INTEL to test 100 vehicle fleet for his autonomous driving software. || IS THIS THE FUTURE OF AUTOMOBILES.

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Intel is on its way to improve the grip in the world of autonomous driving vehicles. After the closing of the acquisition with the Mobileye, an Israeli self-driving and computing company, Intel plans to build a 100 vehicles test fleet with SAE LVL-4 capability [fully self-driving] with its first test vehicle on the road later this year.


The test fleet vehicle will include vehicles from various different brands and models, it is done so as to show that the software is open to use in basically any applications. The testing will be done in the US, Israel and some of the parts of the Europe.

As to give the competition to the Intel, Wayno and GM's Cruise also are testing their fleet of the autonomous self-driving vehicles, now for Intel to be the game player in this market he needs to raise its stakes. Intel also opened an Autonomous Driving Garage in San Jose in May, and that will be as a key center of operations for managing this new vehicle fleet.

Now with technology continuously advancing what will be the future like in 2050 or 2100 year, may be flying cars parked on our rooftops, clean energy for house, or any thing else.

If you have any idea what the future will look like, share in the comments below.



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this is some great news


I hope I have one of that car soon :), thanks @faithmade

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