This is hilarious


I have been gone for a bit. Decided to check back in. What have i found? The old fuck head witnesses that we all hated have started a civil war against a rich dictator and everyone has enlisted themselves as cannon fodder. Goid job retards. You have truly lived up to what @ned always said you were in the original white paper, "crabs in a bucket" .

Also i would like to congratulate you on participating in the Internet version of the American presidential election where your choices are turd sandwiches or a giant douche.

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Welcome back @doomsdaychassis! I've missed how you cut to the point and so eloquently state the truth of it all! I particularly like your #whothefuckcares tag, I think I will be using that more on my own posts :)


I do what i can. You will always have my respect no mater who you vote for. I wish everyone would have listened to you years ago and then maybe the scenario would be different. Instead they just bent over and took the daily ass fuckings from the witnesses and bad actor's rapping the reward pool and said nothing other than "would you spit on it before you stick it in this time? "


lol... you crack me up... no inhibitions at all :)

ps.. thanks for the compliment and again happy to have you back :P

I'm not going to lie, the whole thing was intriguing as hell to start (like the first day) and now it sucks. #whothefuckcares might pick up some momentum. Or maybe the #minnowtoo movement can start within the community.