What Would You Do? (A writing challenge for Steem and SBD's)

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Over the years I have experienced writing blocks from time to time, and one of the exercises that has always helped is something my husband came up with- which is to give me a What Would You Do scenario to write myself into, out of, or around.

I've decided to share his newest with all of you.


You have just been told by a source you trust implicitly that a meteor is going to take out life on earth; there is nothing that can be done to stop it, and they have no intention of alerting the public. You have four days until impact/game over. What would you do with your time?


Do it for fun:

You can be as realistic or as fantastical as you want, whatever gets those creative juices flowing.

Do it for money:

Category One:

10 STEEM will go to my favorite entry- I am looking for something, but I want it to come naturally so I won't reveal what it is until I find it.

Category Two:
5 SBD's will go to the most realistic (an additional 2 if you make me cry)

Category Three:
5 SBD's to the most creative (an additional 2 if you make me laugh out loud)

Depending on volume of participation, I may give smaller awards out to those I feel put in real effort.

All entries due by next Tuesday night (4/17), put your links in the comment section, look forward to reading them!

EDIT: To make it easier for people to read through the entries please use #whatwouldyoudo as one of your tags, thanks guys!

Generously created for me by @son-of-satire

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I love a good contest to keep people engaged. Is there a tag we can follow to read the entries?


Oh yeah! Thanks I will edit that in, it will be #whatwouldyoudo (can you tell I'm new to starting this kind of thing?)

This is definitely a cool topic to write about. Thanks @dreemit. I'll try to get my two cents in by Monday:)


Apocalyptic Panic


Glad you think so! Look forward to it ;)


Thank you. It was a fun challenge.

Really this is a appreciable creative idea. I think it will be a very enjoyable contest. Thank @dreemit for managing this contest. I will participate in this contest.

This post is resteem by @jareen61 because @jareen want to enjoy this contest staying with participants.


I look forward to your entry @jareen61, thank you for the resteem ;)

I did a story but added a twist to the genuine nature of the news using a prank to justify my claims. Don't know if it's acceptable by you. I've not posted it yet but would if it's accepted by you.
Can I go ahead with it? @dreamit


Sure, I look forward to reading it ;)

Hi @dreemit !

As I'm sitting down here to write my entry, I had a quick question -- you mention your source has no intentions of alerting the public. Does that restrict you from you yourself alerting the public? Just wondering about the wording :) Thanks!


Hi there :) Nope, no restriction on what you do with the information, feel free to broadcast it ;) Look forward to reading yours!

Having no close family or children, I'd go on a hedonistic three days blowout with my girlfriend, so that by the time it hit, I would probably be so high I wouldn't feel, or fear, a thing.

Oh, before all that, I'd check it wasn't April 1st.

I know my 'trusted mates...'


That sounds like a plan!

Cool. It will push myself to write more.
Shall I make a separate post or can I just the story in the comments?


You can do it whichever way you want, but if you make a post I'll resteem it ;)

This is really a challenge and I'd love to participate. I hope to come up with something in due course


Hey there! Oh, I really hope you do participate, I'm sure you're entry will be fantastic! Thanks for stopping by and reminding me of your talented presence here :)

Oh that's easy!!

Start killin


Haha! Who would you kick the killing spree of with? El Jefe? El Grande Chupe? Charlie?


The list is endless!!!!

It's either kill or make sweet love to. I think some on the list would prefer the killing :0)


You just gave me an idea...I think I'll write a realistic and a fantastical piece ;)


Wayhay! Thats what I like to hear! Sorry would have replied earlier but have been wrestling with the setup of a NAS. I feel like throwing it in the bin

This is an awesome idea @dreemit and a great prompt to get the creative juices flowing. I dont think I'll have time to enter because I have some posts I want to write over the next few days myself but being someone who struggles for inspiration in terms of fiction I'd like to see more in future so I can get involved. :)


Thanks Tony! I will definitely consider doing more of these, I would love to read a fictional piece by you ;)

Hi guys my entry , I became really crazy , I don't know if it makes any sense.

first I would tell people what I really think of them , people who in the past have wronged me or been rude and haven't had the guts to say something like wise say something to people who have insulted my family, after all the outbursts I will have a little get together and bloody hope this end of the world thing was not a mistake ...but my husband would to have sex with me , go out with a smile on his face !

This is really a fun contest so I made an entry for this. https://steemit.com/whatwouldyoudo/@loudetteiam/what-would-you-do-contest-or-the-four-days-life
Thank you for organizing this contest. I look forward to your future contests.

Hmm... well I tend to live in "the now" anyway, but I can think of a few things... If I have time to put a story together for you I'll be back. :)


Hey you! Love the avatar! Would obviously love to read anything you put together for me ;)


Ach!! I feel so terrible that I missed this! What a fun concept that Howie thought about. I would've had a blast thinking of ideas for this, especially since I have writer's block as well. Oh wait... I thought I got rid of you rprevious block!? :/ I hope there were tons of participation for this, and resulted in plenty of spectacular entries! MIght not have the energy to read through all of them. I'm having enough trouble as it is just catching up with my Boomitau crew..


Ohhh, I sorely missed you for this one! It did do well, and definitely don't feel like you need to read them- (except mine of course lolll)


Until now, I don't know what I would've written! I've read your first part earlier and left a comment :)

Adding mine here! Thanks for the opportunity!

The End of All Things


Awesome, will check it out soon!

Hello!!! Here is my entry
Actually I was a lil confused about if it was a story like someting that represented the situation or just answered how i would react. Anyway, this was what inspired me the situation, it was written by itself and I liked it, so I hope you enjoyed it :)


A really lovely prompt, dreemit! So I came up with something I'm pretty sure is not what you were looking for, but I enjoyed writing it a lot!


story and image original by @nobyeni.jpg


I know! I happened to click on your blog a minute after it posted ;)

One of my favourite topics - I've thought about this before, lol 😂

Here it is: https://steemit.com/writing/@foxfiction/what-would-you-do-contest-entry-for-dreemit-contest

I just discovered your great idea. Darn, due the same night as taxes. Maybe I can get one in under the wire, though Uncle takes precedence. Sorry, but I don't get lowered a hefty Dreemitfine, unlike SOME other entities that shall go un-named until after due date.
(Plus, this is a deep one, hide in the closet like a weenie, or go out making love, and maybe killing things, as per Meester discusses. Probably not that one, I'm only stomach-strong enough to hide in a closet when big space rocks are headed for...my head.)


Oh hey there! I totally understand that, though there should be a couple more days once you're done- I would love to read an entry from you! ;)


Thank you, I am mulling about some ideas and waiting to see if they emerge on paper. We can only hope. Such a great idea you came up with. I noticed you've gotten a great response. Great job on the stimulation of thought.


Great, thank you! I have to go out for the night, but I will read it and comment tomorrow! :)

@dreemit, thank you for hosting this contest. Please find my entry here,

A short excerpt from my post:
"Such a short, happy, sweet life I had. Even though our time together is short, but you have made those times in my life, the happiest of all."



Thank you! It was great- I will resteem it tomorrow at a more ideal time :)


Wow I didn't expect a resteem. Thank you so much @dreemit!!!

Wow, great response here. Gotta love all the writers and wonderful pages put forth. Here is one I got done, and poking about on another that may or may not get to the editor (mwaa). Thanks for putting this on, I'd say it was a monster success.
A Short Story


Sweet! I will check it out...just put up my entry...errr...well the first part ;) Not that I'm entering my own contest, but I figured I should probably write something for it.


We would be bummed if you didn't. I'm sure it will be peachy. I'm madly trying to dash off another. Why DO we do this to ourselves?......I stayed up till 2:30 one morning discussing a sandwich with noodles sticking out of a bratwurst. I fear Steemit is sometimes a bit like the 15th on a 17 this year.
Wouldn't want it any other way ( :

Here's my entry, from the point of view of a 5 year old alien :P


This is my entry post for this amazing contest. While making my entry it made me reevaluate the things that matters most. This not just a contest, this is an assessment to see what really matters most in one's life and thank you @dreemit ma'am for organizing such contest.

Here's my entry, @dreemit, hope it makes you cry and laugh lol...


This comment, is just me saving space. I'd be back. Runs off to construct her bucket list cum contest-post

Her's mine https://busy.org/@debbietiyan/four-days-to-blast-out


Thank you! :)

I want to share my parents as long as the rest of my life is still there, playing with my sister, brother, and family.
Tampa we realize people ignore too many parents including me also do not appreciate them there for me.
Therefore I want to make them happy before it comes to earth.
Thanks from me@adimantong

very good information for this contest @dreemit.
if there are no obstacles I must follow this contest


No obstacles, just write what you feel :)

wow this is really amazing .......////////

Great, although I only have a few hours left ... I hope I can do it.

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good job friends successful continue

Well, this is way late for "Tuesday night", but no worries for the challenge. I just wanted to finish it up anyway. So, story number two. Have a nice night, or day, as it's already started.

Post: Meteor Schmeteor

A meteor was heading toward Earth in a futuristic, dystopian time, in my Flash Fiction entry for a Die-Hard Steemit contest, and the elite were flocking to space ships that would take them out of harm's way and off to a new planet--but, ha ha, the meteor never did hit, so those "Left Behind" were actually the Chosen Ones, the meek who shall inherit the earth. I ran out words (limit 500 for the contest) and never did finish the story, and I also missed the deadline for this contest, but I'd have had to do a lot of rewriting to fit the premise. Anyway. A day late and dollar short, if there's any interest, I might go on with this story -- but I have another one in mind just for the contest that I missed. :-) Haven't checked all entries yet to see if anyone else thought of it. My protagonist has read John McCormick's book on NEOs and what we should be doing to guard against them. So my protagonist has four days to convince Russia, China, Korea, and the U.S. to aim all their missiles at the incoming meteor and shatter it to minimize the damage. Let the chips fall where they may. There goes Appalachia! There goes L.A. and Hawaii! But most of the world escapes the incoming rocks/meteorites because they sizzle and disintegrate before hitting the ground. And most, like that recentn space shuttle that was heading our way, will land in the ocean. https://steemit.com/contest/@carolkean/road-to-alt-damerow-by-keangaroo-usd5-flash-writing-contest-die-hard-steem-isle-of-write

This is lovely. Bravo!