Islamic Finance and Smart Contract

5개월 전

Hello all,
I want to talk about the place of smart contracts in the Islamic economy.
Smart contracts are a network protocol that allows contracts to offer the ability to seamlessly exchange money, goods, or any value without the need for any intermediary. The logic of trading in smart contracts, the amount of crypto money required to trade; When you upload it to the smart contract, all the required documents are automatically delivered and the need for third parties is eliminated. In the religion of Islam, it is essential to make a contract in terms of justice and accountability. The integration of smart contracts in the Islamic economy is also important in terms of compliance with religious provisions. Smart contracts, with blockchain infrastructure; It also complies with the principles such as reliability and transparency in Islam. It is also important for the Islamic finance industry as there is no interest in blockchain technology. With its human-based provisions, Islamic finance is very important for the future of countries. In this context, positive developments will occur when integrated with technological developments.
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