BTC heading back up to 4000 USD after a big DIP || WILL CHINA BAN HAVE AFFECT ON IT ?

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As you know the BTC took a huge dip in these days to around $2,900 on poloniex, It was ceratinly caused due to the CHINA bans. But somehow it regained its momentum and is now heading towards $4,000.

In the news :

  • BTCC has announced that it will end its trading at the end of this month.
  • Also Huobi and OK Coin will close at end of October.

Also Chinese government made a notice stating that all the exchanges should give publish a notice as of when they will be closed and should stop new registrations. The notice should be published by 15 Sept. midnight.

Also the BTC price got shock when JP Morgan boss Jamie Dimon said that "BTC is a FRAUD !".

But the thing is Cryptocompare the crypto-analysis site, told the China accounts for only 10% of the BTC volumes and his moves will not have affect on price of BTC on the long-term.

So after all this crazy up-down things, no one has idea what will happen soon, also the FORK is coming in November so have no idea how the BTC will perform in long term.

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China who?


China banned trading exchanges of their country


oh - really

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