the BEST of the Best from my first year on Steemit! (part 2 of 2)

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Welcome to the continuation of my "Best of the Best"!

Please click here if you haven't seen the first half.

I then noted FaceBook, Twitter, Google, and the other mainstream sources are sending these (paraphrased) messages:

  1. We already censor, hide, and shadow-ban certain stories, people, and groups.
  2. All conspiracy theories (and unpopular ideas) are "fake news".
  3. Posting anything deemed "fake news" is directly harming (poisoning or infecting) others.
  4. All "fake news" should be deleted and blocked entirely, not just hidden.

The poorest and most vulnerable people will be at risk of further stigma and abuse because new legalisation legislation (aka new laws) will give police powers to conduct warrantless searches of people, homes, and to obtain roadside DNA samples. Situations like being "high" in public will be selectively enforced. We know that Blacks and Mexicans are already targeted by police in the U.S., and women, poor people, and aboriginals are targeted in Canada. Most importantly, this is a huge and solid step towards a police state in Canada. - source

I continued my heavy coverage of bitcoin, steem, and other crypto price trends. In this prophetic cryptocurrency price prediction I warned of a coming sharp correction toward 4XXX USD. Right click and 'view image' for full screen:

"..the recovery toward new highs at 20000 might start early in 2019."

In Pentagon now believes A.I. is the future of warfare, I wrote:

This is no regular arms race, such as with nuclear weapons. Most of the "race" with nukes was in obtaining large numbers of them, and having them aimed and ready to launch. That's scary enough. With the Artificial Intelligence arms race, technicians are racing not to create many programs, but to create a program that can outsmart and control every other program in existence.

At the beginning of August, my pink kush plants were finally blooming:

And the cherry tomato plants on my patio were producing ripe fruit for salads and pizzas:

I doubled-down on my price prediction here:

It looks very similar to what happened. The direction is good, the timing is good, only the exact price level ($4___ USD) has been off. We are bouncing along the 6300 level right now, not sure if there will be one last dip, or if we're ready to start the recovery. Even when the bull market resumes, it will be complete with false starts, and at least one more good buying opportunity.

Here, you can see the pink kush females had their pistils showing:

The cannabis plant provides products superior to current plastics, woods, paper, cardboard, cotton, palm, soy, corn, canola, motor oil, gasoline, fiberglass, concrete, chemo/radiation, opiates, and most other drugs. It grows easily while cleaning the air, water, and soil. Used properly, cannabis could be our clothing, our food, our housing, our energy, our transportation, and our health care. It would end most wars, supercharge the economy, cure most illnesses, heal the environment, and bring in another renaissance period for humanity.

With cannabis, we don't need 90% of the government. THAT'S why it's reckless to hope "legalization" will bring true freedom. - me

Cryptocurrency markets

..should bottom after one more nasty smashdown, then recover through 2019. - me

So far, so good:

Next, a I expressed outrage that Alex Jones had been banned from all mainstream platforms.

Things are moving quickly in the "war on fake news". In the wake of the alleged Russian meddling, FaceBook says it has been forced to crack down hard on fake news, fake profiles, and fake information on its platform. Today, CNN announced designs for intelligent software to help them determine what images and videos are real, and which aren't.

Essentially, this is an arms race, except not with weapons - with software. Whoever can create the best fakes, wins, especially if they're also given the power to label any item "false" and have it essentially removed from the public eye.

They are readying for another war in which they profit off both sides; a #waronfakenews

The Ministry of Truth has spoken.

FaceBook and other mainstream platforms ban info on 3D-printing guns

And it won't just be FaceBook - many more of the major platforms are following along, which means society is about to undergo a shift, to where we no longer allow certain phrases to be said, pictures to be seen, books to be read, and data to be accessed. A monopoly on data.

BC Bud Day (August 6th) was another success this year! 2 of my favourite photos from my album:

I also posted a video about the day here.


In mid-August I posted a research article on the use of "neem" as a control for fungus and insects on cannabis plants. The symptoms of azadirachtin (neem) poisoning are very similar to the symptoms of the mysterious "cannabis hyperemesis syndrome". Could farmers be unintentionally poisoning cannabis users and causing, in many, quite distressing symptoms?


  • "this article is awesome. i’ve always been skeptical of neem products, and this really confirms my suspicion. the tie to CHS is mind blowing, jeez just thank you for this information!"

  • "I have experienced this Emesis before. But I will def check this out now and do some experiments!"

  • "Just wanted to check back in. I have been using solely homegrown cannabis for the past month or so. I feel worlds better! It is crazy... I don't know what it is, but, something in dispensary cannabis was messing with me, and now that I have only been smoking homegrown (aside from a few headaches from not having the patience to cure properly) I have not gotten the chills etc that I used to feel when smoking the commercial grade."

  • "eye opening."


It's not really legalization if you can buy it but not use it. They're only legalizing for the rich. Everybody who operates outside the legal regime goes to jail for 3-14 years (per offense). - me

A great post nobody read has a lot of research and information packed into a few paragraphs. What am I made of, and how does it become part of me?

The article taught me a lot in writing it. One thing I learned is that vegans (animals who don't eat other animals) need to get sodium (common salt) from some other source. There's almost none in plants, so most vegans have a mineral source of salt. As you may know, cows (which are vegan) find salty rocks or patches of dirt to lick. Mine comes from the Himalayas:

Then came a similar article, this one noticed by the community a little more, on what plants need and where they get it from.

I like to grow cannabis "morganically", which is to say, more-than-organically. I use no fertilizers at all. No pesticides at all. Only what the plant needs, which is:

  • air
  • water
  • light
  • dirt

I just haven't seen the desperation we saw at $152 yet.

If you know nothing else about the Federal Reserve, know this!

The Federal Reserve is a PRIVATELY OWNED company which was given central control of the American banking system on Christmas eve eve 1913. Its powers have expanded to include managing the entire financial system; fixing prices and interest rates, creating currency, setting its value, and loaning it to the US and other governments. The Fed's decisions require no approval, and its books can never be audited. - me

It was in this post my plants were about half way to fully mature.

Thousands of little trichomes covered each of my flowers! What a great moment, knowing medicine was being formed and readied for my wife @MediKatie's eventual use. Months of seeing through my vision to completion, worth a pat on the back.

I announced I would be growing some 'Steem OG' (a hybrid by @jonyoudyer) for my next crop:

Then I took a moment to point out the simplicity of the difference between cannabis, hemp, and marijuana:


The plant is cannabis. The dried buds, which contain the cannabinoids, can also be called cannabis - or weed, pot, etc.

Hemp is every part of the cannabis plant except the THC.

Marijuana is racist slang.

All hemp is cannabis. Not all cannabis is hemp.

Back to Bitcoin

Next I posted a great image. Please right-click and 'view image' for full screen.

"Bitcoin at 7300, up off the recent low of 5880, but there's one more crash before the recovery. It looks like we'll soon make a lower high, leading to one more lower low - a final buying opportunity before the markets recover in 2019."

We indeed made a lower high (7412 USD) and are in the process of retesting the 6000 level.

I believe this is the last buying opportunity at these prices for Bitcoin and other functioning cryptocurrencies. Here at 6200 is the right time for many to pull the trigger, while some will hold their dry powder for a crash below 5800.

Censorship worsens

Many people still don't know this, but FaceBook memory-holed "marijuana" and "cannabis" a couple months ago. Searches for those (and many similar) terms now come up empty. The pages, groups, and people may still be there, but good luck finding them!

Venezuela in Crisis!

Due to a massive influx of Venezuelans on Steemit, I began to get to know some. Many of them were here to tell the world the truth about the political and economic crisis in their country. I realized there were things going on that most of the world didn't know about, so I asked the people for their stories, photos, and information.

It was through that post that I met and introduced a few new friends, including Edgar @edgargonzalez, a professional father, trying to feed his family after economic collapse.

(I also posted a method for Venezuelans to "cash out", convert their Steem to local currency in their bank account.)

Through the summer I continued making and sharing informative images about cannabis "legalization":

And lots of 'plant porn':

This is my wife with a small Pink Kush flower I gave her:

Here, I put out the call: Are there any other gardeners who grow cannabis with nothing but water?

I didn't find any, but I'm still looking, so if you know anyone who is blogging their 10000% organic grow, please tell me!

Back to crypto prices again about 2 months ago, I predicted "after a few months of choppy sideways action (possibly including another brief lower low), prices will start to recover."

We're still in that sideways choppiness today - another great call!

As the gardener, my role is to exist in symbiosis with my plants - a long-term beneficial arrangement. They've done this before, and don't really need much help from me! To ensure their health and happiness, I mainly need to stay out of their way.

Canada just "Legalized" sweeping new Police Powers!

Harvest time

Those flowers were supported by the plant from the moment they started growing until I cut them off last week. I touched only the stems as I broke down the plants. They hung to dry in the air, still untouched. The buds were trimmed still on the dried stem, and snipped off into the jar still pristine. They've never been touched - except by air.

This is the kind of cannabis that is NOT available in Canada's "legalized" recreational market! Nothing about it is legal. What I'm doing here at home, growing real medicine and curing cancer, is now punishable by 14 years in federal prison - the rest of my healthy years!

But this is my right as a free person and my civil disobedience will continue. Nobody can rightfully stop me from peacefully growing and using plants.

At about the same time, I started a new (and unrelated) project called Mission: Agua-possible, to buy a pump for a crisis-stricken Venezuelan neighborhood.

We're on Week 6 now - please check it out!

Next Generation

The next crop of cannabis plants for my garden was sprouted October 1st! Northern Lights, and Steem OG!

My plan is to end up with 4 strong adult females going into the flip to flower (3 NL, 1 Steem). They'll flower through the holidays and be harvested early in the new year. I will once again be growing "morganically", meaning the plants are never given any fertilizers, pesticides, fungicides, or anything they would not encounter in the wild. Nothing but water and air!

Seeds are fully-formed baby plants, and they're alive - just in a suspended state of growth! A seed is already the whole plant, and simply needs to sense the right conditions. Once it does, it unfolds, breaking free of the outer shell, starts drinking through its roots, and photosynthesizing with its green shoot. A seed is a plant - curled up and sleeping in a shell. A seed is neither a beginning nor an end, it's simply one stage in the ... process ... of this glorious plant species, as it continues the unbroken genetic line.

A few days after that, and I reported the sprouts were up and photosynthesizing:

Steem OG is an F1 hybrid cannabis strain created by @jonyoudyer. It has a real mix of genetics, including:

  • Hindu kush
  • Afghani
  • Cali orange
  • skunk
  • cheese
  • Colombian gold


⚠️ B.C. just added another layer of restrictions, limits, and fines with barely 10 days before "legalization"! ⚠️

❌ You can't own more than 2 pounds of bud!
❌ No smelling before you buy!
❌ No lounges, clubs, or delivery!
❌ No vaping near public buildings!
❌ No using weed in vehicles, on boats, or on patios!

ALL taxes apply to ALL cannabis - even medical!!


In a recent weekly update on Steemit income, I noted that since HardFork20 my income had dropped below the linear rate of growth.

Back on track thanks to a Shit Post!

My next post was about worm poop, and got a huge upvote from @Curie, which undid the damage done by the Fork.

Those worm 'castings' were diluted and strained to remove solids, providing a nutritious drink for the seedlings:

A couple weeks ago, I posted a really cool "infographic" about Canadian cannabis legalization:

An image I posted here that got shared a lot on FaceBook last week:

If "cannabis prohibition is the most glaring evidence that we aren't free", as many activists including myself have been saying for many years, then cannabis legalization is the most glaring evidence that we're getting even LESS free!

🍁 "Legalization" is already a failure for recreational and medical users alike. 😒

Whatever you colour it - the black market, the gray market, the green market - the FREE market for cannabis in Canada will never die!

I marked the passing of October 17th ("Legalization day") by recognizing that the cannabis community is in mourning:

My grow-op

I also celebrated the legalization of cannabis in Canada by announcing, for the first time ever, that I ran a black market cannabis grow-op for 2 years.

In many ways, black market networks are like secret societies, if you know anything about those. Lots in common. Traditions, rituals, beliefs, methods of not getting outed for fear of persecution, operating counter to mainstream society, and so on.

One can choose one's level of involvement. You can get deeper, you can progress into various specialties, you can get on various teams, be involved in covert projects, and into new fields previously unknown to you. It's a very, very large world. It's just about as big as "the real world".

"Those who expect to reap the blessings of Liberty must undergo the fatigues of supporting it."

- Thomas Paine

I'm somewhere in the above photograph!

A vendor-friend of mine gave me this flower. 4 of them, on one person, is still illegal. That's why we do this - because "legalization" didn't end the practice of imprisoning peaceful people for plants!

Next I posted a link to my YouTube video (3 mins) of "Legalization" Day footage:

How Cannabis Prohibition Destroyed My Family

Then came a post that has been in the works for over 3 years.

This mini-documentary is an intimate look at how the prohibition of a safe medicinal and recreational plant has torn one strong Canadian family to pieces.

The video contains some older footage that couldn't be shown until now.

The Northern Lights seedlings began to show some signs of health:

Since everybody was doing a legal cannabis "unboxing and weighing" video, I decided to join in:

I began my Steem OG pheno-hunt here. The most striking seedling so far is:

Click here to see my photo album of the Halloween 420 farmers market!

5 days ago, I wrote a long and detailed post about huge problems already with the legal cannabis supply.

The 'Community Safety Unit' in B.C. already consists of 44 employees of the 'Ministry of Safety'. They will be in plainclothes, and backed up by armed police whenever necessary. They will be checking documents, licenses, receipts, devices, bank accounts, inventories, glove boxes, pockets, bloodstreams - anything they want - in their search for cannabis outside the regime. They have new powers previously unavailable to government in Canada - warrantless search & seizure.

The post goes on to discuss how ridiculous it is that we're withholding cannabis from people, while pushing opiates, during an opioid overdose crisis. It also contains a lot of important information and links. One of them is this short clip:

Legalization, all along, has been a money and power grab, by the already rich and powerful. It's about stealing a trillion-dollar industry, killing off a deep and peaceful culture, and nipping a powerful Tree of Liberty branch in the bud.

As the CSU readies to deploy, they announced:

"Robson Square vendors will be targeted by enforcement teams..
funded by taxpayers and by revenues from legal pot sales."

Along with my wife @MediKatie, I will keep opposing cannabis prohibition - until it ends. I'll keep telling people that legalization is a lie, and has been a scam all along. I'll keep protesting, keep educating the public, and keep doing peaceful civil disobedience of harmful unjust laws!

Steem OG & Northern Lights seedlings are 1 month old!

The latest update on the Steem OG:

And the Northern Lights:

Thank you!

Which brings us to today, November 2nd 2018. Thanks for reading these 2 megaposts - or at least scrolling through them!

I hope you've enjoyed looking at some of the things I've posted here on my Steemit page over the past year! Your comments on any part of it are welcome. Thank you to all my friends, supporters, fans, and thank you everybody who is part of Steemit for making this possible!


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