Why quit when the battle has only iust begun? Make steem(it) your home

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I often wonder why so many minnows feel that they are simply unlucky when it comes curation or that the platform was simply not designed for them I am here to tell you that you are wrong and to show you what you have been doing wrong.

First of all...

What is Steemit?

Forget all the complex definitions you might have heard about steemit (although they do not seem complex at all.
Steemit is a place which was created for actual value, to revolutionize ideas, using the power of social media models coupled with the blockchain technology.

We need to understand that the knowledge of how social media operates is highly essential to thrive here, but you must have your own niche. Be yourself, build your brand and focus less on the rewards first.

if you want the honey, don't be afraid of a few bees.
The truth is that almost every good idea seems taken right? Wrong. Because an idea seems good and is thriving doesn't mean that is the only thing you must do. Focus on making a positive impact more than making a quick buck.

When money is your priority, have it at the back of your mind that you have failed even before starting. Think of it this way, steemit is a representation of the real world system. We have virtually almost everything on the blockchain, the thing is each successful service aims at providing a solution to a pre-existing problem on the blockchain.
What is your niche? Is organization your thing? Are you good at analysis? Can you hype? Human resource management? All these things are the basics you must understand before you can earn the rights to make a diference.

Another thing about steemit is this; your mindset actually goes a long way in telling a story about you. How do you perceive the platform? You cannot see the platforn as a scam, a money doubling scheme, the solution to all your problems and whatever negative thing you can conjure up and expect things to work out fine. You have to carry the right mindset to the right place.

As a man thinketh, so he is...

Manners maketh man, approach to your execution is also critical. How can you place the cart before the Horse. Sometimes if your idea or project is not totally being supoorted, it doesn't mean it is useless or a scam, it might simply mean you have to go back to the drawing board.

It's okay to try and fail as long as long as you're willing to try harder and better.
The platform doesn't condemn you when you fail, it shows you better ways to get back in the game. You only become a failure when you see yourself that way.

About interaction...
The truth when I tell people is this; when I first met some great names like @donkeypong, @thejohalfiles, @ausbitbank, @demotruk, @kevinwong, @thecryptofiend, @surfermarly, @steevc and co, their steem power wasn't even what intrigued me (I didn't even know what steem power was all about), I focused on how they sucessfully got such a high rep score when some of their peers who joined the same time as them didn't go so far.

I learned a lot of things from them;

  • @donkeypong...I learned selflessness from him and virtually everything I will list below.
  • @thejohalfiles...I learned how to be thorough in planning.
  • @ausbitbank...I learned how to be patient.
  • @demotruk...I learned how to sacrifice for others.
  • @kevinwong...I learned how to use words properly to create a universe in my writing.
  • @thecryptofiend...I learned how to make my writing neater.
  • @surfermarly...I learned to take time out and relax no matter how busy I can be.
  • @steevc...He taught me how to be patient when dealing with minnows like me.

All these things are to point out one critical thing; interaction is the backbone of growth. None of them taught me to become a plagiarist, complaining whiner baby. They taught me that when things are not rosy with the platforn, don't stop, keep building.

Quick note; can you see crypto is growing, don't you think you can help your country be a part of it?

I am a community builder today, it's not because it is easy (it's a lot difficult than you think), rather it is because the above listed fundamentals have instilled the love of being the one to trigger a positive growth everywhere I find myself.

In conclusion, see steemit as a place that is still growing, allow it to mature before having unrealistic expectations of the platform. Think like an investor and an agent of growth.

Don't forget about Steem(it) in Nigeria 2 event

Anticipate the event.
Facebook - steemit in nigeria
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Steemit - @leadent360
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To contribute to this great project, send your donations to the @leadent360 account on steemit.
Special shoutout to @donkeypong, @ausbitbank, @demotruk, @surfyogi, @thejohalfiles among others (who we cannot list as this list will be endless) for their amazing contribution towards the success of this event.

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As can be seen, you had good mentors to look up to. Like i always say: man is what he reads.

Having "mentors" with MMM-mentality is the biggest problem many newbies face. If you had mentors who "oversell" what Steem is and how it worked, you'd end up differently. How many of those guys you mentioned have jumped from one "next big social media app built on a blockchain" to the other?


Apart from mentors, it is also critical to have the right mindset to begin with.

You talk am well my broda! In fact you said it all. Sending this out to a few newbies and several minnows. We need a new kind of brainwashing for our peeps, a change of mindset would go a long way to help so many of us. Thanks for this words of wisdom love..Cheers!


Thank you for reading

Well said and thank you @ehiboss for your education. Well, let me just say this.

I had to resign from job last month because of this platform. I ain't saying this so that someone will pity me, nah nah! I hate to be pitied on as well. I'm saying this in respect of your article. The job wasn't giving me time for anything including myself. Imagine a job I will resume from 6am and close by 8pm everyday for just #10k by month end.

But my major reason I left the job was because I wanted to learn, learn and learn on this platform and the job was hindering that because I wouldn't be able to communicate with other minds here as a result of very little time for myself. I've seen a lot of intelligent people and innovative ideas since I came on this platform. Imagine I hadn't have time to go to @steemcamp, probably I wouldn't have met you and others who came to speak that day.

I came to steemit to learn and learning I will get. That's also one of my MAJOR reason I can't even think of missing #SIN2

Be strengthened @ehiboss


Steemit is a place which gives you the push, how you handle it is entirely up to you.

True words. Resteeming this post
I hope more newbies can read this. Anyone that comes to steemit with the quick to get rich mentality won't make it here. steemit is a process, it can't happen at once.


It can't happen at once, however never quit!.

Great piece of content and very valuable advices, @ehiboss! Thanks for that - and of course for the kind mention :-)

Here's one of my favourite quotes that goes into the same direction:

Steem on everybody!


Thanks for stopping by, lovely quote by the way.

the answer is far simpler. if people have to move to steemit from existing social networking sites, two reasons are tossed around:

  1. money for writing content
  2. no censorship

we all know what happened to point 1. we are not sure now how important is point 2 if you don't have a reliable audience.

If steemit is no different from any other social network, then there is no compulsion to move here. if we have to sit and create our community after having done it in other fora, then what is the value of Steemit?

i think what Steemit should do is to generate viewership for quality content and the trends page destroyed all that.

Somewhere people are questioning as to what is their value in the system. In yet another dimension, the non-minnows are saying to the minnows: hey we have achieved nirvana by our efforts; now you figure it out

people are also constantly reminded about Steemit does not care about content creators anymore because it is shooting for the rainbows with SMTs.

so a minnow as you put it, probably feels a little useless here.


Steemit actually cares for content creators, the thing is they have so many things to do to increase the value of the platform.

The growth of this platform rests on our shoulders, but we are the ones who prefer the quick buck and often sell our conscience for it. TBH, what makes steemit is quite simple, the answer is not monetization, it is value.


@ehiboss, there are many groups on Steemit who do a great job of curating content and presenting them to their audience. but that is now what i am talking about. it is the fact that the platform itself does not create opportunities for wide ranging readership and the fact that you appreciate people rather than content. dont get me wrong, this is nothing out of the ordinary. But for a fresh person to fight this battle on a new platform is asking a lot especially since they have spent an equal amount of time on other platforms.

So my comments were that it is easy to understand expectations that steemit would be different as far as a minnow was concerned in terms of readership and money.

i understand Steemit and i dont particulary care about whether cryptocurrency goes up or not. Nor do i worry about whether i have enough. i like the community and i write when i feel like it. the type of fish that i am does not bother me. i appreciate good writers for they are a rare breed and i can learn from them.

We said boss. Steem is a work in progress. Most people have their views about steemit but as for me all i want is to improve in my writing. For Those who i use their tag, i wish they do have time to read what i posted,criticize it for improvement. I value comment than upvote (but it doesnt mean that i am not open for the uovote endorsement). Like #stem, i love the way their curators work, they comment on your post but they should atlease try giving a penny to the person as motivator.


Curators will get their reward with time. The idea is to help others grow too.

I came to Steemit to revive my writing gift and am getting better at it. But sometimes each Steemians is tempted to look at his purse /wallet as against others. While being true to thyself is the key.

You have a typographical error in your topic sir, Just*.


I noticed the typo but editing but it was late already and I have been meaning to edit it, just that I get distracted easily by so many things. Keep getting better.

Well said brother. I'm not where I want to be yet and I joined this platform with the intention of just having fun. I find myself involved with differrnt communities that represents something significant in real life and the internet.
My interaction with stach community members and the @comedyopenmic community has really helped me grow as I feel a sense of belonging(especially in the latter) with these amazing individuals of different backgrounds amd all.
I'd be a liar if I don't mention the fact that i've earned a fair bit along the way, some of my posts get curie votes along the way and I basically now see eevryday as a challenge to hopefully bring somrthing new to the platform. Long Live steemit. I look forward to the progtam scheduled to hold in Abuja, it'll be nice to meet some amazing steemians.


The truth is steemit is a place to develop yourself. Just like the real world, there are times when while people are nagging, others still earn. Focus more, complain less and enjoy your stay.

Great advice, re-steemed.

Marathon not a sprint!

Well, am speechless here.