The ultimate Steemit guide 2.0 coming up

2년 전

Hi everyone!
Yesterday I wrote my ultimate Steemit guide and a lot of people really liked it and responded to it. I was very happy that I could help a lot of people with their problems and questions. That is why I'm going to write another guide where I'm going to answer you guys' questions about Steemit and cryptocurrencies!
It would be great if you guys could leave some questions here in the comments that I could answer!
I hope you guys give me enough questions to write about! Once I have recieved enough questions I'll start writing the new guide. If you aren't new and don't have any questions feel free to comment things that were difficult for you when you started. I'll include them in the guide as well!
Have a great day everyone!

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Hey :D
Great guide you create!
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Good guide. My question is how to use the Steemit editor well, I read "Markdown Styling Guide", I am still very puzzled, having no clue. It couldn't be better that if there's a teaching material about it with screenshots or a teaching Vedio.
Thank you!


Hi, when I write bigger posts like that I use
It's a really helpful website which lets you convert Markdown into html, that html can be pasted in the Steemit editor. You will have to learn markdown that get the most styling in your text because the GUI editor is really basic


Here is a link for The Markdown Guide with screenshots to let you understand Markdown more clearly.


Excuse me, I don't really like people advertising underneath my posts.
Thank you very much