yourself spending a couple hours making each post and six to eight hours attending your comments section, you will notice that post values are also in double or triple digits. And you have earned it.

Invest a Little

There is a faster way, but it requires an investment. The above process for success works faster as your SP grows.

People are more likely to pay attention to you if have the power to hand out $100.00 worth of votes per day. (100 votes at $1 each or 10 votes at $10 each)

Why post only one per day or less? Because voters only have ten votes per day ,and they will not give them all to just you. Investors have more votes per day, but you would do better to receive 100% votes. Do you see the reasoning?

I hope this will help and encourage

For those who did not read this

Success path one: Invest hundreds of thousands in SP = Instant success.
. every vote makes money and ever post or comment receives tons of attention.

Success path two: Work hard, be passionate, review and eliminate errors before posting, answer comments, and enjoy the journey for many months until enough people follow you.
. then every post will be earning votes because you were persistent, but not annoying, and because your content has always been fun to read and appreciated by the many who follow you.

Path two flows much more quickly with some investment in SP

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
If you enjoyed what you read here, create your account today and start earning FREE STEEM!
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Regardss @done

very helpful, making posts and a path of success in investing, I have gained additional roads and successful goals, while investing, in the explanation above.

I am also concerned, to friends who do not understand, especially before they grow, they have done "Power down"

I steemians aceh, has gotten a lot of useful directions, taking the time to read, by reading before commenting. I am concerned, they sometimes don't read the contents of the post, just come to short comments.

many important things they passed, for example
steemit Faq, steemit Faq, I have provided a link for a long time, in each of my posts, maybe it was very helpful to friends, who, not knowing where, had to start growing and developing in steemit. but along with making posts, which made it interesting for readers and followers.

regards @sultan-aceh

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You are welcome to translate and post the above article into your own language and publish it.


thank so much @done
glad to hear


you are one of the Indonesian I know that have gone success with success path two mate.
And that is what I am intended to follow. : )


thank so much @ekavieka

Hey!! @done... It's very emotional for any Venezuelan to read your publication and why do I say this? Because there are many people who ignore what my country is currently experiencing, but you are one of those who really care about others and that is something to admire.

What you say at the beginning of your post is totally true, we made huge queues to buy some food, the money you earn in a job is unfortunately not enough and many of us find ourselves in the need to perform other activities to survive.

I told you that until recently I worked in a firm of public accountants, the work was very strong, my boss constantly humiliated me and the pay was not enough for anything. I had to leave my job and it was until then that I got to know the Steemit platform, thanks to God and to the people who have supported me in the platform I have managed to "overcome" the situation that is still difficult.

Steemit has become part of my day to day, many people within the platform have valued one of my talents which is singing and that is something that no one had done outside of Steemit.

Unfortunately it is very true that there are people who do not bring anything good to the platform and it is something that we must accept, but there are also others who bring quality content and value to the world of blockchain.

On the other hand, thank you very much for letting us know some facts on how to succeed in Steemit. I give faith that everything you say here is true because I have been applying it and it has worked for me, we must have patience and over time we will reap the fruits of what we have sown with much work and perseverance.

I say goodbye not before thanking you for this publication, I appreciate having you among my followers. It was a blessing to see the post of @lvj because I realized the quality of person that is you and him. Greetings from a huge distance. The best of my wishes for your life... Greetings @done

PS: Sorry if there are errors in what I have written, but I don't speak English. I use a translator to be able to communicate in this way. :D

Image of my property

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I use many forms of speech that translators do not convey well. I would never use a translator to write a post but I translate some of the comments using all the features of google without all the PC, opinionated, bias.

I followed you a while back because you are real and you stand out among the crowd! For other Venezuelans, I have friends who help me choose those who are obviously hungry and they provide a list of the needy in Venezuela. I am easily taken advantage of so I ask native speakers to tell me who is struggling.


My dear friend @done! Absolutely all Venezuelans are going through a strong situation. I'm just going to give you an example. In order to eat a good breakfast, lunch and dinner in one day you have to spend a month's salary... Another example, 15 SBD is the equivalent of the monthly salary of a Venezuelan and unfortunately many of us don't achieve that goal every month! Anyway, as you can see, a salary is not enough for anything! The situation is critical, we hope all this can happen at any time and have our beautiful Venezuela back...


tnx for upvote

Hello friend, what good advice.

And indeed you have hit the target. I always say that in Steemit and in life the key to success is the "Law of sowing and harvesting".
If you want to be voted, vote.
If you want to make good comments, you should make good comments.
If you want someone with a high SP to vote for you, try to increase your SP and vote (show your commitment).
If you want quality followers, be a quality follower.
And so, the list goes on.

A hug, Blessings.

I've been in Steemit for 15 months.
I keep writing and keep writing in Steemit, both with very low or expensive steem prices.

I keep trying to update every day. unless I'm very busy or my head is dizzy.

Writing has become my habit even with a few short sentences. Because by writing I keep keeping my head and mind working.
My head is like a knife, if not used, then rusting and becoming blunt is useless.

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Great comment! You are doing exactly what you should be doing. Your numbers on your blog show it too. I recommend that you vote for every post that you comment on. (find an app that gives you a percentage option)

Some authors, myself included, look for those who have voted and commented to show how much they like a post. Those who voted for me are first in line for vote-backs. The others get votes only if I have any voting power left for the day.

The Account is as Fake as @rachel1998

  • Reasoning Female name with Man Pic Avatar.
  • Wasn't a Faucet Account.
  • The Account was created by @pudys

There are a lot of Con Artists coming from Bangladesh
9 out of 10 phished accounts are from there.
That account Smell.

Up for Awareness !

Number of Accounts Created By @pudys


Please read this post before you please @bullionstackers


I hope there is better investigation when someone new starts on steemit and has someone else set up an account for them. I have seen and heard of this before. I personally do not see anything in @rachel1998 wallet that would lead me to believe that this is a fake account.

I have seen more and more of this attacking newcomers, down voting them, and flagging them without any conversation or inquiry. Why is this necessary? Do some just not get it that some people need to get help setting up an account?

And use of the name rachel1998 seems inconsequential. If your logic is accurate then bullionstackers is not human, because no human would have that name. Besides many names are used male/female depending on culture.

Did you ask @rachel1998 anything or are you just planning on flagging and down-voting.

This kind of crap drives people away (which may be the plan), and in the long run gives steemit a black-eye or negative image.

Not all people from a given country are con artist. That sounds awful racist to me

  ·  2년 전

The first question was disruptive and inappropriate and poorly placed. I did not down vote the account, but rather took time to give the question a forum for discussion. I spent a couple hours answering rachel and the person did not even acknowledge even one of my thoughts or ideas meant to help him/her. They only asked me to be at their side.... That would help....
(translation "give me votes.")

I am not cruel but I already have my friends and family at my side.


I originally commented on the thread from @bullionstackers not your post. You will see my response is under his/her comment and not yours.

Also try and keep in mind language barriers. Translation software does not always work at it's best in interpreting in one's own language.


It is good response @r2cornell, it is necessary to do deep investigation before "kill" someone else character and reputation. And again it is really not nice to mention certain country doing such inappropriate thing, because one or two account doesn't represent the whole steemians from that country.

  ·  2년 전

I fully agree that nobody should be killed off the platform without investigation or a even a chance to change and come back to be successful. I rarely down-vote anyone. But, this post is not about rachel. The question posed is the subject. The answer given is to help the masses.

I had planned to answer comments and spread my votes around for those who are reading my post. That is what I will do today. If the he continues to comment on this post, I will continue to clean it up so that my post does not look like a food fight.

Tomorrow I will investigate, and even upvote this person's posts if they are real and genuine.


I knew it, that is why I made two different comments on this post of yours. Say hi to little john, if you meet him, from Aceh Indonesia @done, some of my friend asking, is he real, and I asked them to check your post. best regards.


Please review the following, which I recommended @rachel1998 do to prove he is a human being:

I find it interesting that he has used his real face consistently, bullionstackers does not use his real face. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

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Thanks you for that @bullionstackers. I wrote this post for the greater good and only mentioned him / her because that is what prompted me put all my thoughts together on the subject. I wanted people to know what works and what cannot ever work. A picture of their dog followed by nervously waiting for the millions to roll in does not work.

I will remove focus from the account you mentioned.


I was writing with a google translator. I
wanted to tell you one thing. It has

I am sorry that I am sorry for my mistake.

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I am not upset with you. Be yourself and make posts! You will succeed. My post was about your question. Many would like to know some tricks and tips.

My post was not about you or your account. For that reason you are at the bottom for now. I will put everything back within a week if you do not cause further disruption.


All Accounts have to work their way up and work hard.
There is no short-cut.
My accounts , normally use for Curation / Moderation.
I have been helping many accounts during my 2.5 years here.
They need to Power up rather than sending the Steems out of the system.
My question , All they see is Free $$$ rather than working to Power Up their Account.
Those found sending them out will not get my support.

Then, once you begin to see success, don't assume you're at the top and take it all for granted. There's no top to this mountain. The way up is slow, the way down can be instant, if you start slipping.

This sounds crazy and probably not required but I once spent 36 hours straight responding to comments. That was recently, but the post was on fire and hard to put down. I hate it when I miss a comment, but it does happen. I know I feel bothered when I go out of my way to say something and go completely ignored. If I'm just leaving a little one liner joke, having fun, I don't expect much of a response, so that's fine. It's rare, but sometimes I'll post to tell everyone I need to charge up my voting power and take a rest. They don't seem to mind when I'm not there to respond, because again, it's rare.

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You are one of the top five serial commenters on Steemit. I have seen both your serious and humorous sides, always related to the content, and I would guess that you enjoy making comments. I have some sort of front runner thing going with mine, I get a lot of votes within an hour after I make a comment - any comment. Not sure what that is about, but I don't need the money.

I also have to let my power recharge. I do try to give everyone a worthy vote and sometimes it takes the whole six days to accomplish them all. The best to you.

People who want to know how it's done?

See @nonameslefttouse


I get these little comment votes as well, not sure what that's all about. Not sure if it's a bot or just a fan of the things I say...

I don't mind talking to people. If I had more time, I'd probably do it more.

You got quite the reaction here. The message was a breath of fresh air. Normally I'd see people telling others to purchase their votes and take the shortcuts. Posts full of false promises and misleading nonsense. Advertisements disguised as helpful blog posts. So many of those people lose money, start treating it like gambling, become addicted. They seem to think their next post will be the one that pays out, like a slot machine. Then it doesn't and they just keep pushing those coins down the slot. Eventually, they leave, and we're left with dead accounts.

I always appreciate folks who go out of their way to tell the truth, even though the truth doesn't sound like much fun.

This is a great post @done. As a minnow, I discovered that the best way to incrase your Steem Power when you are at the beginning of the journey is by commenting.

Also, and I've said this time and time again, in order to succed here you really have to fall in love with your Steem Power and be happy whenever your SP increases, it doesn't matter if it's just a small payout or a small curation reward.

Posted using Partiko Android

Good advice and suggestions to improve, thank you for appreciating the quality of the publications of my Venezuelan brothers and the effort we made to publish, (general power cuts constantly and internet failures), thank you for what you did for Juancito, God heard Our prayer, I see Juancito different,

You taught him how to fish.

I saw this comment which you quote from this account, I could remember when I first got here on Steemit, it's very hard really as you can't defined what will happen in each day, bit with perseverance and patience and persistence I kept the good spirit none stopping, the journey has not been easy, few days, weeks, month's going I met with a kind person who always strengthen me never to lose hope, he advises that I should keep going with good quality of contest, and like you said good contests will attract support, that is how the journey started, I participated in my contest especially nature photography and writing that is how I kept going.

As for the issue of bad economic in some various part of the world, steemit has changed many lives and I believe the good work is continuing, I respect your kindness towards the little and struggling steemians here, there are many who has huge VP and concentrating mainly to vote for vote or support people of their caliber, but since I got here, Snr. @xpilar has been been a tremendous job in supporting many alot of minnow's by initiate contest, both in Photoshop and imaginary writing which many of us did benefit. Through believe in Steemit I started to power up little while I can do, because many of us can't afford to buy huge VP but little investment here bring earning, I wish I could invest more and more, but all is fine, support from kind and supportive people like you make the stay here blessings for many us and we keep growing up with good reputation many thanks to Snr @xpilar and all who support us to make something from our commitment and effort.

@done you are typically for many here's as well, I understand how Its hard to grow here which is why I do try my best to support low reputation below me when I came across such... I do welcome introduceyourself (newbies) on their post with little power I had, and that makes me happy I could help someone even with my little voting power. I will employ you to continue do what makes you happy by support powerless, hopeless and homeless. Many blessings to you.

Appreciate your kindness towards minnows, but I want to urges minnows to avoid phishing and scam so they won't discouraged you. Keep the good work.

To many lows reputation reading this comment: ***Never lose hope, believe in yourself and your ability, you can do it and grow up here in earning and reputation, continue putting your best, be committing and persistence and thriving towards your goals of joining this wonderful platform.

Thanks for share @done.

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Think of Steemit like a grade-school party. The kids all arrive and nobody is talking much. They eat snacks and all wonder what will happen.

Then one of the parents starts them playing "pin the tail on the donkey" or "musical chairs" in order to break the ice.

Everyone starts out with no friends on Steemit. Then after the games and contests, real bonds of friendship and cooperation start.


I agree with you with your illustration! Everyone got here with no friends or family...but great contest and good content connected us, and we can say we have friends and Steemit family.

Thanks for reply.

Today I come to your blog, and it is very interesting the opinion you give to achieve success in steemit, I am Venezuelan and you have told the reality of what we are living now, I belong to the elderly, we have no right to work, so we are in way to do it and we want to continue productive. I like this network because through it, even being new, I have some friends, who little by little have come to sow the virtual seed of friendship, I love that they answer my comments, because I think it is the way to do a job that every day brings us to improve our work by making better publications and improving our comments, and every day making this network a work tool. I can not deny that people who are in economic crisis help us overcome one more day, in the face of so much adversity. I am pleased to read your publication that guides us to achieve success in steemit. So thank you for giving me seeds of knowledge and I hope to follow your very good instructions. Greetings @done

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Greetings in return. Friendship is the key here. You nailed it! I have a translation of this post in process for tomorrow so that more from Latin America can understand it.


Thank you very much, here I put my writing in Spanish. Thankful for your great support. @done

Hoy llego a tu blog, y es muy interesante la opinión que das para lograr éxito en steemit, soy venezolana y has dicho la realidad de lo que estamos viviendo ahora, pertenezco a la tercera edad, no tenemos derecho a laborar, así nos encontremos en forma para hacerlo y queremos seguir productivos. Me gusta esta red porque a través de ella aun de ser nueva tengo algunos amigos, que poco a poco hemos llegado a sembrar la semilla virtual de amistad, me encanta que contesten mis comentarios, porque pienso que es la forma de hacer un trabajo que cada día nos lleva a mejorar nuestro trabajo haciendo mejores publicaciones y mejorando nuestros comentarios,y cada día haciendo de esta red una herramienta de trabajo. No puedo negar que a las personas que estamos en crisis económicas nos ayudan a superar un día mas, ante tanta adversidad. Me satisface leer tu publicación que nos guía para lograr el triunfo en steemit. Así que gracias por darme semillas de saberes y espero poder seguir tus muy buenas instrucciones. Saludos @done

Hola, tenías días sin publicar... Me alegra mucho todo lo que has hecho por Juancito, realmente él se ve muy contento... está viviendo su navidad por adelantado!.

Esta publicación me encanta porque das muy buenos tips para personas nuevas... Yo, a pesar de tener 10 meses en steemit, me siento casi como nueva... aún hay cosas que no entiendo... sin embargo puedo decir que Amo a steemit...

Steemit, como ya lo he dicho en varios comentarios, ha sido una gran bendición para mi hogar. Dios permitió que mi esposo, indagando en internet, consiguiera steemit, nadie nos explicó, así que nosotros solos hemos aprendido, y realmente ha sido una gran bendición... Somos venezolanos, y es muy cierto lo que dices... la moneda no vale nada, el sueldo de un trabajador no da para comprar siquiera todos los productos de la cesta básica promedio, así que, sólo el hecho de poder comprar comida se hace difícil... sin mencionar lo demás (como ropa, calzado, estudios)... el año pasado pudimos encontrar a steemit, mi esposo comenzó en diciembre a probar y conocer la plataforma... yo empecé en enero... y puedo decir con propiedad, que nos ha ayudado mucho, hemos logrado cubrir gastos que con un sueldo es imposible... Todo es el esfuerzo que le dediques a la plataforma, publicar y comentar. Hacer publicaciones que sean llamativas... (si eres una persona que no tienes dinero para invertir) sin embargo hay que mencionar que al principio es un poco desmotivante ver que te esfuerzas en una buena publicación y no tienes ninguna recompensa... sobretodo cuando estás tratando de obtener un ingreso adicional en tu casa... pero hay que ser perseverante, yo alprincipio me desmotivé y mi esposo me animó mucho...

Steemit es mi empleo actual, yo hago mínimo una publicación diaria, a veces 2 y en ocasiones cuando no salgo de mi casa, puedo hacer 3 publicaciones, (hay una gran persona que me vota en 1 publicación diaria al cual estoy muy agradecida porque eso me ha ayudado mucho).

Realmente dedico tiempo porque me gusta colocar imágenes y que todo quede bonito... pero a veces me parece que no son atractivas o llamativas... no entiendo por qué... y he querido preguntar a alguna persona con experiencia, qué puede tener de malo mis publicaciones o que puede faltarle... estuve publicando una serie de Salud y belleza, investigaba muchas páginas para sacar un buen resumen de los beneficios (por cierto tú votaste en uno de ellos, en inglés, creo que de cerezas)... Esta serie la publicaba en inglés y luego en español... me parece que esas eran muy bonitas, instructivas... pero en español no tenía mucha audiencia... en inglés si noté más interés...

Si pudieras aconsejarme, qué le falta a mis publicaciones, te lo agradecería, o qué puedo estar haciendo mal... los consejos y criticas constructivas son bienvenidas! eso nos ayuda a mejorar y crecer.

Publicaciones como esta demuestran el interés porque todos puedan crecer en la plataforma... son consejos que hay que valorar, porque no todas las personas se toman el tiempo para dar tips como estos.

Gracias. :)

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I am working on a translation of this post because I have voted for many who speak Spanish. If the translator gets done with that, I will try to respond to these, even if it is by and their translator.


I'm sorry, I thought you spoke Spanish ... You did not understand what I wrote to you? Do you prefer that I translate it into English? I wrote it in Spanish because the google translator changes the words and sometimes it changes the meaning of what I really want to say.


Greetings @blessed-girl I recommend you use a translator called I've been using it lately and it's much better than the google translator. I also take the opportunity to tell you @done to use it, it's great and you'll understand much better if someone writes you a comment and it's in Spanish! Greetings.


Saludos @blessed-girl te recomiendo que uses un traductor llamado Yo lo he usado ultimamente y es mucho mejor que el traductor de "google". Tambien aprovecho la oportunidad para decirte @done que lo uses, es buenisimo y podras entender mucho mejor si alguna persona te escribe un comentario y esta en español! Saludos.


Thank you very much for the recommendation, I will be using it. :)

  ·  2년 전

I just copied your translation above and dropped it into It came back perfectly. Does this mean I'll be able to 'speak' Spanish? Adiós
Yep, learning.


It's very good! What a joy hehe :D


Me gusto mucho tu escrito, es sencillo y dices exactamente la realidad que nos aqueja a los venezolanos, soy nueva y al igual no entiendo muchas cosas, sin embargo me divierto creando, investigando y a la vez llenándome de muchos conocimientos nuevos y actualizando los anteriores. También encontré mucho mas apoyo en el publico de habla ingles, que en español, a veces pienso que como todos los venezolanos estamos inmersos en tantas calamidades que no pensamos en ayudarnos los uno a los otros, sin embargo a través de nuestras publicaciones hemos hecho que personas que hablan ingles se interesen tanto en nuestro trabajo como el estar pendiente de la crisis venezolana.
Siempre pienso que el tiempo de Dios es perfecto, hoy me llevo a conocer tu opinión para mi muy valiosa a la vez que visitare tu blog, que desde ya me parece muy interesante, como comente soy una abuela y me entristece que aun de ser muy activa y tener amplio conocimientos sobre todo en ayuda comunitaria, social nos desechen como un perol viejo. Bueno amiga encantada de conocerte y aspiro aprender mucho de ustedes, Dios los bendiga y saludos desde Aragua @niñabendita


Hola. Gracias por tu comentario. Si, realmente es muy triste como ven a nuestra Venezuela en la actualidad... pero debemos tener fe., en qué pronto nuestro país renacerá y se levantará muy, pero muy alto! Dios no nos va a dejar... seremos tierra codiciada...
Eres bienvenida a mi blog... cuando esté en la PC veo tu blog :). Saludos

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He leído varios de sus artículos y la verdad no dejo de impresionarme con su forma de ser. Los consejos que ha dejado son muy valiosos y pocos se detienen a darlos, como yo no tengo dinero para invertir me tocará esforzarme con al opción 2 😂. Muchas gracias por esta información.

damm sir you couldn't explain it better!

i totally fell like this is what i've learned trought my year in steemit

Success path two: Work hard, be passionate, review and eliminate errors before posting, answer comments, and enjoy the journey for many months until enough people follow you.
. then every post will be earning votes because you were persistent, but not annoying, and because your content has always been fun to read and appreciated by the many who follow you.

I think that what many people should do at the beginning is not to focus on the amount of $ of the rewards, but to seek to join the steemit community, perhaps with the contests that allow you to create platform content.

What I'm saying is that if you focus on making friends, learn how steemit works and enjoy the process, in the long run all that will pay off

you definitely should post a spanish version of this!!

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Yes! Give them little pieces of you, where you go, what you do, talents you have, then look at theirs like any other relationship. Enjoy.

One day you will see people bothering you for upvotes and you will see it is because you are rich.


🙏❤ inspirational

Excellent post. Sorry I’m not going to add anything more to your post...just I would like to tell you that this post catch my full attention and I enjoyed it.
Steem on

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Thank you for your advise @done, I have seen and read what you have done to little john. and this advise is a must to follow by the new steemit user. when someone has no capital to invest on steemit, it is better to work by making great contents and engage with more people. What I believe is making good contents always bring a good amount of followers. I have tried it many times, my english is not that good, but I can use grammar check to eliminate error on typos and grammar things. I have proved that I got something good in return. have a great day @done, keep doing what you are doing.

That is a good idea to do this post and to let people know what they should do and what not. I believe there are many people who want to succeed but do wrong things although could be better if they knew what to do and your post is a guide for those ones.

I like the way you openly told people that there is really only two way how to make their posts and blogs visible either to invest, or to work hard and be visible, if people choose the second then it is really take a lot of time, efforts and patience to stay calm and not frustrated, there are bad days but there are good days too.

I like the way how you are engaging yourself in the Steem and it really helps people who do not have much, I was impressed with your project supporting Little John, I have a little surprise too, my last drawing, I did not see posts recently, that is why thought to share this here:


  ·  2년 전

Now i understand why you are not posting the most and upvoted the people who commented on your post and even to other's post like Little John @lvj

I am now foccusing also on investing but i don't have money to invest because i am a poor jobless person so i invest some of the rewards i earn on my posted video at dtube..

Thank you for the big lesson @done God Bless!

I will probably never invest 100's of thousands, but a little bit every month, it adds up after a while.

I agree sitting there with 100 percent voting power is a waste. A lot of people don't maximize their SP to it's fullest extent.

Even if you are making 5 cents a post there are little things you can do, like post on and use the busy tag, the busypay bot gives you like a 25 cent vote. Start posting on steemhunt too I make more steem there than anywhere. And keep adapting, a year ago i was raking it in on the meme thing, what was that called dmania? I just keep adjusting my steem strategy as the steem ecosystem changes. Even things like making sure you follow active accounts, if the list of people you follow is the same as 6 months ago you miss out on new and up and coming steemians. I just see so many saying steem is too hard and poor them but they are rigid in how they good about everything. Be totally flexible.

I will complete my first year on steem blockchain on 13 December in this time i face a lot of difficulties especially in the first 5 months but after that everything goes good without Investment because it's hard for a jobless guy like me, that asked me for more efforts but i passed all these things im doing well now i have a good and original content i try always to make a new things i have a lot of hobbies (singing, playing guitar, write songs, drawing, writing, photography...) all these things developed my content im proud of myself and my results.

  ·  2년 전

Done by effort, success is satisfying. Congratulations.

Saludos @done, muy interesantes y educativas tus reflexiones, hace poco leía una discusión en un chat, respecto a la aparente necesidad de unirse a una comunidad fuerte para poder progresar en steemit u otra plataforma por el estilo, recuerdo que el comentario parecía más una obligación que una opción, en lo personal me parece poco honesto conmigo mismo, hacer esto, esta bien que te unas a una comunidad con la intensión de compartir tus ideas, gusto, aficiones, etc. Más creo que si tu intención es simplemente que apoyen tu trabajo con la intención de crecer en steemit, es una actitud hipócrita, yo en lo particular soy de la idea de que si bien tengo necesidades, como muchos venezolanos tenemos, no veo en steemit una estrategia para solucionar esas necesidades, al menos no a corto plazo, es más una inversión a futuro y mientras tanto vas formándote una reputación en la plataforma por tus contenidos, más que por tus conexiones y de paso ahorras algo, a la vez que dedicas algo de tiempo a escribir sobre temas que te apasionan.

  ·  2년 전

I like the values you have expressed in your comment. This should go a long way to building solid success for you on Steem - in my opinion. I think that people that try to cheat the intent of Steem will only gain support from cheaters. It is people with your values that will help separate the wheat from the chaff.
Buena suerte

btw - is teaching me Spanish, I think!


Thanks for your comment @cojo

From my own understanding, such comments shouldn't be much or even made again, as at last year when it was just steemit and after which utopian came out, reward started increasing but now, with the introduction of different dapps, getting upvote is much easy compared to then.

What am saying, users shouldn't focus on just the steemit front-end but rather explore around, take esteem, when you make a good enough post and rightfully tag, you get upvoted by them.

Same thing applies to dsound, dtube, steemhunt, dlike and many others currently available, users should try and make inquire before complaining.

Although, the problem still falls on who introduce you into this platform, probably he/she trying to survive here and also not aware of this.

I think a bot should be created just like the intro-bot which welcome new users when they make their first post, but this bot should direct or give links to post well detailed information comprising of the current dapps users can explore and earn.

Just my thought

  ·  2년 전

Many write wonderful blogs but are just too new to start getting paid. They need to be patient and wait for recognition. If so, no matter which new dapp they use, the success will come.


I guess so, just have to be consistent with whatever you doing and surely success will follow.

I hope the user who made that comment gets to read this post

I know a lot of effort has been done to educate the community about good commenting habits. This guide adds another resource to an incredible library for anyone who wishes to make good use of it.

What I've compensated it by commenting and supporting posts I love and replying to each of those posts. Even though I didn't get those upvotes and earning on my posts but I can proudly say I met people with common interests and turned them to followers.

Yes right this is the way to be sucess on steemit.

@done, excelente los consejos que nos dejas, mucha gente se está quedando en el camino porque piensa que esto es tarea sencilla y fácilmente se puede ganar dinero invirtiendo poco trabajo.
El hecho de invertir tiempo y esfuerzo junto con la perseverancia aún cuando vemos que los números no suben, seguramente nos ayuda a realizar mejor el trabajo.

Muchas Gracias!!!

I think this is a really insightful post as to how to make it on steemit.

People join steemit when they see the amount of money others are making, and they believe they can do the same, but they get discouraged after posting consistently for a week or month and don't see the money.

I think investing a little is a good start to boosting your success and reducing the time frame it'll take you to achieve that success.

Posted using Partiko Android

  ·  2년 전

Some have success from the start. Creativity in the title, the cover picture and the first few words do wonders for getting people to click into a post and read! If I click on something and find there is nothing original or grabbing my attention, I leave. Grab their attention, then have quality content to keep it. This is a skill, like any other. Take the time to get good at it. I may do a follow up, no promises.

Be yourself! Do something interesting. Then do something else cool the next time. Success. Done.

Once you gain an audience, you must keep them. It is a balancing act.

After reading your post, I can say the following: I am part of a group of Venezuelans who seek to be valued for our talent, however, we are not here for the simple fact of earning money, thanks to steemit I have met very good people and I have obtained very good knowledge, I value very much the contribution that you "the strong" can give us that we are beginning.

  ·  2년 전

I noticed that I had followed you some time back too. I feel for your country. The people have more power than they think. What they lack is unity in their thinking.


If in that we are friends @done, however another thing that is affecting us apart from bad policies is the lack of awareness of people, only think of profit, increasingly want to earn more money to products and goods.

Thank you @done you are very kind.

I've acquired a small amount of Steem and turned it into SP recently.

Reasoning was that since I'm still here after a year and spent some time in it having some fun I should put a little more effort in it in a way or another, I'm not a writer though so I hold mostly a sort of journal through quick actifit posts and comment a bit on posts.. Like these 🙂.

Wish I got some Steem first though, starting from nothing is pretty hard! Finally less than 100 until 1Mvest, can't wait to get there.

With regards.

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Very positive what you describe here, but in Steemit there aren't many people who have healthy thoughts like you, people who always share love for people in need, for people who don't eat enough. Very few successful people in Steemit who care about sharing love like @ r2cornell, @lenatramper, @done, @damarth, @starkerz, @anarcotech, @ good-karma. Others only care for the material without caring for Love. I am a disabled person in Steemit, but nobody cares other than @ r2cornell. I can't work like an ordinary person because of a disability and can only rely on income in Steemit, but only @r2cornell who cares.

Que bonito que nos ayudes, dejándonos algunos tips para lograr el éxito, es lento el camino pero de que llegamos llegamos, dios te de muchas bendiciones @done

Maybe some people have to read it correctly, everyone will understand and understand it accordingly.

Buenos dias @done, he leido tu articulo y uno de los consejos que das lo he visto, el cual es. el no pedir por dinero en los comentarios o el tipico "si me votas yo te voto". entiendo quemuchos venezolanos hacemos eso, por desonocimiento o quizás desespero en generar dinero para poderr subsistir, Y no por ello se justifica. Los otros que das lo he pensado quisiera invertir para ayudarme en este proceso. Me parece muy loable tu visión aquí y en el mundo de apoyar a aquellos que se encuentran en necesidad. Y aprecio tus consejos, definitivamente es algo que intentaré.

Greetings friend @done, I'm practically new on this platform, I was interested in the way my friend @jadnven showed me how it worked, but it has not been easy to make this project to be a sustainable benefit, my first post only achieved 0.00 $ and so only comment and vote from time to time. it is difficult the situation that we Venezuelans live but we will move forward.

  ·  2년 전

Excelentes recomendaciones a @rachel1998. Tienes razon en tus apreciaciones respecto a que debemos publicar, realmente y por cuestión de etica debemos mantener la calidad en nuestras publicaciones, cuidar los errores ortográficos y muy importante utilizar las etiquetas adecuadas.


Please write english i don't know your language mam

  ·  2년 전

According to she said:
Excellent recommendations to @rachel1998. You are right in your assessments that we should publish, really and for ethical reasons we must maintain the quality in our publications, take care of spelling mistakes and very important to use the appropriate labels.

Hello friend @done, I am Venezuelan, here the thing is difficult but we do not lose hope to improve, I public little by lack of time, I have 2 jobs to try to afford the basic things. that's why now I only vote and comment to get dividends for healing, something like this tell me my colleagues at steemit

Saludos Sr. @done, primeramente le agradezco mucho el que esté tomando en cuenta a los venezolanos que estamos en Steemit, tal como dice, la situación para los que aún estamos luchando y apostando por nuestro país está sumamente difícil, pero bueno, no nos queda de otra, sino seguir luchando día a día por sacar adelante a nuestra familia.
Con respecto a su análisis, coincido completamente con usted, yo lamentablemente, solo tengo una opción y es la dos, publicar, publicar y publicar, tratando de mejorar cada día la calidad de las publicaciones, esperando llamar la atención de alguien, pero es más difícil hoy día, porque con las limitaciones generadas después de los últimos cambios realizados a la plataforma, los que tenemos poco poder de voto, estamos muy limitados en cuanto a los votos y sobretodo en los comentarios, y esa situación ha generado mucha desmotivación entre los usuarios más pequeños, sin embargo, yo apuesto por seguir y más allá de lo que pueda o no ganar, para mí es muy satisfactorio el saber a través de un comentario, que el trabajo que estoy haciendo gusta a alguien, o le permite conocer o acceder a un conocimiento que no poseía, en fin colaborar aunque sea mínimamente a que crezca la comunidad.
Feliz noche y realmente le agradezco sus recomendaciones para crecer en la plataforma.

Hello, @done wants to express my gratitude for taking the time to respond to the comments and give recommendations to grow in Steemit. They really are of great value to many who, like me, sometimes feel disoriented because they do not know how to use the tools we have on this platform. I will pay more attention to the comments made to my publications and I will answer them, because I am more dedicated to the publication of contents. I am one of the people who read before issuing my opinion about any publication. Thanks again, regards..

  ·  2년 전

Thanks Kriss. I have watched you as you comment and support me and others that I have committed my support to on the platform. Lovely post from Ecuador.


Thank you @done for the support, I'm glad you liked my publication.

I have tried to avoid to comment short, simple and out of topic in order to receives votes from the author. and yes all you have mention are all true.
I have also tried to invest a small amount of SP (from the airdrop that i got from different crypto project) , or just simply powering up more from the rewards that i get from my post. Yes it takes a lot of works to be succes on succes part two but doing it while getting more friend in steemit is a very good feeling.
and your mentor to Little Jhon is supper awesome.

There are many factors that would affect one's success here at steemit but if you are new, you must focus on commenting, in that way you can be exposed a lot to other users.
Content creators like some with bigger SP can just create because they are already attracting upvoters, better if they also make comments while whales can just curate because they still can earn big by doing so. @done

But one thing is certain, if you do not have much SP you will get ignored a whole lot. So it is better to be true and honest and socialize a lot, it will take you far here at steemit.

we give our best, do positive.
Something that is built with kindness will get the best too.

  ·  2년 전

Good day Done, very interesting your real post that encourages us to continue in steemit because you give us some very interesting tips to put into practice and that way win us and help all who are in this community.
Thank you for your tips I'm sure that from now on many of us will put them into practice.

The ultimate success path one: Find dapps getting huge delegations and abuse them by following their rules.

Second one: run a vote selling service, start your witness. Get freedom’s vote. You’re all set. That one requires witness updates that you fake you’re doing any real witness work. Just make sure you boost your posts to the trending.

  ·  2년 전

As you can see, my keys don't get around much. I like navigation on Steemit. As for self voting, I don't do it and will not talk about those who do. I will power down before I do another war. Abuse is disgusting, calling abuse where the code is the limit (ie; can't be abused) is worse. I prefer to quietly curate which pays nicely.

Let's not burst anyone's bubble by bringing up freedom and pumpkin. I am very interested in putting in the best witnesses and took a week to research them. I have my specific preferences in who I want. I know that you are a witness and I can appreciate your remarks.

Hello señor @done, tu post magnífico que bueno nos dejas algunos tips
para mejorar en la plataforma
Respecto a las incógnitas que hoy nos has dejado pienso que,

¿Qué tipo será más exitoso a largo plazo?

Los que serias mas exitosos son los que leen y dejan su mensaje respecto al tema
algo interesante, algo que llene se ve a la altura (no se pienso) además de ello aprendemos mucho mejoramos la redacción y todo respecto a la creación de post y a su vez analizar o relacionar el tema original con un tema en comentarios se darrollan varias habilidades...

Which one are you?
Que lo diga @done jaja

Gracias por compartir esta información con nosotros, y respecto a cuantas veces debemos publicar esta algo difícil con la nueva actualización a los que tenemos poco sp, nuestros créditos de recursos bajan rápidamente, y no podemos publicar tan seguido si comentamos y votamos 😓

Un saludo desde Venezuela amigo...

I am Venezuelan, it is very true that we are going through a critical situation, which we can not deny. But all this, led to reinvent to achieve a new entry, investment of time and dedication to steemit.

Now, I think that on the way we must follow the advice of those who know more about the platform, which help us grow and improve for quality publications.

Regarding your analysis, I identify with the Route of success two: hard work, be passionate, review and eliminate errors before publishing, answer and enjoy the trip for many months until there are enough people to follow it. Then, each Publication will win votes because you were persistent, but not annoying, and because your content has always been fun and read and appreciated by the many who follow you.

@Done, thank you very much for contributing, and make every day to grow, my regards.

Carefully reading this post as it should be done to give vote or comment, and answering one of your questions, I am one of the ingeniously walks through this social network to win followers and votes, as you well know and show in this article, we Venezuelans have been looking for ways to cope with our critical economic situation, unfortunately I did not get many votes for my post, so I took the decision to comment and cure post which has produced more benefits, thank you for your sincere article.

  ·  2년 전

You are a vote for a vote kind of person who does make relevant comments. You will do well.

You have also gained me as a follower some time ago. That is something in itself. I rarely have enough extra voting power to give to people I follow, but as you well know I give what I can to comments.


We are clear on that friend, in fact, your support has served to keep hope in the rebirth of steemit and in republishing.

Very helpful, very interesting story, surely many people help if they read this post and also understand the contents of this story ,,
I have tried reading and understanding before commenting on all posts, and I am also learning to give the best for my dearest friend
And of course, many seteemians want to be successful, but they are difficult to understand sometimes they don't read, a post that benefits, and they definitely pass useful tips
Thank you for sharing this dearest friend @done, it's very helpful,
I'm just a steemians of Aceh, and greetings from me @kabil

I agree with your perspection and the way you explained the success way is truly damn perfect.i have to be more passionate and will work hard in upcoming days in steemit because steemit is a great platform to earn fir living.Thanks @done for sharing your thoughts with us.Love you buddy.

Cuando entre en Steemit, un amigo me dijo el éxito de la pagina esta en hacer post diarios empecé a hacer pero no vi resultados me quede solo comentando, ya que son mini post y obtengo algunos ganancias gracias por compartir...

As i say on other post, all is a measure of "engagement", trying to think about new ideas, and moving people forward a new way of thinking, mading they interacting with you. Sounds hard, , but in fact is very easy to do when you have some practice. And the best way to do this, is talking with people, incentiving people and making questions. This way i am sure we have stronger social net ties and we can build a better place.
Thanks for your awesome post, very clear and sure an a piece of great work.

Once again, I have found a new level of respect for you my friend. I have been following you ever since I joined back in March this year.
I really took notice of you when you helped a person that was loosing his place to stay. I don't remember the guys name or even completely what happened........I surely remember your kindness. So........that is how I came to know of you and you were not posting at the time, but I felt the need to follow you and I am so glad I did.
This post said a lot.....but what got me is how you go out your way to help those that really need it.
I mean, you direct your upvotes to the ones that are in need of financial help even though their content may not be good but they put in the effort to just simply try.
I love who you are!

Hi @done,
I agree with most of the tips you've stated on your post maybe I would add some to it.
Although the graphic is quite explicit I would add that if you invest seriously on the platform( buying SP and holding) you would be more easily rewarded with less effort. No to mention about farming and self-voting... but that's not the way to grow a community but to abuse it.
I've been here for quite a while now and I stick with those that make things to help grow the group. Those who use their investment to create nice projects that encourage the collaborative spirit and sharing good content.
As my time is very limited I stick on what I love the most, music. I try to look for all the related projects that help musicians gain exposure for their creations.
Lately there is a new tendency to reward peer to peer promotion, that is post promoting other user's post and share the liquid reward to the author ( cool, doesn't it?).

Here I list some projects I love and I therefore recommend you :

  • @nowplaying-music ( sharing what you'r listening)
  • #openmic ( Sharing your live performances)
  • Isaria’s Weekly Music Curation // Minnow Support Project Community Curation conducted by @isaria (They are also a witness account @steemcreative )
  • Hope you don't mind my promoting some of my fav projects @done :)

    Hopefully this kind of posts can help others to find the best way that fits the most to engage themselves to the platform. It may vary depending on free time, economic resources and preferences but all of them deserve our respect and support. I'm talking about those who ( like me ) are looking for the "New World" ideal on the blockchain.

    Sorry for my huge comment, I don't normally use to so please forgive me.


    @done, Good to see that you are coming up with an effective post and in my opinion it can guide many for sure. And once again i want to appreciate you for the Mentorship of Little John and hope that he will become more established personality soon. And yes, there is no shortcut for the Success for sure and on Steemit Platform if we want to succeed quick then in my opinion one point as you said Invest Handsome amount of money and secondly, in my opinion if already you are popular figure in Social Media World. And I've joined last year and few days back completed my One Year on Steemit and i want to say that, on Steemit I've done 0 Investment and whatever I've achieved that's through hard way and today my post count is close to 20000 and in my opinion that shows the time and effort I've invested. Most importantly when we put our dedication and stay truthful to ourselves then we will succeed for sure.

    Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂

      ·  2년 전

    The above @nonameslefttouse seems to have done exactly that, if he did it all the hard way - I suspect he has. This is a testament to what I had said about quality, and the process.

    You actually add a new dimension that I did not include. People like dollarvigilante and charlieshrem have come here earning big from day one but are caught up in all of the other things that go with being in the crypto world. When markets begin to look like mountain peaks, I tune out a bit from steem and trade like hell. Great points.


    Great to hear these words for sure. Have a great time ahead. 🙂

    First of all, excellent publication @done, I had been looking for inspiration everywhere, this was what I needed.

    I have been lost for months in the "how to improve" and a hundred thousand stories of the problems that happen in the day to day in Venezuela that make the work of publishing daily complicated. I keep trying. And I really appreciate the support you give to those who deserve it (like the Venezuelan community in Steemit)

    During my 8 months in Steemit, it has been a long and full of challenges where perseverance and efforts are rewarded with a condition that not many have stopped to notice: It is a social network.

    Like any social network, it is necessary to take into account that interaction is necessary, as in any place where we want to obtain positive feedback.

    Then, I realized that, like many things in life, we must act as we want to receive.

    Orienting this to Steemit:

    • Do you want to get feedback? = Give feedback
    • Do you want them to read your publications? = Read those of others, leave a comment that shows (as you mentioned)
    • Do you want to get upvotes? = Give votes

    I'm pretty sure, that following the effort and passion for what you do and always maintain a state of learning beyond, probably things will improve.

    With all your permission, I know that the blockchain is a free platform, but I would like to make a publication similar to you in Spanish. I would be happy to have your approval.

    Excellent recommendations (sorry for the bad English).
      ·  2년 전

    I already had it translated and posted it. Feel free to suggest grammar corrections using one comment (that would later be edited to say 'good post'). My main goal was that it be clear to those who understand nothing about English.

    Spanish no speako
    no hablo espaniol (I don't have that funky 'n' on my keyboard)

    mi numero es done
    mi nombre es done

    Thanks ahead of time. No hurry.

    Thanks for your valuable advice trying to follow the passion daily and hopefully everything will go well :)

    Thank you so much Dear @done
    For this very useful post.
    It's also beneficial for beginners

      ·  2년 전

    This is actually the same question what i have in mind these days, i am also a beginner and need to learn alot from steemians who have experiences for many things. Thanks for write this article @done

    Three big points of attention to wake up.
    I chose the second point, because for investment I have to have money to succeed.
    I will observe my posts and actively try to build strength, this will run slowly but surely and takes a long time.

      ·  2년 전

    It alo takes a long time to build 1000 followers on youtube where google gets 98% of the ad profits. At least here we make money voting and posting and commenting.


    Yes it will be very long, but I will try.
    YouTube is very much taking advantage of advertising.😥
    I feel more comfortable here, here many people are friendly and very polite too many gifts.😂

    Hi @done what you say has a lot of truth. These words motivate users to continue trusting in the platform and the system. Despite all the vices that the platform has, many people have not stopped trusting in steemit and I am not talking only about the creators of content.
    I want to congratulate you for being one of those people who has decided to support Venezuela and I apologize if the result was not the best, we are a community that it is in the process of change and this change requires a lot of education.
    I recommend new people to join a community where they can receive guidance. I hope that the steemit academy will soon be developed, a white paper is not enough to know what to do in steemit. Both investors and developers and content creators need more guidance.
    I would like to know your opinion about it.

    As always I am happy to read you.

      ·  2년 전

    Russia and Korea have done well to find investors and bring in members despite their unique languages.
    Russia forked the coin golos and has their own platform now.
    Korea is still here and they make same language posts under the #kr tag.

    Aceh is growing, but many hang on to the English speaking whales.

    Spanish speakers have the biggest advantage because of all the countries and peoples who speak it.

    They need not fork the network if they all group together. The community will find success with time if you all can unify under one tag or app (not sure how).

    If I lived in Venezuela...
    Besides growing food so I could eat, I would be starting accounts for every merchant, neighbor, and teenager - anyone with a phone or access to a computer. Teach how to secure keys!

    Then, completely subvert the government by voting for each other as a nation and use Steem coins for all purchases, it is fast and free to transact and transferrable to bitcoin if some must stay with that dinosaur. Bitcoins are already widely used there anyway but they are the worst choice for the poor because the miners get most of the money for small transactions.

    A small suburb of 45,000 all voting for each other would generate enough for all to eat.
    A country could become wealthy...
    All Spanish speaking peoples could unite on the platform and explode.


    I know it sounds utopian or grandiose

    but how many use facebook

    add their content / tolerate ads

    for free

    you asked my opinion

    P.S. "El Petro" is no better than the bolivar since there is one miner and he is the same one who printed all those worthless bolivares.


    I really understand.

    I know that with the union of the entire Hispanic community we could get great things. It is not an easy task but neither is it impossible. There must be some way.

    Your opinion is very important.

    There are few Venezuelans who trust the Petro. However, they are specialists in crowd control and in making them change their way of thinking. Our salvation is ourselves and our defeat too.

    Thanks a lot.

    Hello @done, nice to meet you again. I have followed the article in your post that discusses tips on how to succeed in steemit.

    I really like the tips you shared. The tips that you share add to my enthusiasm and knowledge.

    I'm worried about friends who don't understand how to grow on this platform. sometimes they comment on other people's posts without reading them first.

    and sometimes they only make posts when the price of SBD and steem is high. and sometimes they also only expect the voice of others without trying to make good posts and not vote for others. this is very dear. I hope those who don't understand how to grow in steemit can read the tips that you shared

    Regarding investment, I invest more with time. I spend a lot of time on this platform. I try to make posts as interesting as possible. and visit other people's posts and make comments with related posts.

      ·  2년 전

    I have seen you here a lot. You do make good comments that are relative. Your blog page looks right for where you are with followers. When you have one to two thousand, your earnings will take off if you continue to put out quality!


    I feel very happy if the comments I give look good to you.

    and I thank you very much for the advice you gave. I will continue to try to get my quality out of the form of posts and comments. I will also continue to socialize with others. hopefully in the future I have more followers and income. I really expected it.

    Thanks for the help post @done, as well as @ rachel1998 many Steemit we are going through the same. I find it very comforting that you support my country Venezuela, many of us are forced to find a way to move forward no matter how difficult the situation is, however, we always have to move forward and Steemit I think it is a very valuable means to try to achieve a better life, it is not easy to start in my case it still costs me but I will not give up, I trust in this project.

    The votes are important but I can not understand, if you vote many times you also earn money but in what way?

    With the comments I always try to contribute something to the system, however to which people should I comment in particular?

    To invest? Well, it seems very reasonable to invest in the voting power, it will make me more popular, I think that at this moment I do not have enough Steem to do it, maybe in the future I will start buying a little bit and so I will see what results are presented .

    Thanks again @done for allowing you to write this post that helps the new Steemits that want to emerge, personally I look for the way to be better by this means and I hope soon I got good results, I say goodbye and excellent what you have done with @lvj always pending of your new developments.

    Gracias por el post de ayuda @done , así como @rachel1998 muchos Steemit estamos pasando por lo mismo. Me parece muy reconfortante que apoyes a mi pais Venezuela, muchos nos vemos obligados a encontrar una manera para seguir adelante por dificil que sea la situacion, sin embargo siempre hay que salir adelante y Steemit pienso que es un medío muy valioso para intentar lograr una mejor vida, no es fácil empezar en mi caso aún me cuesta pero no pienso desistir, confio en este proyecto.

    Los votos son importantes pero no lo logro comprender, si votas muchas veces ganas tambien dinero pero de qué forma?

    Con los comentarios siempre trato de contribuir algo a ltema, sin embargo a qué personas deberia comentar en especial?

    Invertir? Bueno me parece muy razonable invertir en el poder de voto, me hara más popular, pienso que en este momento no cuento con suficiente Steem para hacerlo, tal vez en un futuro empiece a comprar de a poco y así ir viendo que resultados se van presentando.

    Gracias de nuevo @done por permitirte escribir este post que ayuda a los Steemit nuevos que desean surgir, personalmente busco la manera de ser mejor por este medio y espero pronto conseguí buenos resultados, me despido y excelente lo que haz hecho con @lvj siempre pendiente de sus nuevos progresos.

      ·  2년 전

    The votes are important but I can not understand, if you vote many times you also earn money but in what way?

    Here is an account dedicated to voting so it is easier to see the results.


    Every account gets a reward for every vote - this account has over 10k SP so its rewards are greater
    SP is the investment you hold. It is only used to calculate and rewards that you give.
    . your balance never goes down due to voting

    This person has voted 6 times at 100% or 60 times at 10% each. I can tell based on the position of the blue Voting Power bar. They could make 4 or 5 more votes at 100% before they stop for the day.
    Tomorrow at this same time they will be recharged and ready to start curating with 100% again.


    Of course, some vote their Voting poewr down to 10 percent and it takes forever to rise into the blue range again.

    note: the lower the bar, the less reward you give/ the less reward you earn. Keep it high

    Making many votes makes more friends smile.

    There are apps out there that allow new members to cut up their votes into smaller votes. Dolphins can already do this at Steemit. Why is that a good idea?

    a.) If you vote on everything you like at 100% per vote, you must stop after 10 votes. It will take a little more than a day for that voting power to recharge to 100% (if you make 100 votes t will be so low that it will take a week or more to recharge- not a good Idea)

    b.)If you vote on everything you like at 10% (ie; 10 votes at 10% = 1 vote at 100%) then you can vote on many posts and comments rewarding many of them. You will make 100 votes and still have foll voting power after a 24 hour recharge.

    Many people have succeeded in steemit, for those who can participate in steemit things are very proud, because steemit does not look at the degree of an individual

    @Done's brilliant idea
    You care about other people's questions sometimes they want to give opinions and you take it seriously, it is certainly a success for you and also continues to care

    Thank for sharing post @done
    Good idea

    Congratulations to you @done because you have made other people a little successful with your help in the form of upvote

    Surely thanks to your help, also @done, if you don't help their people maybe they are just steemit account users who continue to be hit by distress

    Hi @done I have one question for you?
    How to succeed in steemit and our posts many care

    Your post is good, the response to questions from @rachel1998 you care about is very rare there are people like you
    Success continues @done

    Congratulations on your success in steem only you are successful in the eyes of your fans because for them you are their great motivation to continue working

    Success starts from a struggle, just like what you do, sometimes they want to be like you but what they do is only small bots without anyone caring sometimes the posts they make are just material for fun for others

    Thank you for all these very useful instructions so that little by little success can be achieved in this wonderful platform.

    Very interente your post. Greetings and many blessings.

    I believe Key to success on steemit is persistent, hardworking, determination and dedication to it. Steemit can be frustrating at times for new minnows but with persistent and hardworking. Your success is near to you on steemit. I also agree with you. Make use of your voting. Let whale also trys to help new minnows. What is the benefit of having 100% voting power as a whale and you can use it to help minnows who are still barely to be seen or recognise.

    Posted using Partiko Android

    Is it ok 👌🏿 for me to upvote my post if I have no power as a Plankton. I can’t even give myself one cent on my own upvote? Good post I try to make good comments on post some times But other times I usually just say great post But I usually really mean it. Only because I’m lazy at times 😑. Great advice!!

    Posted using Partiko iOS

      ·  2년 전

    I do not think anyone would mind if you vote for yourself when so small. I looked and you are progressing just like every other account with six months or so.

    Suggestion. Create a post and save it on a text file. Something that is nice but not date sensitive. If one day comes when you feel you must delete a post, simply use the pre-written one instead of . . .

    enosh 41)
    $0.05 votes 3 comments 0


    yeah they were some how double post i wanted to delete them but it did not turn out like I thought it would. :l

    Congratulations @done!
    Your post was mentioned in the Steemit Hit Parade in the following category:

    • Comments - Ranked 10 with 53 comments

    thank you for sharing Mr. @done ...
    indeed in steemit everyone needs a higher voice ,,
    sometimes, there is also a steemian who is bored in posting, because the posts he posts don't have sound or results that he wants ...
    and in achieving high voting power is so difficult, just as you have done, it takes a long time ...
    but you are very extraordinary mr. @done, you also want to help weak people ...
    and also the same with me, maybe my comment is not so clear ,, but I also need your help mr. @done ...
    have a nice day and good luck mr. @done

    I recently choose option two after powering up to dolphin status yesterday! Definitely makes the process easier when people pay attention to your sp!

    Do you think I have enough to earn a decent amount by just curating?

    Posted using Partiko iOS

      ·  2년 전

    Done right, that amount can earn sixty SP per month.

    Thanks Sir, your post will be very
    encouraging on the way to me. I
    understand that I have to be patient. You
    said in your post that your steemit has
    taken 2 years to take part. You did not
    know anyone at the first 1.5 years of
    steemit, so you spent your money by
    purchasing the power of the vote and
    earning a lot of money by voting at your
    own post, but I did not have the money
    that I could use.

    Sir please visit my profile.I am new at steemit.Thank you😊

    Greetings Mr. @done, very important your explanation. thanks for sharing. Every day, I try to apply their advice to improve my trip in this great community like Steemit. Regarding the type of comments I make, I hope to be, or I'm working to be those who make incredible comments and read the publications. I would like to thank you on behalf of all my Venezuelan compatriots for their support in this serious crisis that all Venezuelans come to every day.

    Muchas gracias Querido @done
    Por este post muy útil.
    También es beneficioso para los principiantes.

    Many of the things I've passed in steem are of course the people who work behind the scenes for my success ... Thank you very much @done has shared

    Congratulations @done! You have completed the following achievement on the Steem blockchain and have been rewarded with new badge(s) :

    You got more than 2500 replies. Your next target is to reach 2750 replies.

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    @done I was roaming around steemit and suddenly I found your post shared by sir @r2cornell . At a glance I saw a big clan of mini fishes were swimming together and were making a gaint ball , at the same moment I was sure that this post have to be on planktons and minnows. Sometimes a picture tells a lot, right?
    Everything that you have said is quite true! I really like it where you have said every comment is a mini post. Yes indeed! Let me tell you my side of story.
    I joined steemit on 15th august, 2018 after seeing about it in a youtube video. In my starting days it was like a surviving ground for me. I was from India and my English is not very good both writing and speaking. Moreover, there were no one known to me who could help me. In my first couple of posts, I gave my best photographs but the total payouts were even below .01$.
    But, I did not quit as I was seeing many users are getting hundreds of dollers on their posts and even some people with leas than 50 rep. Were earning good.
    So, I choose a few people and started to follow their every move in the platform, and thus I discovered

    • how to write quality comments,
    • uses of markdown styles,
    • discovered Discord!
    • find many many friends over there,
    • joined some awesome community,
    • started participating in contests,
    • started joining various voice programs..

    And thus since then I am really gaining exposures and visibility in this platform.

    What I have quit so far is spending hours on facebook and whatapp which were killing my time without giving anything.
    If anyone take this as a social platform and started to engage on a daily basis, he/she will feel the difference. I am taking this as a hobby and I really like it here.
    And About the money, as an umemployed I didnt have anything to invest in it. But I choose not to withdraw a single penny from it and invest all the money that I am earning from it to increase the sp and other profitable stuffs. My next goal is to reach 1k sp of my own.
    Also, after surviving hardfork 20 (😭) I am quite confidence that I will do better in steemit and one day may be my post will be in that trending/hot section.

    thank you for your post mate.

    stay well and keep posting!

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    Invesment is one of the fastest way success on steemit. Ive consistently write a shortstory and poem for my post so far but there is only people get attention to my post.

    This post is different for other post who talk about how to success on steemit just work hard, post a good quality, participate to community and so on. They dont mention Invesment is one of the fastest way to be success on steemit.
    Thanks for sharing.

    Posted using Partiko Android

    I just read this post, it’s 17 days old, but very relevant and worth resteeming. But it can’t be resteemed. But I can refer people to it to comment and perhaps they will follow your advice about giving to those less fortunate then us in Venezuela and many other places.
    Thanks for the reminders about the platform etiquette and helping others.

    Mind blown.
    I found your post resteemed by @shortsegments and to late to resteem but I will write an article about it to give my followers a reason to check it out. Probably quote heavily from @shortsegments because his description of your work brought me here. I got just one question? Did you write like this and that made you rich? Or did you get rich and that gave you time to write and that’s why you write so well?
    History says that arts flourish during times of economic prosperity, so I am just curious. Reading does that to a person. 😊

    Oh well, I will consider borrowing money to invest in SP as you say, I don’t turn out a lot of posts and I am rarely industrious enough to find good posts on my own. I depend on mentors to help me out. I can write, but I am sort of a perfectionist, so reluctant to publish my stories. I think they can always be improved. I envy those who publish often, even their imperfect works have meaning and form. Mine are mostly still forming in my head or gathering dust on a shelf.

    Hi, I am working on a transparency project and more so a flow of information that is related to our witness scene.

    You can see the profile @witnesspage to get an idea of where I am heading with this. But let me continue before than you click on this user account.

    I am currently in the process of expanding on this project to include a web page with nothing but the facts. Simple, straight forward facts that do not politicize anything or "take sides" or "show favouritism".

    It is , which you can see in its initial phase.

    Well, what I was wanting to ask you was if I could quote this very last portion of your post when and where needed, with a link to the source (post) here?

    Simple as that, find it direct to the point with no beating around the bush, which is just the way I like it!


    "Success path one: Invest hundreds of thousands in SP = Instant success.
    . every vote makes money and ever post or comment receives tons of attention.

    Success path two: Work hard, be passionate, review and eliminate errors before posting, answer comments, and enjoy the journey for many months until enough people follow you.
    . then every post will be earning votes because you were persistent, but not annoying, and because your content has always been fun to read and appreciated by the many who follow you.

    Path two flows much more quickly with some investment in SP"

    Look forward to hearing from you on this.